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    Another question for the group: How do you best terminate a debate with someone who obviously wants to make us tailgate? Do you just break off? Do you leave with a final remark? I suppose it is best to leave right when they have made a viscous anti-White remark, and let that be the last thing said. I hate leaving when they’ve just said something really false, but then I know they will just keep nitpicking.


    And when they demand proof there is genocide going on, beyond pointing out the basics, is it best to simply refer them to the UN Treaty on Genocide? To say, in effect, go educate yourself.

    Daniel Genseric


    INSIST they answer a tough question. The professional anti-whites will run away. Brain-dead anti-whites will stick around and attempt to dodge your question while making a limp stab at getting you to tailgate. Don’t let them off the ropes once you start. Or, you could shut them down completely, let them hang themselves and move on to a fresh target. What do you think works better towards that market saturation we hope to achieve? If you really think about it, that’s a question for each individual to answer for HIMSELF.

    Daniel Genseric


    On the “What IS genocide” bullshit. Ask them a question as Lord Nelson always suggests. “Would it be genocide if MILLIONS of non-Chinese were flooding into China and being FORCED to assimilate, i.e. intermarry with all those Chinese?

    So, then WHY is that not genocide when it happens to whites.”

    But, don’t hold your breath. They likely won’t have an answer for you.

    EDIT: Oh and if they come at you with the tired old “White isn’t a race” spiel, then hit them with “What you are effectively saying is that genocide is IMPOSSIBLE. Surely this isn’t your stance because there is this two letter entity who severely disagrees with you and they take that very seriously. You might have heard of them. They are called the U.N.”

    You wanna see a wobbly anti-white? Hit ’em with that ditty.

    Daniel Genseric

    On DEMANDING Proof:

    “Nobody is flooding Africa with MILLIONS of non-Africans, forcing assimilation and saying quote I want Proof that this is genocide. (China, Mexico, Malaysia, Guatemala, etc…)

    They only DEMAND to see proof of genocide when it comes to EVERY white country and ONLY for white countries. They say they are anti-racist while white children are left to deal with their Morality. What they are is anti-white.

    anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”


    DG this is an ok response. I know that normally we are advised not to get too deep into the area of proof not b/c there isn’t the proof but for one thing we are not here to dance to the anti-White’s tune.

    When I have been confronted with this I fall back onto my country the UK, which I usually know better than the anti-White.
    The genetic evidence is the majority of the genetics of White Britons came into the islands between 15 000 and 7500 years ago with a big top up 6500 years ago. Any of the others Romans, Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Jutes blah blah have been trivial.

    So most of the average White Briton’s genes have been knocking around the British Isles for a minimum of 7500 years.

    Oxford University research data has shown by 2066 the White Britons will be a minority. In 1966 White Britons were 99% of the population. In 2066 they will be 49% (or less) unless something is done to stop this.
    This is proper researched data from experts.

    In 100 years half the Whites in UK will have disappeared due to the policies of their traitorous governments.
    The process will not stop at 49%.

    What would you tell the White children of Briton in 2066? Write them a message now. There is no White genocide. You are imagining the actions of your past leaders and elites caused you to be a minority in your own country. That your birth right that your ancestors fought and died for has been given away. You are imagining it all. Let’s hear it. White children of the future will need your comforting words.

    This is happening in all White countries and only White countries. This is genocide.

    9 out of 10 do not reply and my comment sits there for everyone else to see. I have told people this and they get angry. Anger is a good emotion it overcomes fear.
    The best I have had is “it is only an estimate.”

    They estimated the minority date for Whites in Briton in 2000. They said it would be 2100. I realise it is only an estimate, I realise it is more likely than not going to be before 2066.



    “Another question for the group: How do you best terminate a debate with someone who obviously wants to make us tailgate? Do you just break off?”

    If you have or find an example pop a link up.

    One technique is to fire off some questions to the anti-White.

    Often times they don’t answer. If they do you attack the answer and fire another question.

    Now if they want to go off at a tangent you have a question to pull them back to.

    Why are they avoiding the question?

    Let’s say they want to talk about the holocaust, which one anti-White wanted with me yesterday. And how Whites developed the A-bomb and had been nasty to Jews.

    I said I think you will find Jews were involved in developing the A bomb.

    What about the 100 million White Christians the Communists killed in Russia? The Communists were dominated by the Jews.

    Yeah shit happens. [I’m not making a big deal of this so don’t even think to come back to me on this BS]

    Now let’s return to the present day instead of hiding in the past…..

    Why do you support White genocide?


    The most common response I get (after the name calling) is to “prove” there is genocide going on against Whites. They try to act like it’s a crazy idea. If it gets that far, I generally refer them to the UN Treaty.


    I had a blast on Yahoo News. Just a reminder, it can be a lot of fun debating and destroying the Anti-Whites. Most of my posts stuck. Not sure if it is the best forum, but our message got more thumbs up than down.

    One anti-White said that “diverse” nations would be richer in the future, despite the pain. I found it pathetic that he would basically argue that Genocide was good for business.

    Daniel Genseric

    @six gun

    In your opinion, which one is an “okay response?” I left TWO and the third comments was on a general rule. Be more specific.

    The second stunner is STRAIGHT from coach. I kid you not.

    Daniel Genseric

    @ six gun,

    After second read on your first reply to me. It is riddled with News and Jews Crime & Stats crap. It’s TOO LONG; DIDN’T READ to boot. What is your point here? Where is YOUR mini mantra or suggestion which is better than mine? Not that this is a competition, I just don’t see it.

    Short and sweet, rabbit. Short and sweet.

    Daniel Genseric

    Again, Jason.

    No need to go into Crime and Stats N&J-er B.S in order to PROVE genocide. Just point out the DOUBLE STANDARD. That’s it guys. It’s that simple.



    I was talking about the “proof” comment you made.

    Let’s imagine I’m your audience.

    You say “They only DEMAND to see proof of genocide when it comes to EVERY white country and ONLY for white countries.”

    Audience thinks

    Yeah well they {A-W] would only be asking for proof from you for only White countries b/c you are only talking about White countries. He seems to be dodging the question. I’d like to know myself.

    Saying no-one is asking for proof for China or Matabeleland does not prove what you are saying.
    A double standard does not prove White genocide.

    OK 9 out of 10 casual anti-Whites might fluster but have you convinced the audience or just yourself?
    Forget how good you feel, or that the dippy anti-White ran off – what does the audience think?

    There is easy proof in the White minority dates
    I have seen it used in Mantra videos so people are using it and it makes things very real for the audience.

    You’re asking me for proof anti-White? Are you deaf, daft and blind? [probably non PC these days so might leave that out] The evidence is everywhere.

    My city

    My country

    Now tell me there’s no White genocide.
    I just want you to write a message to the future White children in my country and all White countries explaining to them that White genocide isn’t real.
    You call yourself an anti-racist but what you are is anti-White.
    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.

    Of course there is no need to write an essay. Nobody is saying you need to write an essay.
    It can be short and neat.
    I’ve had people I’ve mentioned the UK minority date to become really upset and angry.

    People have been using it in the videos. If you don’t like it fine but in my experience confronted with a minority date it does affect our people more than a lot of the other propaganda.


    Here is a mini using this idea – I have just roughed it out – you can make it for any White country.

    Nobody is saying that Africans in Africa will ever be a minority.

    Nobody is saying that Asians in Asia will ever be a minority.

    Because they won’t

    So why are people saying White Britons will be a minority in Britain in 2066?
    And saying White Swedes will be a minority in Sweden in 2025?
    That’s because there’s massive non-White immigration in all White countries and only White countries.

    That’s because there’s a programme of White genocide.

    They say it’s anti-racist but it’s simply anti-White.
    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White

    Daniel Genseric


    Maybe you never saw it, but I actually had a Vigilant Vandals video which was documentary-length with more than 10,000 views at the one link alone and it was ripped down along with its 3 or 4 brother and sister segments.

    But, there is NO NEED for that. The double standard points out the fact that the THRESHOLD for genocide is crossed once they singled out EVERY white country and ONLY white countries for MASSIVE immigration, assimilation and intermarriage between ONLY whites and non-whites. How is what I just wrote NOT genocide? What more PROOF do we need other than using our friggin’ eyeballs?!

    I’m warning you. You are going to lose your audience with stats, figures, crime, and news and jewwws…What you are proposing is JUST THAT, News & Jews. I know because I have tried what you are suggesting. It FAILS…Besides, it strays off point. white genocide. anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. bring it back to OUR talking points.

    Control the flow…


    Excuse me, what is this “DNA of fruitfly statement”?

    Henry Davenport

    @ Luke: Are you new? if so, welcome! It’s a good idea to reference the comment you’re quoting from so the rest of us can locate it.


    ( Most Common Questions & Things Anti-Whites Ask & Say.. and our best responses that we can possibly give)

    1: How can Anti-racist mean Anti-White?

    2: I’m White, how can I be Anti-White?

    3: What is a White country?

    4: There is NO such thing as White Genocide, you racist.

    5: Should all non-Whites be deported out of White countries?

    6: All countries are becoming Multicultural, not just White countries.

    I was gonna start a new thread w/ this but I figured I might as well just toss it here. Off the top of my head I just coughed up 6 of the most common things Anti-Whites spout off that we’ve all heard before. I felt a need to post this not only for new BUGSters but myself to kinda get back to the basics w/ some stuff…


    HVRabbit, Those are the most common I get too. I find number 3 amusing, apparently it insults Anti-Whites for us to even have a country. Sometime a tab with the most common categories of responses by Anti-Whites, along with the best answers might help, if it doesn’t already exist.

    I also get, “where is there genocide, show me genocide happening”


    @ Jason I find #4 amusing myself naturally they have to add the “R” word for effect.. @MoronWatch on twitter said he spent a whole “TWO WEEKS” in South Africa & there is NO GENOCIDE of White Farmers & that we’ve been lied to!! lol well I’ve lived in NY for 40 years & never seen anyone get shot so I guess it doesn’t happen?! sad thing is this guys got over 15k followers mostly White that believe what he says. Cant make this stuff up…

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