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    Laura aka minervia

    Thanks G!

    Cut, pasted and saved the above.  🙂

    Daniel Genseric

    Testing out Mantra/White Privilege HYBRID:


    EVERYBODY agrees that there is a RACE problem called White Privilege.

    EVERYBODY says that this Privilege can be taken away.

    EVERYBODY says that there is ONLY one way to solve this problem.

    They say we were BORN with it. The solution is to do away with the problem of us BEING HERE; white genocide.

    You mean the ‘privilege’ of TENS MILLIONS of non-white immigrants arriving in every white country and ONLY in white countries?

    You mean the ‘privilege’ of having the DEMAND made that we ‘assimilate’ with them?

    You mean the ‘privilege’ of being called “racist” should we object to their Morality & Diversity?

    You mean the ‘privilege’ of having genocide being called what it truly is until it happens to whites?

    They say they’re anti-racist. I see that what they really are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    Daniel Genseric

    I’m seeing this ALL THE TIME. Stop dropping the ball and use this reply (or one like it) instead.

    Anti-white: You don’t answer my questions.
    Why should I answer yours?
    How can you get more guilty of making up conspiracy theories?
    Pro-white: Because YOU are the one who is in breach of international law. YOU must tell us why we should accept this genocide of our people, which you lust after. But, you can’t. So, you want to talk about anything other than the charges we are presenting you with. All criminals do it.
    Do you really think you are going to get away with complicity to commit genocide just because our children are white?
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white


    Response to “its not forced” in any form:

    Instead of trying to define and debate “force” switch to free choice.

    “Mixing (or whatever) is not occurring by free choice but by force, fraud and manipulation, agreed or not so?”

    Who can disagree that our choices are not manipulated under thought control system erected around us?

    Then accuse.

    Then question.

    Feedback on this technique.




    Making the point that whites are not free to refuse genocide policy is good, but asking them if they agree that their cult is imposing it is no good.


    Agreed? Is an option.  I’ve found that if you want to prolong the debate “agreed” stirs up the hornets nest that exposes more anti-white attitudes and behavior. It angers them.

    When you don’t get enough responses from anti-whites, incitement might be useful.

    There’s a certain value in being able to incite anti-whites.  Another one that works is “answer me reasonably and rationally.”

    Maybe ideas for a tool box.

    Of course the core of the activism is the White Genocide message and the label anti-white.

    Peter Cottontail

    On one hand, you say that assimilation isn’t forced. On the other hand, you advocate threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment, physical violence and prison time for those who are against said assimilation. So which is it, anti-White?

    You say you are anti-racist. What you are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White. You want White geNOcide.



    We say the same things because YOU anti-Whites say the same things. If you want us to say something different you must say something different.

    These are the following comments I have never heard anti-Whites:

    1. “Yes, I support White genocide”.
    2. “No, I’ve changed my mind and now agree that forced assimilation is genocide which is EVIL including when it’s done to White people”.


    2/2/2013 at 3:27 pm #35789


    Agreed? Is an option. I’ve found that if you want to prolong the debate “agreed” stirs up the hornets nest that exposes more anti-white attitudes and behavior. It angers them.


    Using it as a lure, yes, sorry
    savethechildren, I was overfocusing. I do the same when I`m not in full on inquisitor mode.

    J M C

    Observations about White anti-Whites. They seem to fall into a few different categories. There are the HARD-CORE self hating anti-Whites who HATE being White and want our race destroyed YESTERDAY. They seem to be the fewest though the other categories can appear to be them until you start working on them.

    Then there are the totally DEMORALIZED White anti-Whites. They believe in an ‘inevitable’ brown future and just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. They are not happy about it but they have surrendered to White Genocide.

    THEN, I see the one’s who are in total denial. For them, facing White genocide head on is not SAFE because they can see no solution. I believe THIS category is the most receptive to our message. The Mantra does a GREAT job of laying out the problem of White genocide in all of it’s starkness. How can we also present a solution to the problem at the same time to get them out of their programming without assuming they are the scummiest of the scummy bottom dwellers and further alienate them? Or is there no other way for them than to walk straight through the alienation in order to arrive at the solution?

    I am a VERY ‘solution’ oriented person. When someone comes to me with a problem, I really don’t have much patience with dwelling it in. I want to live in the solution and quickly direct attention to it.


    J M C

    ^^^ I’m thinking some of our White anti-Whites are of the same mindset and can be ‘flipped.’


    Just thought I would post this little thing I came up with while talking to an anti-white.

    Basically it’s a counter argument to the hole “whites are the ones not having children so it’s not genocide. It’s more like suicide.”

    My answer was “Well any group that’s being targeted for genocide is GOING to have less children. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.”

    Ice Knight

    @jmcaul, yes I’d agree there is a definite group of  White anti-Whites in complete denial about what they are actually supporting.  They’ve been naively sucked in by the system and firmly believe they occupy the moral high ground – to be suddenly hit with the Mantra and accused of supporting GENOCIDE is devastating to their whole world view.  As Horus says these are the people that have been conned, reveal the con to them and they are the most likely to get angry.  I’m pretty sure I’ve made a few converts along the way.

    As for offering a solution, as BUGSters we can’t really go there.  We’re just trying to empower the people with knowledge in the hope they will use this knowledge to collapse the system.  Ultimately there is no easy solution, so just like the Samizdat and the Soviet Union, I think we are still reliant upon economic collapse as the catalyst before people will accept the type of radical solution required.




    I have a question, and I thought this would be a good place to ask it.

    When posting comments sections on websites, I have noticed some posters can change font types or italicize there comments.

    When I type my comments, I do not have that capability.

    Is there some tool that one can get that will allow you to edit/highlight/italicize a font when posting to a website comments section?

    I would like to do this, to make my comments more readable.




    Joanne, usually this is done from cutting and pasting.

    You try can typing something in Microsoft Word or Wordpad, then cutting and pasting it to the textbox. It may work on some textboxes and not others


    This idea has probably been mentioned before but I don’t think anyone has acted on it. Basically the idea is to “harass” various youtube personalities until they make a video about white genocide.

    So we would send them dozens of private messages, post on all their videos, so on and so forth, you get the idea. Eventually they will shutdown or lash out in a video. The video would be more preferable as it gets our terminology out there.

    What do people think about that?

    I’ll try to find a youtube personality we can target first. What should we call it? Operation Hornet Storm?


    @Undercover lover

    That`s not strictly Debate advice and style, and if you want a target swarmed you only need to keep reminding us in the swarm which has been done before.

    I suggest targets who have some anti-whiteness with a mostly white and normal audience.



    🙂 Ya I guess I should have put it in a different thread.

    I know people have repeatedly swarmed individuals by posting about them in the “where did you post the mantra today” threads but there are many, many links there and 1 specific link usually gets drowned out in the sea of links.

    What I’m thinking is a little bit different. We ran into a bunch of anti-whites a while ago who were quick to make anti-mantra videos but it seems we used up all those anti-whites. I want to get a stream of anti-mantra videos flowing to spread our terminology faster.I want to get a streamlined process where we attack an anti-white non-stop for 3 or 4 days until they make a video about us then we move on to another anti-white.

    I just picked a random link in the “where did you post the mantra today” thread

    he seems like a decent enough target.

    I’ll make a dedicated thread for this little experiment

    Henry Davenport

    I’d be careful with the word “harass.” I’m not sure, but it might have legal implications.


    good point HD

    This works re: race mixing

    Race mixers are parasites living off White communities

    Parasites kill their host if their host has no defence

    Anti-Whites like you allow my people no defence

    And when they talk about love I say – some men love little boys too, that does not make it right

Viewing 20 posts - 841 through 860 (of 911 total)
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