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Discussion thread: Pro Whites that disagree with our methods and want to argue

Home Forums BUGS SWARM Discussion thread: Pro Whites that disagree with our methods and want to argue

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    Peter Whiterabbit

    meawhiterabbit, the new thread is only a week old and some don’t post more than once every few weeks. It is also the holidays. I don’t think we can compare the two threads yet.

    Thick skin is a plus on this site. I took weeks off at a time in the past because I would burn out from my battles with anti-whites. Being curt is fine IMO. Being emotionally overcharged (as OB mentions) will make for a very short mantra life.

    Daniel Genseric

    After reading quite a few comments from New Year’s day and such I was going to post that self-imposed attrition seems to accelerate after a candidate comes to terms with the amount of work, HARD work, involved here. I have had to take breathers of my own.

    However, OB covers that nicely in his post above. What I need to remember for myself is that when I get frustrated with pro-Whites and their understanding (lack of?) of the Mantra is just HOW frustrated Bob must be every time he has to spoon-feed us.

    I have a tendency to cut like a rusty knife. Working on honing back my scalpel’s edge.


    Your praise is quite undeserved. Don’t want you to get the wrong impression. I am a definite rookie here and absolutely deserving of the reprimands Bob sends my way. Yes, it has happened at least a few times. But, I never would have been lucky enough to GET that guidance had I forgone Bob’s seminar altogether. I just feel so HELPLESS for these pro-Whites who shun Mantra logic. It is frightening. I want to SHOW them the way. Move their legs and walk through the door for them! Oh, the agony of it all!

    I am like Pavlov’s dogs every morning, salivating while I wait for Bob’s next article. I have never thought SO HARD about so few words in my entire life. Bob’s writing gives my existence as a pro-White a massive amount of purpose. Thank you, Bob!

    @Mean Rabbit

    Noticeably absent from the “Where did you post the Mantra today II” roster ARE the actual Scandinavian old timers. And that’s alright. We all have projects we work on from time to time. When we do that, it sometimes seems as if a a BUGSter or certain BUGSter is off the grid. Also, I encounter BUGSters who don’t report back ALL the time and some don’t at all. However, WE are posting it all over the place. Vale man is a for instance. Don’t recall that name anywhere. I have received numerous PM’s on SF about Spaniards posting the Mantra in Spanish, random users who tell me they have been posting the Mantra for years, etc…

    Stay strong!

    Henry Davenport

    @ OldBlighty: “I have always found Youtube particularly grueling and it burns me out quickly,”

    I’ve been feeling nearly paralyzed on youtube ever since the tram episode…I’ve just been posting minimantras and not creating anything.

    Yesterday I remembered how much fun I had the first day I ever posted on youtube…I was kicking butt in jolly fashion…another bugster (I think he was) told me I was “a real pro” and asked if I was an old-timer bugster who had been away and returned! (please excuse the obnoxious bragging).

    I found those old posts yesterday and realized exactly what happened to me. I forgot one of the best pieces of advice I ever got, given me by a cyber-pal at who told me that I do SO much better when I don’t get mad but just remain humorous. (Just as an aside, that from a woman who asked me in private correspondence, after I’d spent a year or two writing posts at about Jewish power, Israeli power, the USS LIberty, etc. etc., “(Harumphty), why do you hate Jews so much?” So much for reasoning with the masses and attacking fortified positions!).

    Anyway, the raw hatred that came from the anti-Whites during that tram bit did a number on me. But I see where I have to go now. I need to loosen up and go back to enjoying myself making fun of the anti-Whites on youtube. My humor may just be a little more biting than it was that first day.

    Just writing this has helped me. Once I’m clear on what’s bothering me (all that hatred), I have ways I can usually get most of it out of my system.

    I don’t know if there is anything helpful for anyone else in what I just wrote.

    Henry Davenport

    Genseric, you keep me laughing and keep my spirits up! It’s wonderful that that quality is combined with so much actual production on your part.

    We have a great group of people here. I feel very lucky to have stumbled across this site. I’m sure going to be pinching my pennies until Sept. in hopes I can attend the next Seminar and meet more of the group. And meet Bob…I felt such a rookie at the last seminar that I felt embarrassed to introduce myself.

    Henry Davenport

    @ OldBlighty: “people realize BUGStering is hard work.”

    And some people realize it without having to try it and find out. I think you’ve hit on a main reason our group isn’t bigger.

    While many pro-Whites are active in some way, many have already received all the hatred and scorn they care for, and aren’t eager to expose themselves to any more. So they huddle together in their cyber-enclaves and certainly aren’t going to come out to enter the lists at youtube even armed with bugster weaponry! One poster at OO said to me re bugstering that “flame wars” just weren’t his cup of tea.

    How to handle the feelings that come up…not the kind of “manly topic” often discussed, but I can think of two people I’d like to hear from on the topic: more from peterwhiterabbit who said a word about it above, and DDuke if I get the chance next Seminar. My impression of Duke just from being with him on the nature walk after the last Seminar is that he’s a fairly sensitive guy (just an impression), but my God, look at all he handles! How does he do it!

    Henry Davenport

    My next youtube post: “You twisted anti-White freaks….”

    Peter Whiterabbit

    HD, 1 – It was a combination of things for me. I realized that we may be doing this for a long time so I had to pace myself. 2 – It isnt about ME at all. Dont take it personal. 3 – antiwhites are like the crazy guy outside my office yelling crazy things at cars. If I take them too seriously, I am the crazy one. 4- For the brainwashed college students, since I was one not all that long ago, like Jesus said about the rabble, forgive them for they not what they are doing.

    Daniel Genseric

    An alternative MANTRA!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Somebody managed to take Bob’s 222-word masterpiece and lengthen it to 329 words! And we are going to get to vote on it! Yippee…….

    “Why is it that Oriental Asia is for the Oriental Asians, Black Africa is for the Black Africans, but White countries are for everybody?

    The main stream media continually proclaims that there is a RACE problem inside White Nations! The media insists that this RACE problem will be solved when non white people from the third world, immigrate and replace the indigenous White population in EVERY white country and ONLY in white countries!

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve their RACE problem by bringing in millions of foreign Third Worlder’s and then interbreeding with them.

    The media continually indoctrinates the West to believe that the final solution to our RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” or intermarry with all the imported non White Third Worlder’s!

    What would happen if I said there was a RACE problem and this RACE problem could only be solved by importing TENS of Millions of non-black people into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries? How long would it take anyone to realize that I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but rather I am intentionally advocating a destructive policy that promotes Black genocide?

    Seriously, how long would it take a black man to notice that his country was being conquered? And who among the Black population wouldn’t object to this genocidal, anti-Black immigration policy?

    But if I state the obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my White race of people, Liberals and allegedly respectable conservatives shout in agreement that I am a White Supremacist or a Nazi who wants nothing more than to kill six million Jews!

    The main stream media pretend that they are anti-racist, but what they actuality are is anti-White bigots!

    Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White.

    Join the White Nationalist Freedom Movement, which is no longer tolerating the establishments planned White Genocide.”

    J Locke

    It is hard work to swarm. I am not that good at it but I think you are making a difference in people.

    It’s especially hard if you don’t like watching anti-White videos or reading anti-White comments. I don’t know if it’s better to stay and chat or just post and run.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Genseric:

    I assume everyone’s heard of “Mantra drift”?

    Thirty people sit in a circle, one whispers a statement in the ear of the person next to him who whispers the same statement in the ear of the next person and so on until the statement returns in unrecognizable form to the person who launched it?

    Let’s leave the Mantra alone. The English version at least is working fine, and for very good reasons only few of which the people who want to change the Mantra understand.

    Lord Nelson

    Ooopss! I just started a thread on this same topic:


    First let me say that I was sad to see some of us ending up arguing with some of the folks over at SF. If our way is going to take off, it can only happen out in the big bad world outside of SF. Every time you see a neutral White who would not be seen dead posting on SF using a phrase like ‘Anti-White’ on sites like YT etc…. you are seeing a real victory. And these victories are the only ones that really count, because even if every member of SF joined BUGS in the next 3hrs, it would not really amount to anything if we can’t appeal to the MILLIONS of Whites on the outside.

    So now here is how you deal with Pro-Whites who insist on aruing against us and our message:

    Just say: ‘It’s obvious it’s not for YOU’. (And then move on)

    Let me repeat that:

    Just say: ‘It’s obvious it’s not for YOU’. (And then move on)

    One more time:

    Just say: ‘It’s obvious it’s not for YOU’. (And then move on)

    For the record, post 54 on this link is me making the same mistake:

    We really are in serious danger of turning into somekind of cult here folks. And that can never be a good thing. By all means post on SF if you like. I still do. But save the preaching and debating for where it really counts.

    Stormfront is not our Battleground!


    Ice Knight

    I agree Lord Nelson, I saw some of the posting on Stormfront and to be honest, fighting our own people will do us no favours – a divided group is ultimately always more easily defeated. I’ve always found the BUGSters very positive action orientated people and that positivity is how we will attract new members!

    Some will get what BUGS is all about and join up, others won’t. I just give any pro Whites the information they need and a bit of positive encouragement about how well it works and they will either see the light and join the cause or they will just carry on with life as they have before. Either way people shouldn’t get too worried as they don’t stop us from continuing to spread the obvious truth of the Mantra!

    What actually recruited me to the cause was watching the debates out in the field, seeing the BUGSters winning and then copying the style! I was using the Mantra for many months before officially joining the SWARM.

    I’m fairly confident we are already having a major impact on the debate – only today I was reading the comments on a Spanish video on Youtube all written in Spanish but translated by Google – the top rated comment, an ordinary member of the public describing multiculturalism as GENOCIDE!

    Ultimately the number of people joining up to post on BUGS makes little difference. Winning in the field is what counts and slowly but surely I think we are!



    I’m from Spain. Let me know that link, please!

    Secret Squirrel

    “We really are in serious danger of turning into somekind of cult here folks.”

    And that is what the trolls within WN, will try to paint us as.

    “First let me say that I was sad to see some of us ending up arguing with some of the folks over at SF.”

    Most people that go to Pro White sites, don’t go there with a purpose, they go there to relax and blow off steam. Commenting on the news and arguing with other Pro Whites, is their form of relaxation. So I won’t be posting over there, as those people are a waste of time.

    I do think LN’s advice is the best so far, as simpler is better:

    “It’s obvious it’s not for YOU”

    Ice Knight

    @ WW

    The link is below – interesting video that shows how children naturally identify race, even though CNN then go on to paint the White parents of the child as evil!

    Lord Nelson


    “What actually recruited me to the cause was watching the debates out in the field, seeing the BUGSters winning and then copying the style! I was using the Mantra for many months before officially joining the SWARM.”

    Thank you for this. It was nice to read 😉

    Anti-Racist is just a code word for Anti-White!

    Lord Nelson

    Coniglio Blanco

    “I have a suspicion that it was one of the usual culprits that is to say one of the inhabitants of that wet little island that used to be great. I should remind you that the reason why our race has no home is because you idiots decided that it was a good idea to declare war on Germany.”

    Nice try. As Bob knows, I am usualy the first Brit HOT HEAD, to bite at this crap.

    Anyhow, can you post some links where you have been debating Anti-Whites? I would love to read them 😉


    I see that Max character has shown his true colors,saying : “You are abusing the word genocide” etc.

    I`m still under moderation,but I did reply.

    Daniel Genseric


    I think Wolfie may have been right about him.

    Peter Whiterabbit

    Stormfront is fine for us in short doses ONLY if WE don’t act like we are on Stormfront and fall into the wordist traps. That is part of being a Bugster. If someone has a legitimate question, answer it with a simple answer. If they use the word anti, correct them and paste one of Bob’s many sermons why anti should never be used. Other than that, I like LN’s answer, politely say maybe it isn’t for you when it is obvious they won’t get it.

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