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Discussion thread: Pro Whites that disagree with our methods and want to argue

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    I posted this reply in Lord Nelsons other thread…..

    I’ll be honest and i didn’t want to say this before but part of me thinks aligning with SF is not a good idea. There are so many negative connotations with that site that it will give the anti-Whites more ammo and reason to start using the white supremacist smear. I seriously things its best to dump Swarmfront and stick to Bugs. I have a feeling it will end up doing more damage than good. Think about it, we don’t mention the J words for that very reason!

    LN is spot on. We want to get the White and normal people on our side and speaking out against genocide.


    If you are gonna debate those on our side it might be best to “good cop/bad cop” them with two bugsters, just my humble opinion, and maybe stay away from personal attacks (save them for anti-Whites).


    RRS asks politely of a young racially aware man why he uses respectable words instead of Bugs language. BGLass is there as well pontificating as she is wont to do under the nom de plume of dixiegal, and I patiently await her answer to that as well.

    Lord Nelson


    “I do think LN’s advice is the best so far, as simpler is better:”

    “It’s obvious it’s not for YOU”

    I have no political background. It even took me around 3-4yrs to get my head around what Bob was really doing with the ‘Genocide’ message. But when we preach on SF we are actually ‘in effect’ trying to sell somthing. And I can at least bring some insight into this situation.

    There is a common misconception that the best sales people are those who NEVER give up. The truth is that the best sales people are the ones who know EXACTLY when to give up. Throw it away. And move on to the next lead. They don’t get tied down with Beggers, Idiots, and/or Timewasters!

    In this situation saying “It’s not for you” tends to throw people off balance because it’s the last thing they are expecting to hear ‘from the pushy little sales person’. (only include ‘obviose’ if you want to have a dig) It can even be such a powerful takeaway, that some people may end up demanding to know just WHAT is not for them. If that happens then just post them a link to BUGS and tell the to figure it out for themselves 😉


    Wouldn’t hurt to ask the non-users if they have any knowledge of a place to go and debate the anti-Whites and where they have been going to drop the usuall crime and IQ stats or muds and kikes references. Show em how it is done.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Simmons: Unless someone else wants to do it first (if so, please do!), I’m planning to start a very different kind of thread on Swarmfront tonight, a thread that I think should be the ONLY thread we put ANY energy into AT ALL on Swarmfront:

    “See the Mantra in action here and try your hand!”

    Every single post we put on that thread should be SOLELY a portion of a swarm that’s going on at that very moment, with a link to it, and every now and then a reminder that readers are welcome to join in! NOTHING MORE!

    “See the Mantra in action here and try your hand!” will be a looking glass through which SF readers can see us in action that’s happening at that very moment! IMO that is ALL they need to see! If they don’t like what they see, how could they ever become a bugster? And if they do like what they see, we have enough info, links spread around now that they will find what they need.

    All that seems to me at long last self-evident and simple!

    Here’s the hard part:

    On that thread we will without fail not let our ENERGY and our ATTENTION SHIFT onto the concerns of the eternal discussants!

    If you are on that thread and find yourself even getting interested in some comment from a naysayer, improver, yes-but’er, etc. GET OFF THE THREAD and leave it to some bugster who will arrive there fresh and full whatever swarm is going on and doesn’t give a cr@p for what the latest concern of the eternal discussants is!

    So, NO DISCUSSION AT ALL with the eternal discussants! NONE AT ALL!! ZERO!!
    To any discussant, the proper response after a couple of his posts is a flat “you’re off topic,” with no feeling in it at all for him to warm himself with. Discussants should be given no energy either positive or negative, or they will grow like weeds on that energy and fill up the thread arguing with each other even when we aren’t there!

    Now, and I think this is extremely important: if a reader is interested in jumping in, and asks a question concerning his doing so, some question about the technique, etc., then in your answer to him lean as strongly as you can toward saying that it’s best he just look at what we’re posting there and jump right in with his own comment that’s done as much in our style as he can on his first attempt, and then if necessary let us give him some aid on the basis of what he starts out with.

    That reply has the merit of being almost always true, as a teaching method. It makes our help to him be very concrete rather than abstract, and if also avoids giving an opening to the eternal discussants lurking about who will want to discuss anything we would say to him.

    I’m willing to make one slight adjustment to my paragraph above that began, “Every single post…” OCCASIONALLY, one or at most two sentences of commentary on a portion of the swarm you’ve posted might be helpful (but be assured, if it’s done even a sizable fraction of the time, the thread will turn into a discussion thread!!)

    If you do want to make such a comment, check that such comments haven’t been frequent for awhile, and if anyone at all challenges your comment, you answer is,

    “Try it and see!” NOTHING MORE!! (If the challenger is someone you’ve already identified as a discussant and have given the emotionally flat, “You’re off-topic,” don’t respond at all).

    There will be a zillion ways I haven’t thought of that the thread will tend to turn into a discussion thread (“discussion” will be the only setting for most who read the thread, and “discussion” is still the default setting for most of us here!)

    The first post on the thread should have this statement in letters large and bold:

    This thread is solely to exhibit current swarms and give aid to anyone who feels like jumping in and trying their hand at it. We have other threads in Swarmfront that are discussion threads, so if you aren’t feeling like jumping in and trying your hand, please post on those other threads. Thank you!

    What do you think?

    Coniglio Bianco


    Secret Squirrel

    We don’t debate anti-Whites here either.

    Since Lord Nelson has raised the subject, I have only ever noticed you post one link in the Swarm. Do you post the Mantra online, or spread it using any other method?

    Henry Davenport

    I’m changing my mind about the suggestion I outlined above at length. I’m feeling like it’s not worth the effort, and personally I want to quit being distracted by so many things that come up here and get back to swarming.

    Aren’t our activities fairly known in the SF community by now? If so, I’d think anyone who was interested would have checked us out by now, without us working so hard to make it happen.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    HD, It ain’t worth it. Some just want to wallow in misery.

    Henry Davenport

    Right, Seeker, and thanks. That long business with MaxVictory on SF…I don’t understand what that was about, but one thing I’m certain of is that it was CRAZY.

    When confronted with things I don’t understand but am certain are crazy, my usual move is to get the hell away.

    Lord Nelson


    No worries. I was thinking maybe you could save the venom for ‘British’ Anti-Whites. This would be a win win situation. Lol!


    I think Swarmfront is a dead end. Stick to Bugs. When my SF ban is up if i ever post there again i won’t be posting anything Mantra related. I’ll use that pace for N and J information. Thats what its good for.


    First of all, I’m sorry if this is not the proper place to ask the following question: what does “N and J information” mean? That is not the first time that I have heard it.


    News & Jews, the innefective griping about the same ol same ol which after you get enraged you send the site propieter money and then go out and call someone a mud or a kike and become nothing more useful than a ADL fund raising tool. But its safe and basically easy to do and well within the comfort zone of white nats.



    I agree with you, we don’t need to swarm storm front or any other pro-white website. We need to IMPOSE OUR TERMINOLOGY ON THEM and make them use it.

    They need to use OUR terminology, NOT us use theirs.


    This thread is encouraging. The penny will drop for them eventually!


    Edit: I made a mistake by posting on the wrong thread.


    “Keep doing what you are doing. The only way to guide dissidents to our style is to always go to their aid when needed and fight the BUGS fight on their behalf. Like the Swarm did for April Gaede. Once they see it work……the pro white dissidents are never the same. But don’t expect some revival. Keep pushing ahead. I don’t concentrate on old blood. I concentrate on new blood. Those that want to fight the system. My target audience has an open mind in general. Many Pro White Dissidents do NOT have open minds. They are dissidents with a capital D. But some do ….you win hearts and minds by fighting BUGS style.”

    from another thread… thought maybe it would help out here


    I have over 7k posts and 70 blog entries on SF.
    I have a history with many members there, and will not change how I roll and I don’t much care who likes it or not. I really didn’t even want to discuss it here, but everywhere I go on BUGsters I see it has become some kind of ‘issue.’
    That in itself should make it Crystal Clear that all was ever desired was a stink to be raised among us, to create some angst. I have been on that forum far longer than many of you, so I think it best one not assume things about me when you do NOT know the history. Implying I jumped on some innocent who was genuinely curious. Give me a fecking break. That was nowhere near my first clash with MV, nor do I believe it will be my last.
    If others want to spar with the ‘shit-stirrers’ until the cows come home, then be my guest. But do not presume to apologize for me, or for anything I ever say.
    I apologized to Cody, who is the only one who deserved an apology from me, and the ONLY one who will receive one.

    Bob Whitaker grants the free use of his mantra. I do not need the approval of anyone here to continue using it, nor do I wish to make any enemies. If you thought I was ‘hostile’ the other night, then you haven’t read many of my posts on a heated topic. Rather than bring it here and getting all ‘rulesy’ on me, report my post on the forum where it was made.

    I know the list of ‘naysayers’ on SF quite well, whether it be critiquing the mantra, the Black’s radio show, raising money for SF, or even one of Duke’s videos, its a 24/7 pastime with some of these people. Always COMPLAINING/second-guessing/criticizing the efforts of others. I do not play that crap anymore. I call them out on it, and then go about my business. If you want to make it your business on ANOTHER forum, then enter at your own risk.

    That’s all I got to say about this HUGE waste of time. The days of twisting helplessly in the wind eaten up with frustration and helplessness are over for me.

    I am evolving through the genius behind the mantra. Am I protective of it? Effin ‘A’
    Let’s go kick some anti-White ass!


Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 73 total)
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