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Dismantling The White Privilege Meme

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    Many of you have come across the “White Privilege” meme. Like me, you may have been thrown off by it and wondered how to debate it. Like any other political talking point, it is a trap. Stay away from it. Even if it is true, never concead to it. They are trying to make you cede the moral high ground by making you look like an jerk.

    How does this meme work? First, you are asked if you believe that white privilege exists. You have three options.

    1. Deny it, and then waste time in a circular argument that is not effective for our purposes, but for theirs. Since even though you are denying it exists, you are still talking about it, giving it a level of validity to those who are listening to the conversation while making you look like a jerk.

    2. Agree that it exists. If you do, you have set yourself up for the trap, since the next talking point is that whites should accept antiwhite policies that discriminate against us or lead to our own genocide. Again, if you deny that even though you have privilege, you should not give in to their demands makes you look like a jerk. They win.

    3. Us mantra style ju-jitsu to get off the subject of “White Privilege” (which is their meme) and on to White Genocide (which is our meme).

    How can we accomplish that? By claiming that white privilege is one or all of the following…….

    – Whites are privileged to be told that they don’t have a culture.

    – Whites are privileged to be told they don’t exist, but at the same time are
    blamed for the worlds problems.
    – Whites are privileged to have laws(affirmative Action) that systematically
    discriminate against them in school and the workplace based on the color
    of their skin.
    – Whites are privileged to be the recipients of hate speech (“racist,” “hater,”
    “fascist,” “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews,”) when they object to
    programs purposely designed to make them minorities.
    – Whites are privileged to be expected to celebrate becoming a minority in
    every white country on the planet in 40 years.

    Then end by saying…………

    Yes, I believe White Privilege does exist. It is the privilege of being ethnically cleansed and expected to be exuberant in participation.

    Or something close to this. This is how we get out of their trap, and get them into ours. We don’t want to talk about “White Privilege,” we want to talk about White Genocide.


    White Privilege IS White GeNOcide


    Like I’ve been told before, take action and use it, than give us some results. I Hate to be a critic:

    1) I dont physically see the words “White genocide” and “anti-White” here in your mini, ALL mantra posts should be FORCING the discussion of White genocide committed by the anti-Whites.
    2.)I wouldn’t mention whether “White privilege” exists or not, that would be tailgating.
    3.)You should be ending mantra posts with “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” and “Diversity is a code word for White genocide”

    Check out my reply to Lord Nelson on one of Bobs articles, I have an example on how you could reply to a “White privilege” meme.

    Good luck.

    time for freedom

    ‘White privilege is just the anti-whites hateful Codeword for White self determination and autonomy in White countries, all of which anti-whites want to destroy to achieve White Genocide’

    Mike M

    What about that mini ?

    Our forefathers worked hard through famine, diseases, wars and harshtimes for us to have a better life than our predecessors in the countries of our ancestors.

    “Anti-racists” would like our legacy to be stripped and handed to foreigners.
    “Anti-racists” don’t go to other countries asking for those people to relinquish the heritage transmitted to them by their ancestors. They only require that of White people.

    They claim to be “anti-racists” but what they really are is anti-white.
    “White privilege” is a code word for dismantling White Heritage and submit white people to genocidal conditions of life.
    “Anti-racist” is a code word for anti-White.


    Only an anti-White could believe in White Privilege.

    The only treatment for White Privilege is anti-Whitism, and the only “cure” is death. That is racial hatred.

    White Privilege is code for “I Hate White People.”

    Benjamin Newells

    “Whites are privileged to have laws(affirmative Action) that systematically
    discriminate against them in school and the workplace based on the color
    of their skin.”

    Don’t use “based on the color of their skin”. Use “based on their race”. “skin color” is an anti-White meme.

    “It is the privilege of being ethnically cleansed and expected to be exuberant in participation.”

    Try to use GENOCIDED instead “ethnically cleansed”. Try to use “smile on your face” instead of “exuberant” – terms like “exuberant” won’t reach our audience well at all.

    1. “White privilege” is an anti-White conspiracy theory.
    2. so you fight the so called “White privilege” by carrying out White Genocide?


    Remember the most important thing is that you actually try these out. But you’re contributing a lot so that’s not an issue right now


    It’s OK to genocide high achievers?
    Rich people deserve genocide?


    Group success is your justification for genocide?

    Henry Davenport

    From the Anti-white Dictionary:

    White privilege: the right to remain silent in the face of non-white privilege.

    Not Mantra, but maybe useful in some circumstances.

    Henry Davenport

    Bob just posted this to Genseric’s new blog:

    So how about some version of this, when somebody even MENTIONS any of those labels:

    “Even if I WERE a Nazi or White Supremacist or if there IS White Priviledge, how does that justify White Genocide?”

    Bob so effortlessly nails it, bringing it back to Mantra which is always what we want to do. (My example in my preceding comment is tailgating IMO, and shouldn’t be used when Mantrifying)

    Bob’s suggestion is also a good example of verbal aikido (which works well with our approach): instead of opposing the anti-white’s thrust, you use his own forward momentum to flip him to the mat.


    I just want to thank everyone for their input on this one. I hadn’t expected this much of a response. Thanks guys!

    I am trying to implement this mini mantra and refine it. I also acknowledge that sometimes there are a hundred ways to say the same thing. My biggest concern was to bring up the discussion of ways to fight the “white privilege” meme to everyone’s attention so we could come up with ways to fight it. It looks like I’m working with the pros. You guys definitely have it down. I will try and take your suggestions and implement them to see what I think works best.


    I have a line that I’ve been using that works. It was even featured in the title of an article from Daily Stormer.

    “White Privilege” is an Anti-White conspiracy theory. There are no POLICIES that favor White people. There are “Diversity” POLICIES and “Affirmative Action” POLICIES that favor Non-whites. “White Privilege” is an Anti-White conspiracy theory.


    Based on how hard Jon Stewart pushed the “White Privilege” meme this is definitely their latest attempt to justify genocidal policies.

    Do Tibetans in Tibet have “Tibetan Privilege” and does that justify the genocide there?

    Didn’t the Nazis say Jews had “Jewish Privilege” and something had to be done about it? (ok, that might get us off into Jew talk).


    I just ridicule anti-Whites for believing in conspiracy theories


    @ The RangedMartialArtist

    So do I. “White Privilege” is an Anti-White conspiracy theory.


    – Another One

    Secret Squirrel actually pointed that one out to me the other day. I love it!!! Great job creating it. Ridicule works very well. Especially calling it what it is, a conspiracy theory.

    Fred R

    @ Scott

    Thank you. I remember when the Anti-Whites first started to get going with “White Privilege”. Not a single one of the Anti-Whites could even define what “White Privilege” was. Eventually all they would really say is that “White people get treated differently.” This response is a conspiracy theory. No evidence at all. All there was to say is that “White Privilege” is an Anti-White conspiracy theory.

    A great thing about this line is that it can fit onto a sign very easily too. The Anti-Whites who run the White Privilege Conference would freak out if they saw somebody outside of one of their meetings holding up a sign saying “White Privilege” is an Anti-White conspiracy theory.


    @ Fred R

    Interesting re-working of my line. It’s too long though and I tried the same thing for a while but found that it’s dangerous to use the term “conspiracy theory” in the same sentence with “White Genocide.” Use, “White Privilege” is an Anti-White conspiracy theory, when the Anti-Whites bring up White Privilege. Leave White Genocide out of the line and later on ask, “Why do you Anti-Whites avoid discussing White Genocide?”

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 56 total)
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