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Dismantling The White Privilege Meme

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    @Wretched White Rabbit: I wouldn’t say “you aren’t really antiracist” because that makes it sound as if we are the true anti-racists.

    @Anotherone: As recently as the 1950’s, Blacks (Negroes) had to ride in the back of the bus in some places, could not sit down at White lunch counters, etc. Of course, Whites could not safely enter Negro areas either, so so they had Black Privilege in there areas, and we had White privilege in ours. You seem to be trying to rewrite the past to make it seem as if White countries have always been egalitarian, something like a Rainbow Confederate. I know that that’s not your intention, but that’s how it comes off.


    @ Benjamin Newells

    SF is listed on the right side of this page under FOB (Friends of Bob). Bob started posting the Mantra on SF.

    Horus links out to SF and Daily Stormer and countless other sites.

    Daily Stormer constantly features articles from White Genocide Project.

    This is how things work. You use these sites as a tool to spread the memes. It starts small with Pro-White sites and after it has been spread enough it trends on twitter. You think I’m the dumb one? LOL. All you’re doing is waiting for Bob to tell you what to say.

    “White Privilege” is an Anti-White conspiracy theory. There are no POLICIES that favor White people. There are “Diversity” POLICIES and “Affirmative Action” POLICIES that favor Non-whites. “White Privilege” is an Anti-White conspiracy theory.


    @ Carloman

    I’m not seeing how the line is “egalitarian”. You can also say “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White is “egalitarian”. The line has nothing to do with history. The line’s only use and purpose is to have a response for when the Anti-Whites use the “white privilege” meme. It’s not intended to be used as often as “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” or “diversity is a code word for white genocide”. It’s just a quick response like any of the other responses you’ll find at the Bugs Buddy site.

    Benjamin Newells

    So that’s it ? Because white people built their countries a long time ago, we should now accept to be flooded with non whites and accept to be blended out of existence ?
    LOL. Why don’t you go to Congo, or Morocco or Japan, and tell them they’re privileged because their ancestors built their countries.
    Of course you won’t. Because you’re not anti-congolese or anti-japanese, you’re anti-whites. You’re only trying to justify the genocide of White people world wide.

    YOU should be ashamed !

    “Anti-racist” is a code word for anti-white !
    “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide !

    Mike you just need one line man. You don’t need to write an essay.

    One line: ‘so you carry out White Genocide to fight this so called “White privilege”?’

    Out in the battlefield, everyone will read this one line. They won’t even get through half of what you wrote. And it’s a lot better than what you wrote too.

    Keep it simple and keep it on White Genocide. This goes for everyone else who never seems to get what good swarming is about.

    I have an idea to incorporate the anti-white conspiracy line:

    ‘so you carry out White Genocide to fight the anti-white conspiracy theory known as “White privilege”?’

    Benjamin Newells

    AnotherOne, you just confirmed to me that you think the effectiveness of a meme is whether news and jewsers over at sf and daily stormer begin using it.

    Are you ok man? I’m starting to doubt whether continuing any discussion with you is even worth my time.

    You claim that I only listen to Bob? If you actually read through my comments properly both here and on the recent blog article you would know that Bob’s suggested line is very similar (nearly identical) to lines that I have been using for many months now. Lines that work. You are misrepresenting me when you accuse me of listening to Bob religiously.

    EDIT: I’m not saying the anti-white conspiracy theory line is bad – I’m saying it is not the best line we can use. As for the line spreading on sf and those other places, that’s a good thing, but certainly not a good measure of a line’s effectiveness.

    Benjamin Newells

    “White Privilege” isn’t a concept that should be taken seriously. It shouldn’t be dealt with with any kind of serious explanation. As soon as you do that you give it credibility. It is still somewhat effective but should only be done by a Douglas Murry who ONLY does it because he can’t say “White Genocide”.

    When anti-whites talk about “White privilege” they are not talking about a real thing. It’s one of their fairytale concepts just like “racism” and “diversity”. “Fighting White Privilege” is conceptually very similar to “racism” and “diversity”. “Racism” is a code word for a White person who opposes White Genocide. “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide. “Fighting White privilege” is a code word for White Genocide.

    Carloman, when you say that there is Black privilege in Black countries or Asian privilege in Asian countries, it is EXACTLY like saying there is “Black racism towards non-blacks in Black countries, Asian racism towards non-asians in Asian countries and that, because of this, White racism is justified against non-whites in White countries”. You would NEVER say that because you would be giving credibility to the word “racism” and that is not the argument the mantra makes. The mantra avoids giving credibility to the word “racist” at all costs. We need memes that avoid giving credibility to the anti-white meme “White privilege” and your memes do not do that.

    EDIT: What does everyone think about: “Fighting White Privilege is a code word for White Genocide”?


    I think that White Privilege is an anti-white meme and that it should be left alone, responding to it is basically rolling in their grey goo. You all are aware that in the Mantra, non-whites are called third-worlders, correct? So, with a little bit of mental elbow-grease we can work our way up to understanding that it is the white countries that are the first-world. Yes, non-whites want to get in, and they also want white women too, but does that mean I am going to let them have it? (Of course not)

    Think about the white privilege meme for just a moment, it is about white vs. non-white. Privileged vs. the un-privileged. But B.U.G.S. doesn’t want to have that conversation. It only helps to put pro-white vs. anti-white, and especially if that anti-white is a white anti-white traitor.

    If you’re talking to them, and they force White Privilege (which probably shouldn’t happen since anti-whites are weak and yellow), but if they do, then perhaps you should agree with it. Then ask the anti-white “Are you going to use that as a reason to bring in hundreds of millions of non-white third-worlders into ONLY the white countries, then FORCE us to blend and assimilate with them, wiping us out? That’s White Genocide. Are you sure? You don’t want to be an anti-white do you?” Returning a question with a question is good on the battlefield.

    Best regards,



    There’s lots you can take from the Mantra, for example any time an anti-white talks about a racial issue and says it’s something that white people need to fix, simply say “You’re talking about this RACE problem and you say it only exists in white countries, with white people. You’re not actually talking about a RACE problem, you are talking about the WHITE problem and you want a solution, a final solution to the WHITE problem. You’re not fooling anybody, you want White Genocide.” Then switch to your well practised points about how White Genocide happens and keep the anti-white hot with well placed insults. It’s sort of degrading talking to them in this manner, true, but you can always take a hot shower afterwards…



    @Benjamin: I’ve been going over in my mind whether we should say that White countries ought to have White Privilege, or reject the whole concept, just as we reject the concept “racism.” On the one hand, the word “privilege” is a perfectly valid concept, unlike “racism,” which was specifically invented to demonize White people. Under the law, citizens have certain privileges and immunities. In Japan, only the Japanese have those privileges and immunities. In a White country, only White people should have them. So I see nothing wrong with the concept as such. But if you think that is too much to explain to people, that it is too much of a distraction, then perhaps we shouldn’t use the term, even though, from a legal perspective, it is correct.

    So do you think I should stop saying, “No one complains about Japanese privilege in Japan,” etc.? That has always been one of my favorite comebacks. You are better at getting a feel for what works than I am.

    What do you think about, “It’s not a privilege; it’s our birthright”? I’ve used it a few times, but I can’t see what effect it has had.

    I like “Fighting White Privilege is a code word for White Genocide,” and also “Even if there is White privilege . . .”

    Benjamin Newells

    @ Carloman,

    I agree that each ethnic group or race should be privileged in their own countries, but I just don’t think using that term “privilege” is a good way to attack our opponents and I don’t think it’s good to take any stance on “privilege” in general. It puts us on the defensive too much. We would be defending something (“White privilege”) that most people think is a bad thing. The association between the fantasy word “privilege” and the real word “privilege” would be too strong. If you really wanted to you would need a different term to express the concept of “privilege”, of course. But I think we always need to be on the offensive, and not on the defensive any way.

    We need to always be on the offensive – starting out with a great mini-mantra and then any anti-white response is matched with manipulating what your opponent says to make them look bad. The mini-mantra does most of the work. An aggressive, rhetorical response is there to show the audience how sick the anti-whites are and they should never be treated with dignity. We need to be gritty. And I don’t think defending against the accusation of “denying White privilege” is any where near as effective as using those other lines. I think you should try those other lines out and see how you go.

    EDIT: My apologies if my thoughts seem to be all over the place.


    If you get a college type intellectual talking about white privilege, just for fun ask him,”what the hell is a White person?” I did it once, but he did not reply. It was fun, but probably not effective.

    I think that weather white privilege exists or not is beside the point. I personally believe it does exist. I also think that any decent society assures privilege for their posterity. That’s exactly why I completely avoid the question of “does it exist?”.

    The 2 things I have been trying have been a copy of “In your opinion im racist, you’re only saying that because I’m white…You only say there is white privilege to belittle White people. It feels a little weak, but I think the audience may relate. It doesn’t seem to meet bugster quality to me. Leads to a repetitive cycle of the other poster saying that it is real, and I say that you’re only saying that to belittle…you get the idea.

    #2 is something much more aggressive. I speak directly to the audience and write, “It does not matter how much effort or money is put toward equality, it will never be enough for non-Whites. They will not stop until White people are completely wiped out. White privilege is just one more way to justify Genocide of White people.

    I have limited experience with #2, but so far people completely give up the White privilege and start to deny the genocide, or start name calling. Does it work? I have no idea. I don’t really know how I’m supposed to gauge the effectiveness of it if it is geared toward the audience. I get a lot of thumbs ups on some posts and lots of thumbs down on the next. Most of the comment sections are removing down clicks.

    I feel like denying it exists leads to a big tailgaiting party of weather or not it is real; meanwhile genocide is happening right under our noses.

    Benjamin Newells

    Wrong jo3w. Wrong.

    You never make the focus on non-whites. It’s all about the anti-whites whether non-white or white.

    It’s just hit me that we have at least ten people here at bugs who actually don’t know what they are doing. They also tend to be the people who never regularly posted their links. And because they never posted their links, the better swarmers aren’t able to CORRECT them. Now these people have gotten into bad habits and think that what they are doing is correct when it is not.


    “Even if I WERE a Nazi or White Supremacist or if there IS White Privilege, how does that justify White Genocide?” – Bob

    Fred R

    The only difference between Joseph Goebbels and Mommy Professor is who they are targeting for “Privilege.”

    When an anti-White told me he wanted to “end White Privilege,” I asked him to “tell me about his Final Solution to this ‘Privilege’.”

    Everyone agrees that there is this “Privilege” problem.
    Everyone agrees that the Final Solution to “Privilege” is assimilating my race out of existence.
    The Netherlands and Belgium have as much “Privilege” as South Korea or Kuwait, but nobody says they’re going to solve this “Privilege” problem by flooding their countries with MASS third world immigration and assimilating them out of existence.
    What if I said there was this “Privilege” in South Korea and it could only be solved by assimilating MILLIONS of third worlders?
    How long would it take any sane Korean to realize that I’m not talking about “Privilege,” I’m talking about the Final Solution to the Korean problem.

    The Final Solution to the “Privilege” problem is White genocide.
    Ending the “Privilege” of my race is code talk for White genocide.


    @ BN. You know how we are constantly saying, “don’t suggest things, go try them”? It great advice, so it took it and thats what I’m doing here.

    I have been trying a slightly new introduction to my normal mantra posting due to an observation I have made recently. Specifically, I have observed people supporting the mantra because they are tired of POC not keeping their end of the “multicultural agreement”. It’s like they are more willing to accept the idea of genocide because non-Whites continue to complain about inequality (privilege).

    You know how we are constantly saying,”report back your results”? Also what I am doing here.

    I appreciate the feedback though. Im sure I can make the same point while changing the wording to focus more on anti-Whites.

    You are right that you haven’t seen me posting on the working thread. Most of my posts on the working thread were before you were here, and anymore 95% is just cut and paste from the mini mantra pro. The other 5% is having fun with new stuff, occasionally I will post that on the working thread. Im waiting for the pal talk working page. That would be a hoot!

    Benjamin Newells


    I probably overreacted and jumped to conclusions. Well try it. Maybe try “anti-white non-whites” as well.

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