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    Ice Knight

    Thanks folks for all of the suggestions over on the BUGSterwood thread, some great ideas in there so keep them coming!

    Most people seem to agree that animation is our best option, so I’ve been discussing with Patrickwhiterabbit and we’ve decided to have a go at producing an animated mini-series – Diversity University!

    It’s going to be a comedy based on the daily life and traumas of a group of anti-White students (…and the occasional enlightened pro-White!) as they worship at the church of Mommy Professor. We’re going to use Bob’s book Why Johnny Can’t Think as as inspiration and obviously weave in some Mantra magic to hopefully get some laughs!

    It looks like we will opt to go with Anime Debut for the animation software – it’s compatible with both Mac and PC, has a range of preset characters that can be modified, has automatic lip sync and only costs $49 USD for the full version vs about $500 for Adobe Flash. We’re currently trying the demo, but hopefully this will make it accessible financially if any BUGSters want to get involved.

    Ice Knight

    We’re looking to see if any BUGSters might want to get involved. We need voices for the characters (I think Miss Albion has very kindly already volunteered!), people that might be willing to help write scripts and people that might want to help with the animation.

    To get started we need to design 5 basic background sets if anyone has any artistic talent?

    Student Union Bar
    Living room
    Outdoor with some buildings

    We are also looking for anyone that wants to get involved in writing the scripts – possible episode ideas so far;

    – Enrollment day, place full of overseas students
    – Student Union Elections, with a significant amount of non White candidates
    – Social Sciences open day
    – Student Union organizing a march against a “nazi” march
    – Anti-White commie “explains” Marxism and his views for the future in the SU pub.
    – Hate Mime, some French students are doing “racist mimes” on campus so the SU tries to implement a “Hate Silence” law to combat it…Patrick’s idea…so ask him about that one! LOL 😉

    People that can do silly voices would also be most welcome!


    @Iceknight I can’t help you with the animation simply because I am limited in the technology (I am only 18)

    But I can help with some voice actinging, how can sendd you a voice sample? Record it and send it over to your email address? What recording device can I use, a skpe?

    LOL yes I know I have alot of questions.

    Ice Knight

    EWR – thanks for the offer that would be great! Patrickwhiterabbit is the sound guru amongst the BUGsters so he might hopefully show up later in this thread and give some better advice. But yes, if you are able to make a voice recording on your PC somehow and send it as a file by email that would be perfect. Any samples of voices you can do – normal voices, silly voices, different nationalities etc would be great as they might provide us with some inspiration for the characters we use.

    I’ve set up a new email account for the project;

    Look forward to hearing what you can come up with.


    I can help with brainstorming motifs and allegories.

    PS- I like the “hate mime” concept! That’s a gut buster! 😀

    Ice Knight

    Thanks Hex! Have never tried to do something like this before, but if you drop me an email at (probably best not to use your real identity) with an e-mail contact and we could hopefully get a small team together to work up and review scripts.

    Matt Groening your days are numbered…LOL!

    Fred R

    I sent you an email

    Ice Knight

    Thanks Fred, Hex. I’ve replied to your emails. I’ve also sent Johnnywhiterabbit an email, hopefully he might be able to come up with a little jingle for the intro.


    @electricwhiterabbit A largre diaphragm usb condensor mic is ideal for voice recording.
    They have a big sound. You can get one for around 50 dollars new on ebay.
    Search “Cad U37” “Behringer c1u”
    My wife has the CadU37 and its a great sounding mic 🙂

    Theres lots of free recording software. Look at “Audacity”

    Peter Cottontail

    Use a site like to share large files. Most email systems have size limitations on files.


    Lol I don’t think I can download any software, I use one of those crappy old computers that can barely handle anything. And right now I am broke, I used all my money on my high school graduation stuff such as yearbooks, cap and gowns for my walk and for some graduation parties 😉

    BUT what I will do tomorrow is try out my new voice recording app I have just downloaded onto my android phone, from there I will send it over to you guys to see if it’s good enough quality.

    Yes I want to become more involved with our movement because BUGS is now second nature to me.


    Best of luck to those on the project!

    Ice Knight

    Thanks ElectricWhiterabbit! Send over what you can for the time being that would be a great help! Once we have a clearer picture of what exactly we need, I’m sure we can come up with a solution to solve any technology issues.

    Ice Knight

    Message from Patrickwhiterabbit – BUGSters sound recording guru! He’s having problems posting to BUGS.

    Audio Recording Help (a little technical!)

    Johnny is right. Download yourself Audacity if you don’t have an audio editor. Make sure its recording as a 44.1khz wave at 16, 24 or 32 bit-should be by default.

    The REALLY important thing to check is your recording levels are not too loud and distorting. Please get into the habit of recording so the level meter shows -12dB when you are recording your loudest part-visually this will fill the meter by about 3/4. To do this select “start monitoring” from the drop down menu underneath the mic icon in the top middle of the screen, talk as loud as you will for your part and watch the meter move, get it to hit -12 at the loudest part. If its too loud turn down the mic input level on the slider to the right. See uploaded pic for more details.

    Regarding mics. Johnny’s recommendations are as good for what we want to do. There are other options though.

    1. Laptop mics can be useable but this depends on the brand. If you have a Macbook pro then the mic in those is pretty good. The problem is the mic is not directional and will pick up a lot of the sound of the room you are in. Try to record in the room that is the acoustically deadest space you have.

    2. Headset mics can be useable but they tend to have a problem with plosives (P sounds) keep this in mind when recording.

    Ice Knight

    Recording with your Smartphone:

    This is also an option. I would suggest getting the following apps:



    Again, make sure the level is not too loud-aim to fill no more than 3/4 of the level meter with your loudest part. Set the app to record at the highest quality and record as a wav if you have the option.

    The problem with a lot of Android phones is the mics have some sort of automatic level control, basically good for a phone call, bad for recording dialogue! Some apps have the option of changing the mic input source. In layman’s terms select the mic source that doesn’t make everything you say sound equally as loud (you should be able to tell this when you hear it!) You can do this on Samsung Galaxy phones and if i can remember correctly one of the mic inputs is very usable!

    You can purchase this mic for around £35 or about $50. Its a better option than the phone mic. Warning, when using this with Android don’t use the iRig recorder software, its a load of garbage! Use TapeMachine! Buy the full version, its great!

    These mics can also be used with some versions of the Macbook pro-check for compatibility

    But if you have the money to spend, then go for Johnny’s recommendations if you’re planning to record on your laptop.

    I see animations as the way forward for us so the more people who have some sort of recording system the better! £35 is not much to invest in the fight against White genocide!

    Henry Davenport

    @ iceknight: Could you have a place where the scripts, or ideas for scripts, could be viewed, and then myself and others could add to them as we get ideas, and then you can see what you can use?

    I wrote scripts for comedy skits when I was in the 6th grade…maybe some of that is still in me. Lol! 😀 But mercifully, I haven’t attended any of today’s schools, except for one brief and horrible experience.

    Ice Knight

    @HD drop me an email at (don’t use your real identity) and I’ll add you to the mailing list for the script writing – we have about 5 or 6 BUGSters that have offered to help with scripts so would love to have you onboard – especially if you have done some writing before. Probably a couple of weeks away before we get started as we’re playing about with the animation software at the moment trying to come up with some characters.

    Fred R

    I’ve scribbled down rough outlines for about three episodes and ideas for a few characters. If you’ve decided who the writers are, I’d like to email it to that group.

    Ice Knight

    Thanks Fred sound good, I will send you an email with and you can pass this on to people.


    I apologize for the late response.

    I’m afraid I am unable to make it. Good luck finding some talented BUGsers, I am sure a lot of them will be interested in taking part.


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