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FYI – The STOP White GeNOcide video is no more.

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    I had typed out a couple paragraphs (brief, actually, by my standards), but realized that even that brevity contained too much information. My hand was forced to take it down, essentially, as no samizdat options were available to keep it up. There are hostile elements that read BUGS, so unfortunately, I can’t say more than that. The claim was utter & complete horseshit. Everything… everything… in that video was original. My friend wrote the damn song.

    Anyhow, I won’t say more about it here. I apologize to those who currently have it linked to petitions. Obviously it will have to come down from WGP. I don’t want to even think about it for awhile, because I am livid. I put a fuck-of-a-lot into that video, and I wish I could have seen what it went on to do, where it would have ended up.

    I spent a few hours (literally) on the phone with my friend this morning, and we decided this was really the only option, given the circumstances (which I won’t go into).

    I can promise you that nobody is more disappointed, angry, and hurt than I myself am.

    Sorry, folks. I truly am. I gotta say this one hurts.


    Sorry to hear that Johnny. That is a shame.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Shame, but great work and it reached a lot of people!

    Keep up the pressure everyone!

    More videos coming soon soon soon 😉


    Johnny I know it sucks….but they can’t undo what is done, they can’t put the tooth paste back into the tube, they can’t close Pandoras box.

    The reaction that you received which forced you to take it down means that it is working.

    Good Job.

    Ice Knight

    Sad news Johnny and always frustrating when the anti-Whites manage to silence us, but the message will still live on. Quality videos like that don’t disappear, in fact a quick check on Youtube and I can still watch multiple other viral versions of it.

    I’ve had a similar experience with Johnny White Rabbit’s White GENOCIDE anthem – have had it pulled multiple times by Youtube when it reached about 30,000 views and have since given up re-posting it, but the BNP were still able to pick up a version of it and run with it on their website almost two years after it was made.

    Our message is growing and I’m sure it will continue to appear in the most unexpected of places.


    Tough break, J.M..

    It was good while it lasted…



    Coincidentally just after it was put up on the BNP website.

    Johnny, tell the BNP audience about the genocide facilitating anti-white censorship in their comment section:


    Hey Johnny;

    It was a great ride, and the vid awoke a little of whites.

    Good work.


    Peter Cottontail

    No biggie. There are copies and it was seen by plenty. Well done


    Neither here nor there, really, but I keep loose track of some of the video’s mirrors. YouTube took down this one:

    I believe that was the mirror put up by WCOTC that had at least 32,000 views as of last Saturday. A French version that had 1,200 to 1,500 views was also taken down. It says “by user”, kind of like mine, but I imagine there was pressure put on him:

    I’d have to think that was intentional. Anyhow, I’ll make sure it never disappears, and am going to re-upload it myself here soon after a couple of minor edits.


    Johnny Mantraseed please email me:


    FYI, the Stop White Genocide video is back up, with minor tweaks:

    Stop White Genocide

    I’d appreciate a view and a like. You’ve all seen it, so just let it play on a different tab while you do something else.

    Not a few mirrors have been taken down, so I thought it was important to have one that I control. I corrected certain things in my registration that will allow me to “officially” contest any b.s. claim.

    We also redid the beginning and ending frames, to avoid one that may have caused the mythical copyright issue (nothing to do with WRR, Horus actually pointed it out). We also put a “Part One” and “Part Two” in the body in an effort to entice people to finish watching, since the video lags at times, and I wish I had made it a bit shorter. More parts would be better, but the video naturally breaks down into two segments, and any other structure would be obviously “forced”.

    If you watch nothing else, check out the ending. I think it’s superior to the last one, referencing Lemkin and the 1948 Convention.

    I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

    All the best, brothers & sisters.


    Great job, Johnny. I like the new ending a lot.

    Ice Knight

    Told you it wouldn’t die Johnny!

    Top of the ratings again on Reddit – 600 comments so far!

    It also gets a review from some of our bagel loving friends in the video below 54:20 onwards. Interesting watching their facial expressions – they nearly choke on the word GENOCIDE! LOL

    Daniel Genseric

    Well done.

    Daniel Genseric

    My review of the Kosher Review of JohnnyMantraSeed’s video.

    You can definitely tell that a few of them were seeing it for the first time. Of those who were seeing it for the first time, their body language said, “This is bad for the “anti-racist” establishment. It makes me uncomfortable because it is true. And we are in trouble because it means our paychecks are GOING AWAY.”

    “Pyramids”? “Slave credits”? “Jews are whites too”?! You bastards are going to burn in hell because you are complicit in the genocide of an entire race of people of European descent. And you want to debate the pyramids and tell sarcastic jokes about southerners? Seems about right.

    Thanks for spreading our memes 9,624 times. That’s a small step in the right direction. Unfortunately, you’re still going to lose your paychecks – not so certain about the hell part yet.

    Ice Knight

    Yep, that is pretty much how I read it too Daniel.

    Just a very uncomfortable silence from them and the occasional sarcastic quip. They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to contest the main body of the argument. They’re screwed!


    Johnny’s video has landed right on the doorstep of Hollywood. It wouldn’t surprise me if the video gets quietly circulated through the industry.


    The jokes stopped when the girls recited the mantra.
    Jaws hit the floor and bowels let loose lol.
    They had NOTHING and I enjoyed watching these mother fuckers squirm.

    Benjamin Newells

    Johnny Mantraseed, are you Johnny White Rabbit? I’m listening to “Fuck the Anti-whites” at the moment 🙂
    The text at the end was a much needed addition.

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