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Genocide Awareness Webinars

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    “Echoes and Reflections” is holding a series of genocide awareness webinars. The next one is April 23.

    Registration was easy.

    I’ve never been to one and have no idea how it works.

    Will anyone else be there?

    Last time BUGSers crashed a webinar:


    There’s also going to be a conference at Rutgers where Dirk Moses will debunk his strawman of the white genocide argument April 27

    They’re being forced to address the charge of white genocide. Not white replacement. Not white erasure. Not crime or IQ stats. WHITE GENOCIDE.

    Sunlit I.

    I expect Dirk Moses to present White Genocide as something that has to do with violence in South Africa exclusively and to leave out other regions and non-violent aspects of this ongoing program. That’s what they usually do.


    Sorry I missed this one. Good find “eyes level”

    I also enjoyed the youtube you posted from 2014.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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