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    Daniel Genseric

    “I would like us all to share how we got to BUGS. Maybe there is some common pattern we can find to attract more high quality people. TOO and SF seem to be duds.” – Jason

    Daniel Genseric

    I was urged to discover Bob and BUGS by a mutual acquaintance of ours. They shall remain nameless. They had to invite me….TWICE.


    I found a link to White Rabbit radio and became an avid listener. He spoke a lot about this “Bob and Bugs” which made me curios, so I clicked on the link to Bugs and found this site.

    It was hard to understand mantra thinking at first, but I stuck with it and LOVE IT! I was stuck with that typical news&jews thinking and moving on to Bugs was like moving on to sliced bread.

    If I had found Horus’ site later on when he made most of his podcasts prescription-based, I probably wouldn’t be here. I feel he needs to remember that his website link is handed out to people as a recruitment tool. Most people who were curios like myself at that time wouldn’t pay for something we’ve never heard about before.

    J M C

    My story is pretty funny (I think.) I had this friend on Facebook, a halfrican woman that I’ve never met in person. She’s fairly prolific blogger and would post on ‘respectable conservative’ topics. Mind you, I’d never heard ANY BUGS , Mantra or White Rabbit terminology and so was pretty much on a steady diet of bread and water, not even knowing there was a smorgasbord in the next room…

    SO, What happened was when How White’s Took Over America came out, she somehow saw it and posted it. I am convinced she had NO IDEA what the meaning of it was. I clicked on the link, watched the vid and was dumbfounded. It was like being struck by lightning LOL!! I recognized IMMEDIATELY the subversiveness of the message.

    The link she posted somehow connected to White Rabbit Radio and I started poking around there. I learned about the Mantra, and about Bob’s street creds. THEN I started listening to the FTWR podcasts. I tried one of the ones listed at the top of the page (he has them listed in order from the bottom of the page going up,) I really did not understand what he was saying but I DID grasp that this was important information like NONE I had ever heard before in such a complete format.

    I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and listened to every single FTWR podcast in order over a period of weeks, sitting at my desk at work doing Accounts Payable. I cannot describe the sense of empowerment and encouragement they gave me. He was saying things that I KNEW instinctively but they had been buried deep in my consciousness by Mommy Professor.

    FTWR led me to start exploring BUGS and Beefcake’s Bootcamp.

    I should add this: I was ‘primed’ to receive the consistent message by current events at the time. It was during the height of the Saint Trayvon saga in the press. At the same time, people on facebook were also publishing local news reports from around the country on the rash of Black on White mob violence, White people attacked when leaving State Fairs, a story of two White journalists in Norfolk, VA(?) who were ambushed and attacked by a black mob, etc. etc., all of which got NO national media coverage while we were treated to close-ups of Saint Trayvon, the child martyr’s weeping mother’s tear stained face night after night. It was no longer possible to ignore or deny the glaring media double standard.

    J M C

    Oh, when I started getting on message in my facebook posts, my ‘respectable conservative’ halfrican facebook ‘friend’ called me a racist and deleted me. LOL!!!


    J Locke

    Found through HD’s posts in the 2011 Practical Politics thread on Stormfront. Thanks, HD.


    I think I got learned about BUGS from Jason’s posts on TOO though I am not entirely sure.  In any event, KMac’s work convinced me of the truth of the mantra.  But then I never would have found KMac but through Jared Taylor.  So that’s how I got here.


    After learning about Bezmenov/Frankfurt School, i was convinced that whites would need some type of method to inject normal thought back into the white masses. I wouldnt even know where to start to roll out this type of thing, so it just sat in the back of my mind. One day I was on youtube browsing some videos on race, then i saw a youtube comment that ended in “Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White”. I instantly knew what was going on and knew I needed to jump in… so i loaded up google to find the nest. I wasn’t really looking for it, it found me.


    BTW I really don’t understand why more people don’t realize that KMac and JT are pointing to BUGS.  Folks would rather just sit around there and preach to the choir rather than post the mantra.  I can’t figure it out for the life of me.


    BTW not that they are purposely pointing to BUGS.  I just mean to say that if you follow their work, the only logical thing to do is start posting the mantra.

    Secret Squirrel

    I saw a frustrated kid posting “Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White countries for everyone” repeatedly at an anti-immigration Facebook group. I didn’t know what he was doing and didn’t think much about it at all. I was “Awakened” à la David Duke back then.

    A year later, I found the full Mantra at White News Now and it hit me like a bomb. After that, I sought out White Rabbit Radio and BUGS.




    I found BUGS through TOO.

    Horus was mentioned and highlighted in an article that discussed his radio series and practical politics.

    TOO is good for a lot of things.  I don’t know why its criticized here so much.  It has a valuable purpose.

    It would have taken a lot longer to find BUGS without TOO.


    I was on a English nationalist site and came across a link to White Rabbit Radio.

    Peter Cottontail

    I listened to Stormfront Radio /New Orleans Conference in the early 2000’s and loved Bob’s podcasts. Been following the site since the pre-blog days.

    The Beef

    I was listening to Trucker Roy’s radio show from SF, and he had Horus on. I went to the page, started downloading and listened to all of them, probably 3 x each.

    He sounded DIFFERENT to all the pessimistic things I had heard before.

    This guy was coming from a confident CAN DO, position.

    I was in that “all is lost” crowd, simply listening to whatever I could to make sure I was not the only one who felt the same way.

    THEN when I realize there WAS something I could be doing it was a gigantic paradigm shift.

    I didn’t get into making a podcast series until after a chance call to the Don and Derek Black show. I was then contacted by

    The only reason I called D&DB show that day was I was bored after having been IP banned from so many websites.

    In banning me, they created me.


    I was browsing YT videos one day when bored and I came across the channel “savewhiterabbits” – I was curious so began listening to them.


    It was like nothing I had ever heard.


    That is what lead me to BUGS.

    Woad Warrior

    I was actively searching for somebody doing something about this problem in the back of my mind (I now have a name for it GENOCIDE). I looked at KKK and Aryan Nation but thought that was too taboo and violent to be accepted by the masses as a serious movement. Also they were an obvious target for the anti-whites as well as being demonized by the media disallowing any kind of real open conversation. I was about to throw my energy towards Infowars when a “this message is for you” pop-up appeared. I figured it was someone trying to get money, but clicked cause I was a curious rabbit.

    The pop-up led me to a blog called “stop chasing ghosts”. It told me Alex was a fraud. I thought great, a conspiracy about the conspiracy leader. I checked out their links, they made good arguments for who was behind it all rather than scare tactics with no plan except “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. One link was for white rabbit radio. So, I followed the white rabbit and he led me to B.U.G.S. I figured these are some smart people with a plan of action. Given Mr. Whittakers background, I reasoned he knows a thing or two about whats going on and how to do it right.

    That was a couple of weeks ago and now I am playing catch up on the podcasts from Horus and B.U.G.S.






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    Thanks for starting thread, Daniel.  I also found BUGS through TOO.  HD had made some posts earlier which primed me and then TOO ran an article on the Mantra with links to the White Rabbit show.

    I was impressed by the sheer confidence of Horus’s optimism.  There is a lot of pessimism in “White Nationalist” circles and/or apocalyptic thinking that is depressing – not conductive to real world action.  Horus made me feel like the world could be changed and that Bob’s approach was the answer.

    I did have to listen to White Rabbit and then Bob’s podcasts and go through Bob’s writings to be fully sold.   At first I had the nitpicking quibbles we all hear.  When I raised some of these concerns over at TOO, HD handled them with respect and patience. 


    I started looking for pro-hite organizations after the Treyvon event. Eventually I landed on AmRen. I quickly got tired of reading about the same old crap so i decided to become a message board vigilante. I routinely looked for information on youtube when I happened to run across a video called “how to save white people via the internet” There was a refrence to whitaker online. I wish I had goten here sooner. I would like to thank Bob for posting his thoughts and creating a site like this.

    Henry Davenport

    This is a thread to put a smile on a person’s face!

    jmcaul, I think “How Whites Took Over America” is one of our two superweapons (the other being Weirwood’s video with the young women) that could turn this whole thing around if we could find a delivery system for them.

    Two of our petitions this month and hereafter I hope will be devoted to those two videos…see this SF thread if interested…I would love the media to start discussing either one of THOSE two petitions!

    Did any other whites you know of watch the video, and if so, how did they react? I wonder if I’m expecting too much of it.


    I stumbled across Bugs in summer 2011 while surfing…I recognized it as the same site I’d stumbled across a year or several years previously but had made no sense of  then in a quick perusal (which is why I strongly suggested having our prominent link to our working page on every page of bugs…after I’m history, please don’t let that disappear)…but this time fortunately I ended up on the working thread, and was stunned and delighted to find people posting together in a group. (Oh. I suddenly realize for the first time that there was no working thread yet the first time I was here, most likely).

    I had no idea that they had a special method, but I’d been doing lonely posting in MSM for several years, wishing I had companions all the time, and after looking at what the folks here were posting, I said wow, these guys are GOOD! Since I figured I was pretty good too, I jumped right in and started posting with them, was gently informed after a few posts that they didn’t use the R-word,  and a few posts further was gently informed that they were working from a Mantra. I guess by that time I was so impressed that that word didn’t scare me off.

    That experience has made me a firm believer in getting anyone interested to just come here and jump right in as I did and learn on the job. I got fantastic and patient help, as I made the same mistakes over and over.


    J Locke, thanks, that’s very encouraging to know my posts on that thread reached you.

    We have such a hard time at the pro-White sites, as we struggle to find a way to post there that does some good and is bearable for us. That’s a separate topic that maybe I’m finally having some experience-based coherent thoughts on, that maybe I can post at Bugs and at this link in the weeks ahead:

    There’s an interesting comment at that link now by Jay Douglas on his using the Mantra in Australia.


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