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    Daniel Genseric

    HD wrote “Oh. I suddenly realize for the first time that there was no working thread yet the first time I was here, most likely.”

    Wow, that must have been a LONG time ago. There has been a working thread since 2008. Didn’t realize you were here even before me or Adelheim or LN. Also, who approves the comments over at whitegenocideprojectDOTcom?

    I find that “Anonymous” AMPW’s comments make it through while mine do not. Interesting. Who exactly is the person behind WGP? Is it Patrick? If so, then why is Patrick censoring BUGSters?

    And I’m not so certain it’s BUGSters who “have trouble posting at pro-white sites in a way that does some good” as you claim. I think THEY have trouble with us. But, then again, we don’t agree on A LOT, like shying away from silly “anti-racist” words like racist. Yet, you keep claiming we told you to never use it. You keep saying it, but it doesn’t make it true. Another interesting point seemingly incongruent with reality.

    Media Krig

    I found BUGS through some blogrolls at pro-White sites, and used to read for a long time, before I finally joined in.

    I had been posting the mantra quite a bit on some Norwegian fora, especially the genocide bit, when Breivik’s terror made the newspapers remove their fora. After this I didn’t post any mantra stuff for about a year, as I tried to explain to people that Breivik is what you get, when you suppress people. I still think this is true, but I understand that it is not a selling point to anybody else than those who already agree.

    I finally got myself new web-identities, started a blog, and became a member here.


    TOO => WRR => BUGS

    2011/12:  Someone in the TOO comments posted a link to and said the podcasts were a trip and recommended folks give them a listen.   Quickly downloaded Horus and kept hearing him talking about this “Bob” dude.  Gave “Bob” a google and landed here, downloaded his “The Untrained Eye” podcasts and have been hanging around ever since.

    – seapea



    Peter Cottontail

    It looks like TOO, Stormfront and Amren are working well for us. I don’t have the patience for any of those site so I shall continue using our terminology elsewhere. For those of you with the patience, keep at it!


    I have been a paid up member of TOO for years.

    A long time ago someone put a link to this site in the TOO comments.

    I used to read every TOO article, now I never read TOO, I just do BUGS (praise the Lord), and post 1000’s if mini mantra’s – mostly Genserics, they are really good.

    Henry Davenport

    “Yet, you keep claiming we told you to never use it. You keep saying it, but it doesn’t make it true.”


    When you get irritated, you think you have the right to say any goddamned thing you wish to people. GROW UP!!! You’re a goddamned child!

    None of your fucking business who approves comments at wgp. Grow into an adult and then adults will deal with you.

    Brian, please leave this up. I don’t want to carry this shit around inside of me.

    Genseric, the only thing I have to say to you from now on is, FUCK YOU. Expect to get that response from me if you address me about ANYthing.

    Henry Davenport

    I wrote above,

    “I…was gently informed after a few posts that they didn’t use the R-word,”

    That must have been based on this post to me in debate and style, page 8, 8/22/2011, by Dungeoneer:

    Harumphty Dumpty, we don’t want to be using the word racist on its own very much.

    Our goal is not to defend the word racism, it’s to show that “anti-racism” is just a code word for anti-white.

    If that was in fact the post I’m recalling, then I drew more prohibition from it than it offered.

    Perhaps I even owe you an apology, Genseric, and if so, you have it.

    But I’m clear on one thing. For a long time I’ve felt stress even coming to this site…that’s one reason I hang out at wgp so much…and the major part of that is that you’re here and I never know what unpleasantness you may spring on me. I don’t have this problem to a great degree with anyone else here, so while the problem is partly me, it’s not just me.

    If I’m going to maintain my equilibrium and contribute what I can here, I’ll do a lot better if you and I just simply don’t address each other. If I get off the mark in some matter, there’s plenty others here who can set me straight.

    I greatly respect your work here, and I have the same feeling for you that I have for all of my brothers and sisters “in arms” here. But it will be a lot better for me if we just observe each other from a distance and don’t interact.

    Henry Davenport

    (continued from last post). And if I over reacted and used language with you that you don’t deserve (and I think I did, and that you don’t), I apologize.

    Henry Davenport

    What happens, G, is that whenever I come here and loosen up a bit and just start expressing myself freely, there always ends up being something in what I say that you take issue with in an irritated way. I feel rage rising again just thinking about that. I have no damned freedom here as long as you’re here. So hell, I go over to wgp where I can be myself. Screw it.

    Henry Davenport

    G, I really do apologize for the language I used with you. I really do wish I had been able to not do that.

    I thought you were calling me a purposeful liar, but I can see now that you probably weren’t.


    Henry Davenport

    Hey, to any visitors here, or newbies, or whoever, horrified at my insane rage above and wondering if we (or at least one of us!) here are absolutely mad, forget it…it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans as far as both parties involved continuing to do what needs to be done and stepping around this ant hill as we continue our work.

    This site is about what we DO, and not about anything else! My apologies to readers and others also, but I simply have a low flash point and go over the top, and it happens once or twice a year. Don’t let it break up what was a great thread!

    I’m hoping to hear lots more stories of how people got here!



    We need you here HD.


    “I found a link to White Rabbit radio and became an avid listener. He spoke a lot about this “Bob and Bugs” which made me curios, so I clicked on the link to Bugs and found this site.

    It was hard to understand mantra thinking at first, but I stuck with it and LOVE IT! I was stuck with that typical news&jews thinking and moving on to Bugs was like moving on to sliced bread.

    If I had found Horus’ site later on when he made most of his podcasts prescription-based, I probably wouldn’t be here. I feel he needs to remember that his website link is handed out to people as a recruitment tool. Most people who were curios like myself at that time wouldn’t pay for something we’ve never heard about before.”




    I have been reading this thread and just wanted to comment.  The FTWR podcasts are still up and are always free. You can always link to that page.  They are as current now as ever before.   EndGAme Exotica simply carries on the conversation in regards to the News and AltNews from the Podacst.  And EEx is not for everyone.  But since we started selling digital media.  I have never regretted it.  We now have a small cash flow to keep us a float.

    Anything in regards to Practical Politics is always free.  And we have more podcasts planned along with more animations.



    There was some guy called whiterabbit or something like that on stormfront. He was talking about these podcasts. He made it sound interesting so i checked it out. I think there were about 10 podcasts when I first checked it out. Then I came here and have been visiting white rabbit radio and this site everyday. Suffice to say, it changed my world view. Plus it feels good to be on the offensive.

    Henry Davenport

    I’ll say this last thing and then say no more about it (unless Simon awaiting moderation above, or someone else, happens to comment such that I should respond).

    I’ve felt terrible about my outburst on this thread, terrible about it’s possible effect on Genseric, terrible about its effect on others, terrible about it’s apparently having halted what was a lovely thread. I apologize as deeply as I can to Genseric, and to everyone else here. It happened in part because of a medication I’d taken, which has resulted in the same thing occurring many other times when I was taking that medication regularly in past years, instead of just occasionally as now, but that’s only the smaller part of the cause; I’ve had a huge problem with extreme anger all my life. I believe this is only the second time it’s happened here at Bugs to such an extent, and I’ll try very hard to not let it happen again, since obviously it’s extremely disrespectful to everyone.


    Dont worry too much about it HD. I really like what you contribute to this site, it is good to see you here

    Henry Davenport

    @ mandela: Thanks. Such an outburst does rather undercut my efforts to have this be a more courteous site!

    I hope this thread will resume. Personal stories are so interesting, and Jason and the OP of this thread are right in thinking that these personal stories could possibly be very useful to us.


    Been a white nationalist for several years, but I hadn’t been aware of the mantra even though I had copied naziwhowantstokill6millionjews into my vocabulory on forums without actually being aware of where it came from. It is probably about 6 weeks ago that I took serious look at the mantra when Western Spring posted the mantra rap video. I’m currently digesting Follow the White Rabbits podcasts, in the meantime I’ve tried to post mantra content on mail online but it seems the anti-white moderators keep removing them.

    J M C

    HD, stop beating yourself up, you’re among friends 🙂


    H. Avenger, regarding paid subscriptions, I agree entirely that they should continue. FTWR has helped me understand SO much and as others have said here is so encouraging, I have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER supporting what you do financially  as a subscriber (I just ordered the black ladies undercover t-shirt and can’t wait for it to arrive, btw!)

    The content and scope of the podcasts are QUITE GENEROUS AND SUFFICIENT to arm those who might come alongside. I find <$10 month to be NOTHING when it comes to this war we are in (seriously??!!!) Let’s see: skip 1 Starbucks drink a week or fight White genocide, uhhhhh, no contest. The free content MORE than sells the subscription.

    J M C

    Oh and Beefcake, your ‘bootcamp’ has been REALLY instrumental in helping give me the courage to get out there and mantrafy the intertubes. I can’t claim any expertise in it but just knowing that I am smearing gray goo on the anti-Whites here and there (along with my clumsy tailgating, which I am working on…) gives me the courage to continue to try and sharpen my skills.

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 59 total)
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