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    @ Horus

    To be more specific: what I meant was put something like a big “Click here to play follow the White rabbit” banner that links directly to the podcast page and scrolls down (ask your web developer about using html Skippers) to the very first podcast. It may seem petty, but as a member of the internet generation we tend to have low attention spans 😛

    When it comes to pro-Whites, we tend to give out lots of usually irrelevant links that lead to something not that important, so my attention (and I assume others) is tested.

    Other than that the site is fabulous! Thanks very much for all your hard work and those that work on the site.

    J M C

    I 2nd Gar5’s comment regarding the navigation of the free podcasts at FTWR. Whenever I share a link to the podcast page with someone I’m introducing it to I always spell out to them that they must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and work they’re way up. If there is a way to rearrange the page so that the podcasts are listed from the top down in order I think there may be an increase in readership.

    I don’t think it’s really a factor of readers being lazy/unmotivated but the internet means that information is coming at us like water from a firehose. People can only process too much and it really needs to be served up right under their noses to make what’s known in the industry as an ‘impression.’


    I’ve thought about rolling all those FTWR and The Untrained Eye podcasts into a torrent for one nice easy download.   That would allow folks to skip the tedious individual downloads of each file.  If enough BUGSers are interested and would seed the torrent, I could get it started.

    J M C

    @Seapea, I will do what I can, if you provide instructions. I’ve never used torrent and I think others might need some tutoring too.


    The Beef

    Jmcaul, I’m glad you find the podcast helpful. You made my day!

    That was my desire for it to be a learning tool.

    At the end of the day, its about having good team members who put it to good use.


    Peter Cottontail

    seapea, go for it. I will seed.


    Great topic.

    I initially started seeing Mantra comments on YouTube and was intrigued since I had been posting my own ”onion skin” pro-White comments for a couple of years. I started to get on message but still didn’t understand completely. Started visiting BUGS and reading all of the great mini-Mantras. Peeling back the layers and peeking outside the dusty old cave is exciting.

    I kept seeing that White Rabbit image and link around SF, among posters whose writings I enjoyed. So I eventually listened to the whole FTWR podcast while working, exercising and driving …and loved it. I’ve since re-played several of the meatiest episodes.

    So here I am — proud to be amongst such fine people. Do we really understand how special this group is (*as long as we’re working hard*)?

    I think that SF has talent if we look for it, and I do recruit when I see quality. Hopefully we will be getting a few particular new folks whom I reckon would be valuable.

    Thanks again, Bob, Horus and ALL of BUGS.


    TOO and SF.   RobRoySimmons and Harumphty Dumpty I believe were the people mentioning “you gotta listen to the first four podcasts by Horus.”


    A pro-white friend sent a link to “hur man debatterar ner antirasister”. I loved it and started searching for more mantra stuff. A while later I saw the “how whites took over Amerika” threw a swedish nationalist web site. I thought during the vid that this is some great stuff until the end when I jumped at hearing “Im not anti indian, I’m anti-racist” and recalled the terminology. I then started searching for more on the creator. It led me to a swedish forum (predominantly pro-white) and I saw Nordoxen and a few others posting the mantra and liked it (even though it bothered me that I had never hear anyone actually saying the word “race-problem”). It eventually led me to follow the white rabbit. At first I didn’t se the podcast up so I had to listen to the first 10 on youtube until I finally realized I could download them and didn’t have to cary around my coumputer with headphones =)

    Took me a loot of lurking and listening before I finally got over the huge invisible barrier to get out of my apathy!

    Pakeha Rabbit

    Short version: Aryan wear – Whiterabbitradio – Here.

    Long version: I think like most when growing up I was sort of aware but not awake so to speak. Anyway jump ahead to my early 20’s (I am 29 now) looking for songs to download on Limewire as a dude from work told me about it, along with other music I was looking for such as rock, classical, metal, punk, country etc. I typed in Johnny Cash and one of the songs turned out to be a Johnny Rebel song witch someone had put Johnny Cash in the title. Anyway found the Johnny Reb song to be really funny looked for more, Which somehow linked to David Duke audio file from his first book much the same way Johnny Rebel was linked into Johnny Cash. From there I started to look more into the whole race thing on the internet (O man can some of the news and jews stuff really bring yall down). Never really sure of what I could do to help change anything, I mean ya read some of the crimes and stuff done to OUR folk and it just makes ya sad/anrgy but does not give you any idea of a vent to put that energy into CHANGING anything. After awhile whenever I brought anything I would always try to buy something made in a White country if it was option (of course New Zealand made first after all that is home). But clothing always seemed to be made in china so thought I would try online found Aryan Wear but their clothes are not made in a White country either 🙁 anyway I figured at least my money was going to a White company if I did get anything from them. I saw they had a music section in which I found  stickers saying WHITE RABBIT GENOCIDE and a CD so I wondered what kind of music they played googled the title of the CD and found the whiterabbitradio website. I started with the short podcasts at top before going into his longer podcast FTWR 1. I could tell right away that not only was Horus a LOT more up beat, but rather than doing the whole woe is me rubbish that all the stuff I had found before did pointing fingers saying it was the Blacks fault or the Jews fault Bla Bla Bla. He actually made me feel like there is something I can DO. So yeah fast forward a bit and now 90% of the time the t-shirts I wear is an undercover lover (I got a couple of each colour), I use mantra talking points everyday in person at work or anywhere else, and post the mantra online whenever I am not doing really long hours at work (cause then I use any spare time as extra sleep time). So I guess that sums up most of my story without going into every detail.

    Right must be time to post the mantra a few more times on YouTube, enough time should have past to get by the spam filter 🙂


    Cool thread idea!

    I’ve been involved in “white nationalism” for years using the failed old approaches. Sometime in 2010, I remember I was on and saw a link to the FTWR episode about how Bob used to battle the Anti-Whites on Stormfront, and a few words about how this was a great radio show episode. I had read a few books about memetics in years past, and even though I didn’t understand Mantra thinking, I saw there was something very important going on. Horus sounded so damn practical! Not to mention his charisma, optimism, etc. So I happily listened to the other FTWR’s and started to get it.

    I’ve never been much into Stormfront, and my main online forum of choice has been YouTube. So, I started practicing Mantra tactics against Anti-Whites in YT comment sections. Man, that was fun! I don’t remember many Mantra videos being on YouTube at the time, I think there was mainly just a video promoting FTWR merchandise. But, somehow PeteHappee and I ran into each other and starting chatting on YT. FTWR had of course led me to BUGS, and I started reading Bob’s blog posts. But, I remember being intimidated about joining. lol The Swarm area was still just called “General Comments”. I remember Lord Nelson and the other guys here seemed like some sort of elite task force (maybe not so far from the truth!). 😀 Maybe I didn’t quite realize what they were doing. It did seem sort of like gibberish at first, the purpose of the comments section wasn’t so spelled out as it is now. Then, I was afraid of screwing up and getting on everyone’s nerves because I was still new. But PeteHappee encouraged me to just join and report links of where I’d been battling it out with the Anti-Whites on YT.

    I’ve got to say, I was pretty depressed in those days before I found the Mantra. It indeed seemed like All Hope Was Lost. Not like we don’t still have a monumental task in front of us, but watching the Mantra approach grow and seeing the changes come about has been an amazing experience. So many times I find myself on a YouTube video, scrolling down to post a Mini, and find others have done so and gotten the thumbs up positions. Such a great feeling. lol I’m seeing the Mantra everywhere, with new names attached.

    In the old days, pro-white leaders were all such clowns! Thank the heavens that we have found some true leadership now. I can’t wait to see what happens next with all of this.


    Pakeha Rabbit can you let me know what reactions you have got from using the mantra talking points at work??


    I was thumbing around on my cell phone & happened to run across a ten minute podcast segment on youtube from WRR which eventually led me to the site then onto BUGS.


    @Simon Sorry for Off-topic but before I ever posted a mantra, but after I started listening to Horus I experimented with dropping mantra points, or minis if you will, into live conversations with girls of the main line neither anti- nor pro- white opinion. Generally they responded very well. I remember 1 time specifically:
    Australian girl: I was so glad our prime minister finally apologized to the Abos! Manny other Aussies didn’t like it though.
    Me: Well I can’t deny I have some sympathy for the poor Abos, loosing ones land and hawing your people eradicated is truly horrible. However I have a problem with such white guilt jippos. Thing is their always white appologizing to non-whites for what happened long ago. Can U imagine the Turkish community of Sweden go out taking on collective guilt for their PRESENT flooding/raping/welfare consuming? Or the Lebanons in Australia? Or…

    Australian girl: Hm, I never thought about it that way. That’s so true. It’s always us saying we’re sorry I’m getting sick of it!

    This actually works better on classic liberal student girls. And, judging from personal experience with the kind, WAY better than going on about arab on swedish crime and how the punishments are ridiculously lame. Especially on students (who personally arn’t usually in harms way but the target of speech-prohibition)

    Pakeha Rabbit

    Howdy Simon, To start with while I was still trying to get the hang of basic mantra thinking I was sticking printouts of the mantra on the work notice board (short version after being sent to the HR office (where they do the hire/fire/warnings etc) I am no longer allowed to put anything on the notice board) For awhile on my work gumboots on one I had “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White” and on the other I had “Down with pink rabbits” (but the boss of my department at the time (he was a White anti-White) did not like that so after a couple of months talking here and there ended up being givin new boots) they still have “follow the White rabbit” on them, maybe now we have a new boss (she is a Maori) my next pair I might try again) 😉 But as far as just talking goes when it is one on one or just a small group of Whites they normally get it right away but no matter how many times I write out or and give them to the folks that go yeah that is true none that I know of actually go on the net to check them out that also goes for the ones I show Bobs posts to on my phone they agree and say oh yeah I had not thought of it like that etc but I get nothing more. A amusing story though a while back I had two different Maoris come up to me and say “You know what, you are right whenever there is a tv show about Africa or Asia it is mostly Africans or Asians, yet all the shows set in White countries it is mostly everyone but Whites” But from some of the Maoris all I get is the normal “racist, nazi, pedo, you stole my land but thanks for bringing me your White women, bla bla bla etc.” But since I bring it up enough the good thing is quite often the subject of White genocide and anti-White comes up more and more before I even say anything. So I would call that a small step on the right path. Even though I have to work with a LOT of diversity so it does make it easy for the topic to come up often.

    Pakeha Rabbit

    Oh and as a post script to start out with I was also putting the stickers I got from aryanwear that said “white rabbit geNOcide” on my locker, but someone kept either ripping them off or drawing cocks on them. I kept replacing them for awhile but I had only brought the pack of 100 stickers so I had to stop once I had run out 🙁


    What kind of work do you do – office/factory?

    I’m impressed that you haven’t got sacked for your views. But I guess thats my own consensus trance/negative conditioning I need to break.


    Short Version:  SF -> FTWR -> BUGS

    Longer Version:  There was a thread in Stormfront’s Lounge that was titled something like, “Are you following the White Rabbit?”  That’s how I found FTWR.

    I think FTWR primarily got its hooks into me, not due to its insights into the nature of propaganda or influencing the masses, but due to the personality/persona of “Horus”, the optimistic, totally different nature of his take on things (compared to SF), and the usage of allegory via White Rabbits.

    I’m a very big fan of allegory.  When I first heard FTWR, I thought that the allegory, tied to the approach of keeping the moral high ground, had the potential to do for White and Normal people what C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe had accomplished.  Namely, giving a new “hearing” to certain ideas which the public had, by and large, already made up their minds on.  Granted, in the pro-White case, the public was heavily conditioned, whereas in the case of Christianity, it was more along the lines of having heard about it from the time they were children, to the point that they didn’t really “think” about the Gospel at all.

    In other words, I thought that “White Rabbits” had the potential to be the next “Aslan”.

    It took me many months of visiting BUGS on and off, though, before I really got “it” (if I even have “it” now).  I think people naturally want community, especially in a world where the majority of “real life” people we interact with are so virulently anti-White.  I think, at times, that works against BUGS, because people come here and see hardened propagandists, sharing links, and speaking in as few words as possible.  They know it isn’t a place for chit chat, community-building, “talking”, etc.  Now, I understand WHY BUGS does that, that is, to keep people on message, and to keep people working.

    I think my moment of insight came when I started comparing what BUGS was doing to some of the work in “internet apologetics” that I had done in my past.  While I am a rather lukewarm Christian at the moment, with very serious problems with the Scriptures and Christian theology in general, I used to be a fiery, theological, apologetical machine, intent on going to seminary.

    I would join forums and (if I do say so myself…) eviscerate opposing positions, drawing on church history, Greek and Hebrew words (having actually studied them in college), an exhaustive knowledge of the Scriptures (I know it sounds arrogant, but it’s about the only thing I ever was fully competent at in life, LOL).  I could be pithy, but I would often write a lot, packed with information and line-by-line argumentation.  I was really good at it.

    And after like four years on one particular forum, I realize that I had made no difference at all.  For instance, certain people liked to attribute a lot of Christian doctrine to Paul, and deny that it was in the Synoptics.  I would prove time and again that many doctrines thought of as “Pauline” were also in the Synoptic Gospels, almost irrefutably, and, four years later, when nobody was even able to debate me on that forum, people were STILL claiming this and that was Pauline doctrine, and not in the Synoptics.

    Too much detail, I know.  Point being, I REALIZED that the “MEME” of “Pauline this and that” was FAR MORE POWERFUL than any ARGUMENT to the contrary for the MAJORITY of people.

    It was a light bulb moment.  Then “the masses are asses” took on neon Day Glo clarity in my mind, as I realized that most peoples’ whole frames of thought and worldview DO NOT come from any “process of reasoning”.  It comes from what they hear, over and over again.

    Connecting what BUGS was doing to my prior past in apologetics was the key for me to realize how crucial BUGS was.  That is, SF and TOO are the “apologists” who will write 5,200 page “racial realist” essays that NOBODY WILL EVER, EVER, EVER READ.  It doesn’t matter if you are RIGHT if NOBODY READS WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY and YOU MAKE NO IMPACT.

    5,200 pages of flawlessly argued material about crime stats, j00$, and genetics are usually UTTERLY trumped by “We all bleed red”.

    That is the realization that COUNTS, and that’s the realization that SF doesn’t have.

    As an aside, I would have to credit YouTube videos to the “2nd tier” of impact, immediately below Horus’ charisma.  Johnnywhiterabbit’s music (and the accompanying videos) were very impactful.  Genseric’s videos, the videos reading the Mantra, etc.  All of it helped to create the idea of a “movement” and a FORCE of propaganda.  I’m starting to type this message more quickly, as I have to leave soon, so it will probably seem tangential from here on out.

    But when I was already convinced of it, BOOM, How whites took over America, BOOM, Beefcake’s Bootcamp (forget the exact order), BOOM Diversity Comes to Africa, etc.  How could anyone NOT see that BUGS was the best pro-White propaganda, if not the really ONLY pro-White propaganda, going?!?

    In one of Horus’ podcasts, he said something to the effect of looking for the next Aristotle or Plato.  In that respect, I think EVERY video helps…  no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential…  because while any individual one might not be earth-shattering, when you find that ONE RABBIT that starts clicking on related videos, the plethora of YT videos out there will create a “tapestry” in his mind, and BUGS will start to seem like a multi-colored, multi-faceted juggernaut of propaganda, firing shoots and tendrils out in every direction.

    Anyway, glad to be here, and I have been posting here and there, but usually assisting, and not as much as I should (took me about two full weeks to feel back to normal after getting the flu).

    All the best!

    Pakeha Rabbit

    Good day Simon, My job is at a chicken processing factory I work in the hanging bay, hanging the live birds all day, which means I have to work with a team of muslims since our factory does that halal rubbish . I think the reason I get away with what I do, does come in part from how long I have worked there and my reliability I have, so because of my work eithic it does not give them a chance to fire me for the small stuff, such as the odd time listening to a mp3 player while working on the line etc. Also the way I see it they cannot really fire anyone for just saying that the genocide of OUR race is immoral.

    The other thing that might help is the small department that I work in (only maybe a couple of dozen of us) if your take offence easy or anything like that you would not last more than a week, even when we are joking around the way we talk to each other is not down in the gutter it would be a few floors lower than that 🙂 So since we don’t tend to get “regular” folk most of what we say does not reach management level. Otherwise they would have to fire the whole department for all our different views. So that might help the guys I work with accept my views, maybe.


    Also it is worth saying again the way I see it they cannot really fire anyone for just saying that the genocide of OUR race is immoral.

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