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"How to DEFEAT the RACISTS Trolls/Spammers!"

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    This is entertaining stuff!  Anti-white “analyzing” bugs. hilarious! Listen to his “ultimate tactic” to “shut us up”. LOL

    This is a good sign, they are becoming very demoralized.



    The Beef

    His voice sounds familiar.

    I believe he is an Evil Genius.

    Lets all pray his Mantra destroying tactic does not spread to all the Anti-Whites.



    Nice work….Beefcake… lol


    LOL. He is full out using OUR terminology. I read some of his responses expecting it to be a bugser with the standard “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white” thrown at the end but I was squite surprised when I finished and realized those reponses were BY the anti-white. LOL. That is the perfect example of our technique in action. I’m going to post this in swarmfront to try to show the AMPW what we are aiming for. I can’t do it right this minute though.

    LOL I still can’t believe how thoroughly mantrafied he is. LOL


    yes beefy I am & I’m glad someone started this thread.. if this doesnt make your night nothing will.. take a look @ his timeline on twitter LMFAO –>@IndianaAntifa


    I tweeted him the link to the video & he thinks its the greatest thing since sliced bread.. he thinks its so good that the creator should e-mail him 😀 .. whats even more hilarious is I dont think he took much time to actually look at my account.


    Lol read this

    “Not according to my HISTORY Professors.

    They taught me that ONLY Whites have had power and privilage, and therefor ALL and ONLY Whites are inherently Racist.

    I say Whites ARE the bad guys, and that there is something genetically evil about them that made them take power and privilage from the other races.

    This can be undone through interbreeding them with enough Non-Whites to destroy their selfish genetics.

    The Anti-Whites are the HEROS

    Treason to White people is loyalty to HUMANITY!”

    Comment from the uploader of the video and he has plenty more anti-White hate messages calling all Whites “evil…LOOL^^This dumb anti-White really does prove our point, you don’t need to comment on the video, just let him advertise us and prove our points.



    Oh is it beefcake trolling? Well done if so xD


    LOL brillaint. Bravo, really >;3

    Woad Warrior

    He is blocking all comments that make any relevant points anyway. I told him “Thanks for the plug and he didn’t mention that noone is flooding Africa with non-africans” and it didn’t post. He said he would leave the full mantra and articles II and III on his channel tho.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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