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It's ok to be White

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    I noticed this meme seems to be exploding over the last day or so.

    While it doesn’t use our terms, it is racial, and anyone is objects can SO EASILY be labeled anti-white.

    We should definitely hop on this to show more people to call our enemy anti-white.

    Ice Knight

    Yes it is a clever meme, from a BUGS perspective it highlights the contradiction and very clearly exposes anti-Whites. Given the hysterical anti-White overreaction in the media…IT WORKS!

    Wuntz Moore


    Yes,it’s an immediately effective meme, for the reasons White&Normal and Ice Knight have stated, but I disagree that we should hop on it. It has plenty of action from other folk who far outnumber us, and we should employ our own small numbers in spreading our own memes, which are memes for the long term.

    As Bob said, when things get too easy, be wary, so let’s compare “It’s okay to be white” with its stronger cousin, our own “White self-hatred is SICK!!!

    “It’s okay to be white” has the advantage that “anyone who objects can SO EASILY be labeled anti-white,” whereas “White self-hatred is SICK!!!” can, like ALL of our memes, strike an audience as overstating the case. Our memes, all of them, are long-term memes that require long periods of being normalized before they don’t sound over the top to most of our white audience. “White Genocide” is still too over the top for most pro-Whites to get behind. It hasn’t yet sunken into their bones that White Genocide is real, and it hasn’t yet sunk into their bones that White self-hatred is SICK, and if I’m wrong and it has sunk it, then they still can’t tolerate being laughed at while they hammer those statements long enough that they sink into the white audience.

    Imagine if the Black movement of the 1960s had begun with “It’s okay to be Black.” Even with today’s overlay of irony to almost everything that’s said by younger pro-whites, there is something sniveling about that statement. Are pro-whites at demos going to chant, “It’s okay…to be…White”? Well, possibly I’m not sufficiently in touch with the irony of it all, but that seems absurd to me.

    Things that work in the short run can unfortunately take root and be serious impediments in the long run. Twenty years from now we don’t want whites shuffling around saying “It’s okay to be white.”

    My two cents, and even if I’m wrong, let’s stick to our own material, since it’s all delayed-fuse dynamite and there are so few of us!

    Wuntz Moore

    “We should definitely hop on this to show more people to call our enemy anti-white.”

    I’ve been willing to retweet popular tweets that have that meme in order to append our own memes.

    Retweeting that meme at all may seem to contradict what I wrote above, and I guess it does somewhat, but back when Trump appeared I decided to try to use what was blowing up in the public arena to spread our memes, even though that contaminates them a little. So I’m trying to understand what’s happening now with the new energetic white movement and use it when possible, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that, and I think that decision needs to be examined and considered at every step. Just my take.

    Also, I’ve reevaluated the attitude I had in my BUGS article about C’ville a few weeks back…I think having a collegial feeling toward the rest of the white movement will be most likely to result in the movement using our memes a bit more. I’m not even 100% certain that will be a good thing, but I think it will be.

    I apologize for having written so much.

    Wuntz Moore

    I should have researched what was going on before I commented, and then thought longer and commented shorter. Apologies.

    I see “ItsOkayToBeWhite” is doing great work activating people, and it can also be used by us. Like Trump’s momentum.

    If I haven’t already destroyed the thread, can we brainstorm? (Or has the moment already passed for this meme?)

    Here’s my suggestions for tweets:

    #Imagine if #ItsOkayToBeWhite were true. #Whitepeople wouldn’t be chased down by #diversity.

    #Imagine if #ItsOkayToBeWhite were true. There’d be no #WhiteGenocide.

    #Imagine if #ItsOkayToBeWhite were true. #Therapists wouldn’t need to tell their #white patients, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!”


    I think it’s hilarious. The message writes itself.

    People see the anti-whites objecting to “It’s Okay to be White” and the first response is “So… it’s not okay to be white?”

    Unfortunately they will then say something along the lines of “They are the REAL Racists.”

    I’ve been using this though;

    If #ItsOkaytobeWhite then why are ALL and ONLY White people chased down with Diversity? It’s #WhiteGenocide. “Anti-Racist” is a codeword for #AntiWhite.

    Ice Knight

    Wuntz, yes I agree our own memes should remain our primary focus, as we’ve already demonstrated their massive long term potential. However, anywhere large numbers of eyeballs are pointing is always a good place to piggyback and spread our memes.

    I think it was Horus that pointed it out, but I also very much agree. One his main criticisms of the wider alt-Right is their desire to continually create new memes, but then a lack of discipline in making sure they penetrate the wider population before moving on to the next flavor of the month.

    BUGS was built on strict discipline and thousands of hours of work repeating a very small number of highly refined memes. Lack that discipline and they will lack any real effectiveness.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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