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January 2013 Posting Performance

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    Ok guys, I decided to tabulate how many mantra-postings the whole bugster community has made for the month of January 2013. My methodoly was simple: count the number of web links posted on where did you post the mantra today for the month of January. If someone claimed multiple postings but did not provide the links I put him down as a single post. I also made a list of the names of people who posted and counted them up.

    Remember this is the number of posts Bugsters bothered to report.

    January 2013 –
    Total Number of Mantra Postings: 2,110
    Average Number of Postings Per Day: 68
    Total Number of Bugsters Active: 47

    I will post February 2013 results in the next few days.


    Very interesting.  I know I dramatically under-reported my YouTube posts and I suspect others did as well.


    Everybody should report what they post it only takes 2 seconds to copy and paste a weblink into an excel document and then copy and paste the list when you turn in for a day. That way we can see how our movement is progressing.

    Ice Knight

    Simon, there was some debate about posting links and a few months ago we had a total blackout as the anti-Whites were following us around and flagging our posts.

    My guess is that we only see about 5-10% of what is actually being posted out there as actual links on BUGS.  It’s certainly true of myself as I’m pretty bad for reporting.  I think we also have BUGSters out there posting that are not even registered with BUGS.

    Considering the target was always 300 BUGSters, but we hover around 50-100 on BUGS, we seem to be achieving massive coverage.  Almost any race related item I click on these days is already plastered with the Mantra!





Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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