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MASSIVE new track from JohnnyWhiterabbit! Anti-Whites Gotta GO!

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    Ice Knight

    Hi Everyone, here is the MASSIVE  new BUGS track from the internet sensation that is Johnnywhiterabbit!  🙂

    Anti-Whites Gotta GO!

    This was a collaboration between Johnnywhiterabbit and Patrickwhiterabbit on the song and Alpharabbit did the video.

    It’s a real catchy one this, so let’s hope we can make it as big as ‘The Anthem – Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White’ from 2012 which has been uploaded to Youtube and different blogs hundreds of times and at my best guess has reached around a quarter of a million views – even with heavy censorship from Youtube.






    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    This comment is HILARIOUS:

    “Damn is that really a song? I’m white, don’t get me wrong….but holy shit if that doesn’t sound like a spoof of that song they play on the Burger King commercials “I’ll stop the world and melt with you”.

    All its missing is some humming along to the beat and to be featured on a BK commercial and then profit”

    DUH!! That’s EXACTLY what we are doing here. We’re not making mantra music for people to stroke their beads to, we’re spreading a message, it SHOULD sound like the music used in multimillion dollar advertising campaigns–they use that stuff for a reason!

    PS-Can someone post this on the bodybuilding forum? It gets lots of views but I am IP banned after i started a massive thread for the Black Men Discuss White Genocide video.

    The tactic is to post it as a “WTF is this?!” kind of way 😉


    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Hysterical comment from a poster over at

    Seems to be complaining the song is too much like multimillion dollar advertising–DUH! That’s exactly what it is meant to be like.




    We have a rule on White Rabbit Radio.  The video has to have 3k views to be considered.  From time to time, we break that rule.  And we just did so for Johnny White Rabbit.  Johnny usually sends us his new tunes.  But apparently he was holding out a gem.  I don’t recall getting this in the inbox.  The video is  well done.

    Great tune….a catchy diddy

    Should be interesting to see if Tim Wise tries to have the video taken down for using his image.  He is a public figure on CNN etc.  But the AntiWhites always cry and whine over everything BUGS.  They always run to BIG Brother and try to get stuff taken down.
    They are going to be immortalized for what they really are…..PINK RABBITS.  Whether they like it or not.

    You rabbits get your keyboards ready. Green Goddess is work’n for us.  A Big surprise is coming in on time.


    Lightning is getting ready to strike.  I will say no more.

    Ice Knight

    Many thanks Horus, always great to get an endorsement from one of the commanders in chief of the White rabbits! 🙂

    My fault for not sending it over to you, we’ve only had it finalised and up on Youtube in the past few hours and Johnny is most likely fast asleep  in his rabbit hole as it’s the middle of the night in Australia!

    Yes we’ll have to see if Tim Wise comes a calling.  It was automatically banned in France within the first hour of being uploaded, so they’re certainly running scared of our message!

    Looking forward to seeing what the Green Goddess brings…hopefully the anti-racist Hitler video…have been looking forward to that one for a long long time!





    The grinning has commenced and the linen is dropped.


    Catchy tune, like it

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Anti-Whites are being HILARIOUS on this, their only comments  have been along the lines that the song sounds like something they have heard in advert or in a movie. DUH ant-Whites–that’s the point!  Of course, next time we’ll make a 27 minute Progressive Rock epic to put across the same message. DUH

    Anti-Whites are only saying this because they know that 1 minute pop songs are the sonic equivalent of a short sword.

    The want us making 27 minute Stats and facts compositions

    Ain’t happening.


    JWR Strikes again!!!! Im sure old Timmy’s frothing at the mouth over this one.

    First Tube11100

    Haha! The anti-White, Mr. Timothy Wise, looks so evil and creepy. Wouldn’t want to have to look at myself in the mirror if I was that fellow!


    Whoever put up that video on Youtube take note.


    although you could do is you love dot com’s



    Awesome track boys, that ditty is sonic gold. Quick, on point and catchy.

    Ice Knight

    Thanks for spotting it Horus, now fixed 🙂

    First Tube11100

    Your video release has a lot potential. Thank you for all the work that went into that.



    What happened and do you think it could happen to the “MrJohnnyWhiteRabbit” account as well?

    Ice Knight

    JPOutlook – Jootube finally pulled my channel! “Hate speech” against a “protected group”! LOL Very telling however that White children are not on Youtube’s list of protected groups!

    Shame, I lost this song, a copy of Johnnywhiterabbits anthem with 27000 views and a few other Mantra videos. I’m sure they will do the same to the “MrJohnnyWhiteRabbit” account at some point aswell, they pulled Johnny’s channel before.

    Looks like the only way of keeping videos up is to restrict comments, might have to do that in future and have a separate account for posting mini-mantras.



    It seems that youtube is only interested in pulling down channels because of comments on pro-White videos, have you seen the comments on other random youtube videos? Youtube doesn’t seem to pull their videos down.


    You are correct Iceknight.. we’re just a “social construct”.
    So are we now using a new link to the video to gain back some numbers on a view count? If so which one? I know there are mirrors of it floating around..


    Heres the link to that song on my channel and its also embedded on

    Im creating a 2 new channels for when they play their hate speech card.
    We got the Ace up our sleeve 😀

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