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My first use of the mantra on a non friendly page/site

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    Mike M

    So as i’m fairly knew to it, I’d like to have the opinion of the older members. What did you think of what I did. Did I tailgate ? Hijack ? Did I make some mistakes ?

    NOn bugser pro white “Disrespect for tradition, dogmatic brainwashing, Marxist fapfest.”

    Antiwhite 1 : Teaching kids to love and accept all races and people is brainwashing? Sure dude. Sounds like a rightie thing to say.

    Antiwhite 2 what tradition? the only tradition native to australia is indigenous tradition- and that tradition is disrespected by our current government.

    Non bugser pro white dude Humans inherently like familiarity.

    This video proves it…

    Antiwhite 1 : Yeah, they used fire so efficiently they didn’t have the out of control fires we have now. We need to learn from them. They managed the country for 60,000 years. They were and are not dumb. They’re wise, yet we do not ask. A lot of earlier farmers did ask though, as they realised they needed their advice. Nice of them to give advice to those who’d taken their land. Pretty forgiving.

    Me : People say there is this RACE problem and this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries. They say the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites. It’s really just the final solution to the White problem. It’s genocide. They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

    Non bugser pro white dude : Are you talking about aborigines? Well if so, that’s flagrant bullshit…

    Aborigines, in their hunter gatherer nomadic ways never stayed in one place permanently, that’s why it didn’t matter if fire ravaged the land… They would simply move to the next area.

    White men, in their orderly, technologically advanced, COMPLEX STATE SOCIETY had problems with fire as their settlements were permanent – it’s that simple.

    That 60,000 is absolutely absurd. I mean, aboriginal culture archeologists cant even agree on a figure, 5 years ago it was 40,000 years, ten years before that it was 13,000 years, fifty years prior to that it was 70,000… We aren’t talking a few years here and there, we’re talking about ridiculously long time periods – and nobody can tell us shit.

    And it’s pretty simple, unless you have some sort of subsistence farming society, permanent settlement, or organized state society – then you have nothing. People who move across a land don’t own the land, they traversed the land.

    The same way the Russian Empire didn’t own from Konigsburg to Nome. Not until state society reached all areas would it be classed as occupied.

    Random dude : Antiwhite1 I think there are significantly divergent scientific opinions on the deforestation of large areas due to those fires

    Prowhite dude And how about the fact that the greens forbid backburning? Thats whats causing devastation.

    Me : antiwhite1 and antiwhite2 are white anti-white. They advocate for the genocide of their own people.

    Anti-white 2 : Yeah, Simon actually has that on his CV: “advocates the genocide of his own people”, right underneath “team player”.

    Me : Yeah, and judging by your anwser “advocating for white genocide” should be just under “Denying white genocide by making fun of the idea”.

    Antiwhite 2 : lol

    Me: Tell me then antiwhite 2, are you really blind to the white genocide or are you getting paid to deny it ?

    Antiwhite2 If there is a white genocide conspiracy, then who’s behind it? White people? what’s their aim? and how could you possibly counter it? NB will disclose here and now that no, I’m not getting paid.

    Antiwhite3 : suppose a white person came from a black person?.. I think 6 million years of evolution could tell us a story about that transition, as vitamin D gets stored in my skin at a faster rate because of its lack of melanocytes, I remember the generations of white skinned and fair haired scandinavians and celts before me, and then a bit further back somewhere a mutation and then further back a tribe of black haired cave men with ape like faces and there I am, even if it was a few hundred thousand years, maybe the face of humanity is always changing, and without change we wouldn’t evolve?

    Me : “If there is a white genocide conspiracy, then who’s behind it? White people?” Open up your eyes, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s just in front of you. Antiwhite did this. Anti WHITE people come in a in a lot of different types, hence they’re foremost anti-white.

    It’s the anti-Whites who decided that whites countries should be a “melting pot”. I didn’t. My people didn’t – there was no public voting on this. So why do they have the moral authority to flood my people with millions of immigrants, then force assimilate these people into my people until my people become minorities in their own home? It is Genocide as defined in International Law by the United Nations, in the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. They are deliberately inflicting on the white race conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole.

    Me: Meg . The out of Africa theory has been debunked already.

    But let’s say it’s true and that we’ve all evolved into different people from the same stem. What you are basically saying is : it’s no big deal if white people do not exist in the future since we all come from the same australopithecus in the beginning.

    But nodoby tells the Tibetans that it’s no big deal if they don’t exist in 100 years because we all come from the same australopithecus. Sorry to crash your bubble but you’re advocating for white genocide.

    Me So let me ask you a question. Are you going to be happy when there will be no more white people on earth ? Becase that’s what you’re promoting, knowingly or not : white genocide.

    Ice Knight

    Looks like a pretty good exchange to me Mike M – nothing really jumps out at me as obvious tail gaiting – you always define your opposition as anti-White and always bring the point back to White GENOCIDE which are the two key elements.

    I sometimes use Bugs Buddy, but I also use a Microsoft Word document for swarming so that I can collect a list of my favorite responses, particularly if I see another BUGSter come up with a great response.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mike M

    Thanks for your feedback. As I’m new I’m really afraid to make mistakes :).

    What do you mean by “I sometimes use Bugs Buddy” ?


    ‘Bugs Buddy’ is a kind of aide-memoire containing Bugs ‘greatest hits’
    Here’s the link

    You can also find it at the top right of the screen under the heading ‘From the Commentators’, which is beneath ‘Introduction to Bob’
    Something I did when I was new was to create a ‘word doc.’ and cut and paste good responses you find for future reference.


    Mike bugs budy is not only great in a pinch but after using it, it actually teaches you and you will have a far better understanding in ur head as to what exactly is happening…not saying you don’t now but you will see it from Soooooooooooo many different angles.


    @ Mike M

    You did a great job in that swarm. The only thing I would do differently is add at the end of each reply, “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

    Great work, Mike M. 🙂


    And just remember, the aim is to make points, not really to “win arguments”. That is where that Bugs Buddy comes in so handy. You are really just using the other person as a prop to push our memes.

    Mike M

    Thanks guys for the answers. I really want to learn fast in order to help our people out. The people from the thread did not responded but an antiwhite came and resorted to name calling. He told me I’m a wimp. Guess that means I won right ? What do you guys say in that case ?

    “Carmel Charlie Attard : I have no time for extreme Right wing Fascists like Andrew Bolt and whimps the like of Frère De Bataille Mikaelus”

    “ME : Carmel. Who’s the wimp ? The one who comes in adverse territory and engage anti white people although outnumbered or the white anti-white who plays at home with all his buddy around him? I know the answer already.
    You should stop hiding behind insults, and start facing reality like a man. ”

    And then I went one with one of the lines of bugsbuddy about white privilege :).


    It’s always good to point out to the audience reading that the anti-Whites just rely on name calling and personal insults to avoid the issue of White Genocide.

    Don’t take their insults personally (not always easy). Their lack of self-control can be your ally! You will never win them over. But you will make it obvious to the reader they have been defeated.

    Mike M

    Thanks for your reply Jason. Has anyone in bugs ever convinced people while posting mantra ? Because yesterday I was speaking with a friend of mine and I didn’t convince him. I did stated that genocide does not need to be violent etc, but he was still dubious because he didn’t feel the threat. I was easily convinced by the mantra because I’ve been knowing for more than 10 years that something’s stinking in white countries. But the others ?


    @ Mike M

    Once when I was posting on a Black Sabbath video I had a 15 year old boy who was in total agreement with us. I could tell from his writing that he was not a Bugster and probably not involved with anything else Pro-White either.

    As silly as it may seem at times, people are nervous about publishing anything Pro-White for the public to see. But they’re usually more than happy to give our posts thumbs up/likes. Before I was banned from Fox News’s site I had a 99% positive feedback. The Negative feedback was from liberal trolls who like to get on the conservative’s nerves.


    Of course, “Mike M” we convince ourselves and each other all the time. I also knew that there was something wrong in white countries before I got to work posting the Mantra. There is a lot of concern about MASSIVE immigration even if people haven’t thought through to what is the final result of it, ie. White Genocide.

    Best regards,


    Mike M

    Thanks for the replies guys 🙂


    Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes can open up great discoveries.
    As far as “Who is responsible?” goes, any anti-White who supports the anti-White agenda is responsible. Either one is pro-White, or they are pro-White-genocide.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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