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New Anti-White Tactic on Youtube?

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    I see it not as a real question but a way to further dictate and control the language and keep them on the defensive.

    If they respond to the question, their answer will be nothing but denial, the conversation will still be White Genocide.

    It is a sort of mocking / ridicule of the Anti-whites.

    I see it as playing the anti-whites, getting inside their head.

    Now Bob will smack us for theorising too much rather than having our butts in the trenches.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Cleric: I was leaning your way, and you’ve convinced me. Your second paragraph, and last sentence, I think should be our conclusion (I’ve edited slightly):

    “If we don’t refer to this terrorism as carried out by some ‘brand’ or ‘type’ of terrorist, but instead as carried out by Anti-Whites, that tars all Anti-Whites with the same brush. It associates the 15 year old on youtube preaching our GENOCIDE with the Anti-Whites carrying out the GENOCIDE through violence.”

    “I like the idea of making Anti-White the most extreme form of vile curse used in society.”

    Wonderfully said!

    But I hate to try to put any kind of damper on Genseric! Lol!

    I wish I could have seen your knock-out bout with “Native Support.” I don’t suppose you made a copy that could be put on the “conversations with anti-Whites” thread?

    Henry Davenport

    @ OldBlighty: “Which anti-White group do you belong to?”

    That’s exquisite!! Yes!

    Uh, if I may:

    “Which White GeNOcide promoting group, do you belong to anti-White?”

    No, your first way is a LOT better, to my ear. The first way has a matter of factness that presumes that the existence of anti-white groups is not only well known, but that the typical reader is even familiar with the differences between them! Lol! To most readers it will be somewhat a mockery, but a mockery that makes the point that it’s actually a truth.

    To my ear the phrase “White Genocide promoting group” has too much of accusation in it, rather than matter of fact presumption of an accepted fact.

    Similarly, Cody:

    “Is there a speficic Anti-white group you belong to?”

    Of course there is! Instead, just ask him which one! 🙂

    IMO your reply to Genseric states perfectly our hope in using OldBlighty’s phrase.

    Henry Davenport

    In the response I just made to Cleric, I didn’t make completely clear that Cleric is recommending we do NOT use the phrase “anti-White terrorist,” for the reasons he states and which I quoted (and agree with).

    Henry Davenport

    How about,

    “Which anti-White group that promotes White Genocide do you belong to?” (or, “…donate to?”)


    Yes, it is a matter of race, Just ask the anti-whites if they wold accept it if America limited it immigrants to whites. Fell free to cite the Chinese Exclusion Act that was passed when those Irish and Poles were pouring in..


    “Who’s brainwashing you anti-Whites to be pro-genocide of my race?”


    “Tell us why you anti-Whites think White children should not have a future?”


    “A lot of people say anti-racist is just a codeword you hide behind to be anti-White. Why do you think many people agree that you anti-Whites fight for the genocide of my people?”

    Henry Davenport

    @ Bob: I’ll do that.

    I’m wondering if some use could be made of the fact that Japan contorted its laws to allow Peru’s President Alberto Fujimori, who was of Japanese ancestry, to seek refuge in Japan and be declared a Japanese citizen when Peru brought severe charges against him.

    I remember how odd that seemed to me when it happened, because I wasn’t yet thinking so racially.


    @Harumphty Dumpty

    Yes if you remember all the hoop-la that is about the Italian Murder Case in Italy, of the American citizen girl and the Somali drug dealer with the college student, remember OJ and his murder trial, and look at how the trail of the Virgina Tech murderer was attempted to be tried in a Korean court.

    People are very very very tribal, we need to remember to remember that. Now, we can also exploit it as well to raise white geNOcide awareness.

    Like making people realize that when you harm a white family, it is considered that the Muslim black riots in London this summer and then all the fuss over the tram video. It’s a form of ethnic and tribal warfare whites have been put under.

    Peter Whiterabbit

    Cleric’s post is spot on as always. Anti-White is what we need to use over and over and over. Adding extremist or terrorist takes away from anti-White. When Anti-White has the word recognition of anti-semite, then maybe we can add other terms.

    Responding to anti-whites privately is a waste of valuable time. If our audience doesn’t hear or read it, don’t bother.

    Daniel Genseric

    @good Ole’ Blighty

    “Which White GeNOcide promoting group, do you belong to anti-White?”

    For what it’s worth, I would NOT touch that with a ten foot Mommy Professor-approved pole if I were an anti-White. Good work. As if you needed to ask. But, I did learn something from what you wrote. Thank you.

    Daniel Genseric


    “But I hate to try to put any kind of damper on Genseric! Lol!”

    Aw. Don’t worry about that whatsoever. Bob has stepped on my unit so hard on numerous occasions that I hardly feel the ‘march time march’ anymore. The cadence is what usually alerts me to its further disfigurement.

    “I wish I could have seen your knock-out bout with ‘Native Support.’ I don’t suppose you made a copy that could be put on the “conversations with anti-Whites” thread?”


    Daniel Genseric

    As with many things, this could be just another instance of the big picture going right over my head. But, I digress.

    If you are going to ask an ANTI-WHITE a question point blank, then why would you NOT ask him about White genocide?

    “Which anti-White group do you belong to?”


    “Which pro (White) genocide outfit do you work with?” In my mind, the anti-White part is a forgone conclusion at this point. You help the audience make a leap by asking the latter in lieu of the former, depending on how you lead into and phrase it.


    I have been calling them Genocidists and Ethnocidists, but framed in the context, “to be anti-White is to be a Genocidist/terrorist/extremist”. Another great catchphrase is to say anti-whites are unhinged, uneducated, unwashed and unnatural”, which carries connotations of insanity, ignorance, dirtiness and abnormal. They don’t like that one!

    Ice Knight

    Like that one Lamb “anti-whites are unhinged, uneducated, unwashed and unnatural” shall be using it!

    The whole “Genocidist/terrorist/extremist” is a bit more controversial, lot of differing opinion amongst BUGSters about whether this dilutes our core message.

Viewing 15 posts - 21 through 35 (of 35 total)
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