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New video – What we love but anti-whites hate

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    Like the title says. A video to promote bugs and the terminology, as well as our heritage and the facebook page ‘This is Europa’, which is also used to spread the mantra. Enjoy.


    Please can you regulate the comments, we are trying to promote ourselves the Mantra way, some of those comments look terribly hateful which can scare away any potential BUGsers. Thanks


    Freedom of speech. Besides top comments are mantra oriented anyways so don’t see the problem.


    Unfortunately, Youtube does not support freedom of speech.

    I remember Horus saying that because they let all comments into the comments section on their video, “How Whites took over America”, was taken down by Youtube. Apparently, as a video uploader, it’s your responsibility to not allow “hate speech”. Of course we all know what that means.

    So if you get a video which is very popular, remember that it could be taken off of youtube on that technicality.


    I’ll remove very extreme comments if I stumble across any. But if youtube wants to remove a video they will do it, no matter reason so that doesn’t really matter. They COULD shut down my video for copyright issues blabla too. Or “hate speech”. Like always.

    Anyways just wanted to share my latest video and hope some of you enjoyed it. More to come.


    HELL that was good. Thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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