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Open letter to leaders

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    On behalf of the National Front we would like to warn one or two leaders that their complicity in pushing White Genocide must stop as it is a crime.

    Our Race Relations Conciliator and Prime minister need to be given a warning for a start.

    If anyone has a good paragraph or two that could word this, we would like to know.


    Is National Front in the UK?

    Well, I would tread lightly. I believe Bob warned against sounding scary. We had someone a few years ago who used to tell anti-Whites online that their IP addresses would be found later and their might be tribunals, etc. etc.

    It was the absolutely wrong thing to say. So, I am not sure what direction you are going in, but please remember not to lose the moral high ground, which is the most important thing in the public mind.

    Not saying you were, but just a friendly reminder for all of us. 🙂

    Daniel Genseric

    Front National is a French outfit.

    Mandela, do they have twitter accounts? If so, can you please provide me with the addresses and instances of their offense(s)?



    Jason – National Front is in New Zealand.
    I did a short audio with the National Front in July this year.

    Mandela – To get the attention of Raw Story back in March, I sent a pretty charging email. You might find it useful.
    “Remember, We are charging the anti-White system with criminal charges, We are not having a theoretical debate. You either can assist or lay complicit in your silence.”
    Raw Story Article –


    Thank you everyone, This is very useful. There are perhaps 100 pro White people I have worked with in NZ, and the Mantra is getting very strong amongst us. One guy I met has had to have counselling because of his fear of White genocide.


    We did well with an “anti-Whitism” complaint we made against a company this year. The Human Rights Commission believed we would be able to claim compensation from the company.

    However a second government dept. got involved in the end and ruled that we were pushing neo nazi ideology that was responsible for mass racial extermination and global conflict. Therefore, we were not eligible for human rights.


    I understand the need for counseling. It’s too much to handle at times.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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