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    Henry Davenport

    STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Terminology and Memes

    This article at WGP may be helpful to link sometimes.

    I created it to give readers at SF some quick notion of what we do.

    Henry Davenport

    I don’t see comments at SF trashing the idea of White Genocide now, as we used to. Apparently we’ve won that battle there.

    So at SF I describe the terminology aspect of what we do, letting White Genocide appear to new readers there as a settled issue, which seems to be pretty much the case there so far as I see.

    I also make the point that while posters there think in terms of building a movement, we are doing something very different at BUGS:

    We work on shifting the mainstream Zeitgeist in the pro-White direction by hammering terms like “anti-white” and “White Genocide” into the mainstream.

    Most pro-Whites are trying to pick off some members of the big White herd and knock ’em dead with the facts, all the facts (or at least what they consider to be all the facts), while we work at turning the whole herd and heading it in our direction.



    As you know I think this is a very important idea. We are working to change the WHOLE WHITE WORLD, and make new things possible. Most pro-Whites (and God knows “white nationalists”) are trying to advance some very specific agenda; some specific political party.

    Which just happens to have their face on it!

    We are changing the total environment. They are just trying to work within whatever the current framework is.

    Like someone said, they are surfing waves, we are MAKING waves.


    HD: “the big White herd”. Haha! I’ve been busy shooting at the enemy, so I thought I’d take a respite & write a report about what I’ve seen.

    I’ve noticed that anti-whites reply to a mini-mantra that has ‘ALL & ONLY White countries’ in it w/ “America isn’t a white country”. So I’ve started to call them on it:

    Why are you avoiding the ‘ALL & ONLY White countries’ part of my comment? And if the U.S. wasn’t a White country, then the 3rd world wouldn’t be pouring into it, would it now?

    Of course no anti-white has even attempted to answer my questions, the only replies I’ve gotten is the typical name calling, changing the subject, or responding to one part of my mini-mantra – typically trying to refute that ARIACWFAW. So I’ve called them on the fact they are deliberately ignoring the point of my comment that there’s an ongoing program of White genocide, & then I proceed to the prove that ARIACWFAW; which the anti-white typically provides me the material to do so in his very comment.

    Regarding the thoughtless repetition of mommy professor’s genocide justification: “America belongs to the Indians”, I’ve very often used:

    All nations existing today got where they are living by invading someone else, but nobody uses that as an excuse to justify their genocide, unless they are White.

    I think it’s one of the best memes. Only once has an anti-white responded by questioning who the Nigerians took Nigeria from. I just said the Nigerians invaded other African tribes & named the land they conquered Nigeria. “Race doesn’t matter”, right?

    The only very slight criticism I have w/ said meme is that it might be a little complicated for the average reader; but it’s so good it’s worth hammering over & over again just like ARIACWFAW, until it sinks in.

    I’ve also used like I’m sure many others: How does forcing ALL & ONLY White countries to “assimilate” w/ a global herd of 3rd worlders help the Indians? The anti-white answer is – crickets.

    This one I feel is very easy for any reader to grasp: What is your obligation as a person who claims he is living on stolen land? 1) To denounce other thieves, or 2) To get the HELL off of the land & return it to the people you claim it was stolen from?

    I’ve gotten one impish reply from an arrogant anti-white who then went scurrying off w/ his tail between his legs: “I’m not even white bruh, the part of Texas I live in used to be a part of Mexico.”

    I’ve added this a couple times: No Indian would be happier than White children if you anti-whites got the HELL off of this land ASAP!

    Regarding the ‘chasing down’ meme, including its modifications: I get the very distinct feeling that anti-whites have remained silent not b/c it’s not hurting them, but b/c this meme is hurting them very badly. During the countless times I’ve used it, I’ve only gotten two responses; both said “whites chased down blacks & made them slaves”. Obviously, this is very weak & doesn’t deny the point we make, so I never gave it any thought; I just said You are not denying genocide, you are justifying it.

    I feel the anti-whites reaction (or lack there of) to the ‘chasing down’ meme is similar to their reaction to when I make the point of FORCED integration. E.g. mini-mantra #11 on pg 3 of the mini-mantra tab really strikes the nerve of anti-whites I’ve noticed; maybe they actually realize they support a tyrannical & genocidal establishment, & can’t come to terms with that – after all, FORCED integration is the law.

    If integration isn’t FORCED, why is a Whites-only anything illegal? Freedom of association includes the freedom NOT to associate. An anti-white replied “a Black only and Asian only anything is illegal too.” I said: So your justification for FORCED integration & “assimilation” & 3rd world immigration for ALL & ONLY White countries is that the non-whites being allowed to pour into ALL & ONLY White countries are being FORCED to “assimilate” too? I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out that the anti-white only fortified my point.

    Anti-white said “segregation is oppression” and “you support forced segregation”. I said: Not being allowed to go where you’re not invited is not “forced segregation” nor “oppression”. Forced segregation is forcibly busing innocent White children into Black neighborhood schools. Oppression is FORCING White people to integrate & “assimilate” w/ a global herd of 3rd worlders. Keep in mind that this was under a mini-mantra where I already made the point of White genocide & therefore the audience more than likely saw the mini-mantra at the top; still, you can see how it can go off the rails into talking about pro-genocidal laws & policies & forgetting that you’re talking about genocide.

    I’ve gotten this reply from anti-whites often: “you need to travel”. LOL!

    Even if I don’t travel, how does that justify White genocide?

    Sometimes, I’ll add (to add insult to injury, at least this is how I see it), I’ll say: Monkeys have traveled to outer space, does that make them more knowledgeable about outer space than the scientists on the ground? And/or Which 3rd world country do you suggest I go live in for the rest of my life that you think is going to convince me to justify the ongoing program of White genocide?

    I’ve used this recently under certain articles: Why is the U.S. a 1st world super power? B/c Whites have been building her for centuries & she still possesses the largest White population of any country on earth? Or b/c of “magic words”? This is used of course w/i a mini-mantra that points out White genocide; I feel it provides an extra kick in the teeth to the anti-whites, in the right situation.

    My mini-mantras & meme-replies are getting much more support then in the past (even though I’m basically saying the same things), especially under political, race, & crime articles. I’m getting more ‘likes’ than ‘dislikes’, even supporting comments; & I’m seeing what I can safely assume to be non-Bugsers (since I haven’t linked the articles & it’s not our memes) talk about the ongoing “ethnic cleansing of White people” and saying there should be “reserves for Whites” and things of that nature that I never used to see before.

    Keeping in mind the memes above that I’ve used are always within mini-mantras whose main point is White genocide or they’re replies to anti-whites who’ve replied to an initial mini-mantra that I’ve posted. And keeping in mind that the majority of mini-mantras I post have AFAAFAWCFE or AFAAFADFWC, & ARIACWFAW &/or DIACWFWG, & the ‘chasing down’ meme. And keeping in mind that I don’t carry on conversations with anti-whites other than one or two replies, if at all. – Where above have I erred?

    I know this long, which is often a sign of laziness, but obviously this isn’t an article; it’s a report on many months of shooting, being shot at, & shooting back again.


    Scy, do you ever get “no one is chasing me down”?


    When a anti-White replies to my posts with a “karmas a bitch” “Your own people brought this on themselves” I usually reply with a “Yep, you’re right. Nothings dumber than a White self hating anti-White”


    @JL, an anti-white has said that to me in person with a smirk on his face. From what I recall, I sternly told him to ‘cut the bullshit, you know what I’m talking about, if Whites aren’t being chased down, how do you explain White flight?‘ He didn’t answer, but his facial expression changed to serious. It was not an environment where I could keep asking the question, but there were other people there who’ll never unhear that & some of the other points I made about White genocide. I did alright. Have you replied to that, or was the mini-mantra you had already planted enough to defuse any replies on its own?


    Some of the best things to say are questions. Keep up the pressure on the anti-whites and, especially, keep the heat on them. Short is often better, but I’m open to hearing better questions that don’t allow the anti-white to regain his footing…

    Try these:

    “Are you pro-white or anti-white?”

    “Why are you so anti-white?”

    Second one often gets people saying “I’m not anti-white” and the first one usually gets people stalling and refusing to answer wherein the pro-white can say things like, “I’m pro-black, I want to see black people survive into the future, I’m pro-Asian or pro-yellow, I want to see them survive. It’s not hard to be pro-something, so why aren’t you? Why aren’t you pro-white?”

    The idea is to keep the pressure on them.


    Good one, E.W.R… The phrases that talk about about “white anti-whites” are especially good because they pull people into the world-view that B.U.G.S. has. White vs. anti-white. People often think that anti-white means non-white so that, right there, is something that they can think about, process and digest when they have a moment to do so…

    Best regards,


    time for freedom

    In repsonse to anti-Whites who say: “Nobody is chasing me down, I reply:

    That’s because you’ve already been caught by the anti-White establishemt and brainwashed to be virulently anti-White; AND NOW YOU’VE BEEN SENT TO CHASE DOWN AND RECAPTURE WHITE PEOPLE AND OUR KIDS

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