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    Here’s a random musing:

    Let’s say I told a bunch of liberals that I was for keeping abortion legal, but only for black women.

    What race would they say I was discriminating against?


    I am surviving these days by substitute teaching. While babysitting a 5th grade class yesterday a Mantra revelation came to me. Teachers will fight tooth and nail for integrated schools because they all fear being assigned an all black class. The first unwritten and unspoken rule of classroom management is separate the Black kids from one another. If your entire class is Black you are screwed.


    “….At the same time I was 16 and on the honor roll at the local community college. In my studies I happened across a book on the Bolshevik Revolution. I was visibly upset with what I found when I asked my professor why I had never heard of the 60 million Christians killed, only the 6 million Jews by the Nazi’s. He gave me some bullshit answer – and I saw right through it. He also told me, “That is not what we are studying. You must write your essay on something else.” Well, I continued to study it anyways….”

    A heck of a story c-bear. Reminded me of college. Day one, in one school, was assigned every major communist book (including Das Capital, 3 volumes). Also, “The Frankfurt School Reader,” and so on. Gramsci, etc.

    Well, this had nothing to do with what I was paying for, lol. So, went to the teacher, and asked why we had to read the stuff. Some other people wanted to know, too, and I said I’d go find out. But he didn’t answer, just asked WHERE I WAS FROM, lol. Then he bored me stiff for about an hour on the evils of the Bible Belt, like he was born-and-bred on Deliverance or Mandingo, with no other exposures or influences (he was really New York Provincial.)

    The whole thing just whetted some students’ appetites for studying the left, new left, deconstruction, etc, etc., just b/c was just so bizarre and ironical— really dumb writing, on top of Big City Provincial teachers priding themselves on world views they got from pop movies or an annual trip to France.

    My favorite leftist writer from school was Louis Althusser. The one who strangled his wife. Fearing for the career of this illustrious great man, the other feminist teachers heisted him away to an insane asylum so he would not be punished for this crime of lady killing. He was on a lot of shrink drugs, from what I recall. And he even he said nothing he wrote really made sense— he just couldn’t think clearly.

    In classes, people really struggled with his work— but some students eventually said they “a light bulb had gone off and they got it.” No doubt, they would have saved him from jail, too, b/c he was so illustrious a scholar.

    Last I looked, it’s those students are still teaching in that very school to this day. If they haven’t gotten the tenure jobs, they are hanging on, and staying in the good fight for the great career, by working between numerous schools as adjuncts and so on.


    Should add that —at the time— a whiny nasal harangue about the evils of the Bible Belt, (delivered by the teacher) seemed a complete non-sequitor as a response to a question about why the class was reading about the “Great Men and Great Events” in communism.

    Other than the atheism aspect, why would the “left wing” degrade the Bible Belt, and also why would they degrade the (supposed) proletariat and so on.

    It made absolutely no sense.

    So, asked the teacher this question. And in a complete non-sequitor (to me at this time) he started frothing at the mouth about stupid redneck proletariats.

    And— YOU DO NOT ASK, “um… why are only some proletariats good but not others,” lol.


    Oh— another funny thing about him. He clearly did not like me much. But I took most of his classes. And he always gave me A+. LOL.

    Liberals do that a lot. In psychology, it’s called Reaction Formation, I think.

    They are SUPER NICE to people they hate, lol. (They can’t stand how immoral they feel at not liking the person, since that makes them “bad,” so then they are super nice, since that is telling them they are a long-suffering good person.)


    Since I seem to be getting a number of people in forums who are telling me that they do not understand who “White People” are, I came across this Lexicon and decided to add to it.

    Racist = White person

    Hate Group = White group

    Hate Site = White site

    Hate Crime = A crime committed against someone who isn’t White

    White People = A group of people who should hate themselves, because they are guilty of unspeakable crimes, and need to just accept their fate, and realize that Multiculturalism is making the whole world brown, and will eventually breed them out of existence.

    Non White People = The whole rest of the world that has been victimized by evil White people.

    Colonialism (Evil) = White man moving to non-White country

    Multiculturalism (Good) = It browns White people, and destroys their culture.

    Affirmative Action = Special rights and privileges for everyone except White People

    Welfare = Money and food for people down on their luck, but any White man who applies for it is a lazy bum.

    Civil Rights = Rights for people who aren’t white.

    White Nationalism = EvilHitlerWhoWantsToKillSixMillionJews

    Black Nationalism = A forum for Civil Rights leaders to discuss the oppression of their race.

    La Raza Radio Network = A radio network that openly operates in the U.S., and promotes Mexican invasion of the U.S., claiming that Mexicans are a superior alien race and have the right to conquer.

    White Radio Network = Something that would probably be illegal, and immediately shut down for being a threat to national security.

    The Tea Party = Evil, because it’s too white

    Liberalism = Compassion, because it hates the Tea Party, for being too white

    Illegal immigration = Good, because only evil White people would object to this, and they are the only people in the world who draw borders on a map. All the other good people of the world would never conceive of this.

    Legal immigration = Mostly evil White Europeans who immigrated to the U.S. and killed the Indians and took their land.

    National Association for the advancement of Colored People = An association that spends millions of dollars in an effort to help out people who aren’t white.

    National Association for the advancement of White People = Something that would be highly controversial, and probably illegal.


    In my college history class, I learned that the national socialists killed ten million people, and that the international socialists killed twenty million people.

    The official lesson I was supposed to learn from this – printed in the textbook – is that nationalism is dangerous.


    This is one of the few documentaries that I’ve seen on Nazi Germany that doesn’t have the stupid ZOG narrative, telling you how evil Hitler and the German people were. Its not filled with select scenes trying to portray the Germans as frantic and hypnotized. It doesn’t have the dark creepy background music. Interesting how when you removed all that BS, the Germans look genuinely happy. The men in uniforms are smiling and mingling with the people. The people look healthy and content. The speeches are articulate, and the speakers look like intelligent leaders speaking to the people. The people also look genuinely interested. Germany looks a lot more like a united, and proud nation, than we in the U.S. did, when we were supposedly united in the so called “historic act” of electing the token Nignog, who spent 20 years in a church that advocates hatred of the White people who built the country.

    C Bear

    About 15 years ago I began frequenting a local pub. This pub’s patrons were almost exclusively White conservatives. I enjoyed their company, and they laughed at my racist jokes. One day a fairly large negro came walking in, and the place went silent. Almost immediately these neo-cons turned on me – they actually called me out. Me not being the type to cower irritated the dumb negro who began to get loud and obnoxious. The bartender told me “I already told you once not to be coming around here.” This coming from the fellow who, just seconds ago, was friendly. Really, I was blindsided by the whole thing. I learned a valuable life lesson about neo-cons: They are not on our side, or anybody’s side for that matter.


    I updated and added to my Lexicon starting with “The National Association for the Advancement of White People”

    National Association for the Advancement of White People = Something that was once considered too controversial to be legal, so it was declared illegal. It was rekindled, but the same so called “anti-racists” are still trying to have it declared illegal.

    The N Word = A word, that in many places, you cannot say, or you will be arrested.

    Cracker = A derogatory word applied to White people. Other such words include: Honky, Whitey, White Bread, White Devil, Gringo, and a host of other degrading terms that are in no way illegal, and are actually encouraged by so called “anti-racists” news commentators.

    White Violence = A violent act committed by a White person

    Non-White Violence = Something that only happens because of the existence of evil oppressive White people.

    White Trash = Uneducated stupid lazy poor White people, that should get a job.

    Occupationally Challenged = An out of work member of a legally protected minority class, who has the right by law, to displace a White worker from his/her job, and deserves preferential treatment over White people, in the hiring process.

    School Grants for Minorities = Private, Federal, or State money available for the education of people who are not white.

    School Grants for Whites = Are you kidding? That’s racist!

    Federal Jobs for Minorities = U.S, Federal jobs for everyone except White people

    Federal jobs for Whites = LOL

    State jobs for Minorities = State jobs for everyone except White people.

    State jobs for Whites = We’ve been over this, so don’t even think about it!

    Too bad I can’t fit that all into a YouTube comment, because I think I made my point that Anti-racism is a code word for Anti-white.:)


    @ Kingsnake In my college history class, I learned that the national socialists killed ten million people, and that the international socialists killed twenty million people.

    One of my experiences was I had a college Critical Thinking class, and we were reviewing logical fallacies. I started picking apart Israel, saying that the Jews are accused of all the same crimes as Hitler, and that at least the Nazis argued their innocence at the Nuremberg trials. The Jews only make Ad Hominem attacks, because their whole argument consists of nothing more than screaming “anti-Semite” at anyone who demands they be held accountable for their crimes. Needless to say, you could hear a pin drop in the class room. The teacher told me that although he liked my argument, in some settings, one needs to keep things under his hat.:)


    @ c-bear, I’ve had a few similar experiences myself with people like that turning on me, and I got thrown out of more pubs than I can remember, because they didn’t like what I was saying:)


    “I like multiculturalism because I get to see all the exotic cultures without traveling all over the world to their different countries. I can eat at a Chinese restaurant and then go see a Jamaican steel drum band all in one city.”

    “I like the zoo because I get to see all the exotic animals without traveling all over the world to their native habitats. I can watch the chimpanzees eat bananas and then go see the Giraffes run around all in one place.”

    Zoos might be a nice place to visit but don’t force me to live in one.


    Hey guys, I just wanted to make a quick post reminding you all that if you get INBOX mails from youtube with Anti-whites trying to beat you down, DO NOT REPLY TO THEM. simply continue your argument on the video or website.

    From 1 swarm less than a week ago I had 25 emails with constant threats of violence and telling me the usual “Naziwhowantstokillsizmilllionjews”

    Daniel Genseric


    I too have encountered this phenomenon. But, not to that degree. If you get a YT mail from someone not on your friends list, I suggest you ignore it. I received a veiled death threat less than 72 hours ago. That is alright with me though because I am set to deal with almost anything that comes my way. Needless to say, I will not be reporting this “cyber-bullying” to the local authorities. HAahaha!

    I even got the ever ominous “We need to talk” correspondence from some loser who is tied to TheAmazingAtheist’s web site. Pffft…

    Daniel Genseric

    @herrMajor Ironically enough, I JUST received another threat (sort of).

    “@TheGenseric Who the fuck is “anti-white”? I just find it funny that a person who people aren’t even from this land talk shit like that. Your family arrived here a few generations ago, and suddenly 40,000+ years of the indigenous habitats mean nothing. You would be more on point if you referenced Europe, not some land “whites” recently (relatively speaking) came to. You realize just how fucking dumb that is? Me going into your house, killing you, then complaining about your cousins coming over.

    So, I left him this :

    @Orion1232 You are NOT paying attention. I am talking about ALL White countries, not just America. You lose an argument and then you threaten me with fatal violence? How pathetic are you?

    kennewick man. solutreans. You progressive liberals and your Respectable Conservative counterparts say you are anti-racist. What you are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    NOW answer my questions if you aren’t too scared to do so.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
    TheGenseric 2 minutes ago

    Then This:

    @Orion1232 You still didn’t answer my questions. A pro-African nation isn’t ‘bad.’ A pro-Chinese nation isn’t ‘bad.’ A pro-Mestizo nation isn’t ‘bad.’ But , some how a pro-White nation is ‘EVIL?’ Do White children deserve a home? Do White children deserve to exist? Do White countries exist? Do White people exist? Are you pro-White genocide? You sound like a genocide denier. Anti-racist IS a codeword for anti-White.
    TheGenseric 1 second ago


    You know what makes me smile. Browsing through youtube videos looking for likely places to post the Mantra and running across this.

    WhiteHussar83  (27 minutes ago)

    “African-American studies” celebrates blacks
    “Asian-American studies” celebrates asians
    “Chicano studies” celebrates hispanics
    “Whiteness studies” denies that white people even EXIST, and that these white people (who don’t exist) have unearned “white privilege”
    Who are you kidding Anti-Whites?
    “Anti-racism” is just a code word for anti-WHITE

    Way to go WhitHussar83!


    When and why did children become a perceived economic liability for White people and an economic asset for non-Whites?

    Daniel Genseric


    I have been experiencing this quite frequently as of late. I do a random giggle search for ‘anti-White’ or ‘racism’ looking for waters to chum. I dive in there and find out that two or three BUGSters have already worked up a slick well before I even arrive on scene.

    It’s hard not to crack a shit-eating-grin.

    Good work.

    Daniel Genseric

    They became an economic liability for White people when we started BUYING the paintings they decided to paint in lieu of bearing and rearing White children.

    We’ve ALWAYS been an asset for non-Whites.

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