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    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    I will be honest,  I have been getting disheartened recently with the lack of links in the Swarm. I’d like everyone who is still Swarming to post a “Yes” in here so we can get a real head count, at least then we know if we still have the numbers or whether we need to focus on recruiment. From where i am sitting it seems like about 10-15 of us still swarm.  I will admit that i have done little this past two weeks as i have be away on vacation BUT there seem to be a downward trend-I hope this is not the case. Please post “Yes” if you still Swarm.

    Henry Davenport

    “Yes,” but infrequently. I’m planning on posting and linking more in the days ahead.

    We need to recover from the period of not posting links, is the problem. I actually feel afraid to post links now, even though I thought the decision not to do so was an extremely poor one.

    We exist as a group only in cyber space, and our working thread we posted links on was the place where we chiefly existed as a group. I can tell very plainly that I’m not the only one who feels disoriented that the chief place we existed was suddenly removed (I also feel a sort of infant’s rage about it), and remains still a place of barrenness compared to what it was before.

    Many of us would possibly like to think of ourselves as fierce independent warriors, but the reality is that most of us are not. Most of us, I’m guessing, feel ourselves atomized, isolated individuals in a society that’s racially mad.

    So we need each other, and we need the chief place where we exist as a group and post our links to be a place full of life and at least brief interchange with each other as it was before, rather than a place we creep to fearfully wondering if we will be “tracked” and thereby defeated for pete’s sake.

    It will take some time, but let’s get back to where we were, and if anyone is in fact tracking us give them so much to do that they can’t keep up.

    Let’s not be disheartened that we’re disheartened at the moment. It’s just a stone in the road. But let’s be honest with ourselves about how we feel just as you’re being, Patrick, and let’s try to be realistic from now on and not make sudden drastic decisions!




    Yes.  But my count has been down due to work/life stuff, but should get stronger soon.


    Yes. And am I the only one who is feeling pretty good at the state of the swarm right now? I mean we’ve been at it now for a good while and there’s still a bunch of people posting their links here (admitedly I don’t post links much anymore but I do post the mantra almost everyday). It seems to me that there are more racial comments online then ever before. As well alot of the places I check out already have the mantra posted. We are doing great. Don’t be defeated by a perception of a lack of swarmers.


    Hold on let me check…. YES

    Henry Davenport

    @ Roderick: Your post gives me a lift!


    “I don’t post links much anymore”

    How would you feel about still posting them? It seems to me that’s one thing that’s badly needed, at least from people who are comfortable doing it, as you evidently once were.

    Not only for those of us already here, but to attract newcomers. I think it’s harder to attract newcomers if what we are doing is a bit hidden from them.


    Yes, several a day.

    I agree with Roderick, things are picking up steam.

    H.D ,  With the new youtube layout introduced in March, I know can see comments made by people I’m subscribed to, on the youtube mainpage when I’m signed in. A lot of the time there’s enough new stuff there to work on so I don’t end up over here as much. (That’s the ONLY good thing I have to say about the new layout by the way )

    But, If it’s good for morale I try to make an effort to report in, when we ‘went dark’ it broke my habbit.

    I recommend to everybody that they disable the ‘view recent comments’ facility on their youtube channel page so anti-whites can’t track you by visiting your youtube channel.

    Ice Knight

    Yes I post the Mantra constantly on Youtube, although have never been great at reporting back.  I can hit 2-3 times as many videos in the time it takes me to report the links.

    Will however start to make a conscious effort to report links for the next few weeks as I agree we need to get the momentum going again on the swarm.  However as Roderick and Cleric Preston have said, I’ve seen plenty of mantra activity around the web so we’re still getting our message out there.  Keep the faith, we will win!!





    I still swarm, though I have not been as active the past couple months.

    meawhiterabbit hasn’t been around in a while. Did mention if he was taking time off?

    Dick Whitman

    Yes, I post links here but also have places I don’t link here. Some places are works in process that I don’t want to see SWARMED.  Or, I don’t want to take the chance of them being marked as spam.


    I have  uploaded the “Racist black woman on London bus.”

    I have listened very closely to what she says. It might be difficult to follow for non British, its not so easy for me.

    This woman is telling the truth. She is actually on our side when you realise what she is saying.  She says she hates White people. No she is proud to be Black and wants to be with her own people. She says the only reason she was born in the UK was b/c her parents were dragged over to the UK from Jamaica. She wants to be with her own people. She says Whites want to be with their own as well. All the people on the bus are puppets and doughnuts. God we know that is true, they dance to the anti-White puppet masters everyday.

    How much closer to the truth can you get?

    How much closer our message can you get?

    The authorities in Police State UK would disappear her if people were actually listening to what she is saying.

    Daniel Genseric

    I am being actively targeted here. So, I am not posting links. Rest assured, I make the Mantra available to the public.


    I am trying to swarm.  I too share the concern that the mantra is not being posted where appropriate, but I am not sure what to do about it.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Well put HD. Where i live White genocide is well on its way and in my real life world i am surrounded by PC freaks, BUGS was a sanctuary me and had/has a sense of community. Not all of us are lone wolfers.

    Henry Davenport

    @ six gun: Agreed! I was blown away when I was finally able to read her remarks (thanks!), and I wished terribly that our own people saw the matter as clearly as she does! What a deep and bitter irony, especially when I recall all the blind posts on youtube yesterday.

    I don’t have time to swarm today, but I hope someone will point out repeatedly on the youtube thread what you just pointed out. It fits right into Mantra stuff.

    @ Genseric: You’re not being targeted by me. You’re a person whose strength as a bugser I rely on, and I’m not just bs’ing. And when you and I were really going at it, I vented to a couple of other bugsers, and they too expressed a great appreciation for your swarming quantity and quality.

    Thanks for the Facebook guideline yesterday. I’ll pick some day I can bear destroying myself with computer stuff and give it a try. Eventually, I want to be proxied and facebooked and generally equipped to come back and kick butt whenever I’m kicked off a site, since I hate that.

    You rock, Genseric. Sometimes you just rock a little too strong. You’re one of the most important bugsers we have, who bugsers with much lesser output like myself look up to, and again I’m not bs’ing.

    I’ve gotten over the things you said to me, and I hope you can get over the things I said to you if you haven’t already. I believe I already apologized (hopefully not too half-heartedly), and I apologize again.



    I’ve been around the Swarm 3 years now and every summer activity slows down.

    It always speeds up again when it gets colder.

    Henry Davenport

    Hm, I probably misunderstood entirely what Genseric meant. Oh well.


    Yes, I’m still Swarming; less so since the old new rules on posting links was put into place – but that is do more to other factors. I’ll do the best I can going forward to post the Mantra and report on my activity more often. I too like to see/know other BUGsers are wielding the Mantra hammer.



    I post off and on. Mostly on other people’s YT links.

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