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    Not only am i “swarming”, but am also working on animations and making/spreading mantra related pictures mainly on facebook. I’m also translating the bugs buddy program into my native language and writing mini-mantras. I suggest you no-english speakers translate it as well.

    Daniel Genseric

    Posted the Mantra in 23 “Ronald Weekley Jr.” locations and 147 other locations.


    I post about once a week for about an hour or two…I used to post a lot more but have been busy with work 50+ hours a week and school.


    However, in my workplace, I lace my conversations with mantra material and have recently been invited to dinner to introduce the mantra to the father of one of my coworkers.

    I’ve gotten a lot of positive reception, and this is in a heavily multiracial workplace.

    I’ll try to post more.



    Yes.  Although not as frequently as I was. But I am still here and am still posting mantra on news articles and YT as much as I can.

    Peter Cottontail

    Yes, I am testing a new username to see if I will receive emails. I would post much more if I received emails to my cell phone.


    Yes; still doing mantra concepts. Mostly on twitter. Once fall ends and snow comes, I will be posting on other media as well.

    John White

    I focus on destroying anti-whites verbally via mini-Mantras and Mantra thinking in the Opposing Views section of Stormfront.

    And I’m loving it. They can do nothing against it. All they can do is deny or insult. Usually they simply vanish.


    In the trenches posting daily!

    J Locke

    I post but my YT posts get deleted as spam, or whatever. Going to try Tor and see if it works before I post any more links.


    Had a long interchange with someone opposing the mantra and got down to this:


    Or I’m just not Anti-white? I don’t need to prove it to you, I know who I am and what I believe. I’ll let this debate stay at rest, I don’t want to interfere with you spreading your message. To be honest, that’s starting to seem like the most productive way we can stop it. I don’t agree with everything you say, but your logic makes a lot of sense. Props to you good sir.

    GriffinWelch in reply to SAVETHECHILDREN6592 1 week ago

    Thanks for the respect. That’s not anti-white. To agree that whites are at risk goes a long way to reversing the trends if enough people see that.

    SAVETHECHILDREN6592 in reply to GriffinWelch 1 week ago

    To be anti-racist, I must admit whites could potentially go extinct, otherwise, I would indeed be anti-white. In the next few years whites become a minority, and nothing is being to to prevent extinction, I will take action and spread the word. Thank you, you have redefined my definition of “anti-racist” and from now on I will practice what I preach.

    GriffinWelch in reply to SAVETHECHILDREN6592 1 week ago

    If I understand correctly, she sees the risk of white extinction and her view of anti-racist has been modified to see that white extinction/genocide is the result of anti-racism.

    So some progress was made with this person and bystanders perhaps.

    White Dude

    Posting the mantra daily and LOVING IT!

    By the way, can the rule calling for a decreased number of link posting be repealed? I miss all the activity and looking at all the different links. It was much funner when more people reported their activity. At times things can be too quiet.

    In any event, keep up the great work all!


    Of course. I am posting the Mantra in Spanish.


    @ White Dude,

    I think Horus said a while ago that if you want to post links in the swarm again go ahead. The posting of links was cut back a bit to see if anti-Whites were following us on the swarm and censoring us.

    I’ve been posting links same as usual and have experienced no problems like that.


    Reporting for duty sir.. HV

Viewing 14 posts - 21 through 34 (of 34 total)
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