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Problems Enabling YouTube Comments

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    Has anyone else experienced problems enabling comments on their YouTube video(s)?

    I disabled mine (again) when I first got the offensive content warning (I believe that was in May). I suspected it was undergoing some kind of review, and didn’t want to give them any grounds to yank it. I also expected to hear from them.

    I have never heard a word from YouTube. I am stuck with that warning, and I’ve heard from a few people that it’s banned in Germany. Apparently I am just stuck with the “verify controversy” tag (which seems to have adversely affected the views, too, especially referrals from within YouTube itself).

    Anyhow, I turned the comments back on last Friday (11-1-13). I’ve checked and double-checked that I had them turned on, and they are. But they aren’t appearing on the video. If a video is flagged with “potentially offensive content”, does it automatically disable comments?

    It’s been odd. Just one time I checked on my phone since then… and it actually displayed comments. I’m once again getting comments to “approve” or remove… and yet, when I do so, they never appear, and the video still says that comments are currently unavailable.

    I’m thinking this could be related to whatever comment-revolution that YouTube/Google/Google+ is undergoing. I haven’t researched that much, but here’s one article here:

    If what this article says is true, then it might require us to use quite a bit more creativity to get the message through in the future (on YouTube).

    Anyhow, if anyone knows anything, let me know. I’d like to turn them back on, as the “neutral” viewer will often drop down, read them, and have the terminology reinforced. It should also help the view-lag from the “verify controversy” button.

    P.S. A word of advice, if you plan on making any video that you think could really rake in views… I wouldn’t use the Eyes Forward avatar. Having not heard a word of why it is banned in Germany, and knowing that the content is pure as the driven snow, I can only surmise that they have deemed the Eyes Forward avatar to be Schutzstaffel. I knew that they *could* be taken that way when we made it, and I was stupid for putting them on there, because that’s probably why I’m stuck with the perma-warning.

    Ice Knight

    Johnny, I would leave the comments disabled if I were you – if the video is already on a “verify controversy” tag, chances are you will log in one day and it will have simply disappeared. That’s pretty much what happened to one of my videos with about 27,000 views – the “verify controversy” tag is often the first step to getting it pulled. At least in it’s current state you are getting some limited traffic and keep the high view count it achieved.

    As for “banned in Germany” I doubt the Eyes Forward avatar would have actually made much difference…they literally ban anything even remotely pro-White in Germany. They appear really afraid of letting the Germans be exposed to any sort of pro-White message…can’t think why! LOL.

    Did you see this recent BNP article? Looks like your video has caught the imagination of the Brits! Will be interesting to see if they come up with their own version.


    Ice Knight,

    I go back and forth on things like YouTube, Germany, France, et al., and their censoring techniques. On the one hand, I know that they are rabidly anti-White (especially Germany), but if they really needed no excuse (and maybe I should make a distinction here between corporations and countries), then why are our videos still up in the first place, and not all down a Memory Hole?

    If I recall, Ramzpaul said (a year or so ago) that he had threatened them with legal action at one point, and they reinstated the particular video in question. So part of me says that they (at least corporations/YouTube) are possibly somewhat leery of legal action, and need/prefer to find some technicality to nail you on… or else, why are ARH, the current version of HWTOA, my video, and other videos with high view counts still up? Whether the technicality comes in comment violations or something else, I’m thinking they probably need to have something… or why haven’t the videos been made “unpersons” already?

    In any case, I think the Eyes Forward image looks cool as Hel… BUT … going forward, I’m just not sure it’s a good idea to have it on something you really want to keep up, since it could be interpreted as Schutzstaffel. I already know the argument I would make that it isn’t, and doesn’t have to be… BUT … why risk it? Why put something so obviously prone to a “bannable” interpretation? JMO.

    BTW, when your video disappeared, did you ever receive a statement or anything from YouTube/Google? Or was it just *poof*, gone, with no comment?


    @ Ice Knight,

    And no, I hadn’t seen that BNP article until today. Someone had sent it to me just a little bit before you mentioned it. I really hope they follow through with it and make a much better, more polished, and better financed version! And after them, Golden Dawn, and other nationalist groups, LOL. Roll, snowball, roll. 😛

    Peter Cottontail

    Johnny, have you appealed YouTube’s decision to label your video as offensive? Seems like you would win an appeal with no trouble at all.

    Ice Knight

    Johnny, from what I remember they pulled the video as “hate speech” against a “protected group” and you just end up with a blank video icon…even though there wasn’t any LOL. Seems to be there catch all to pull down videos that carry our message. I did however leave comments open, so I’m guessing they managed to find some violation in amongst all the comments.

    Yes let’s hope they follow through with a British version – UK media would no doubt be very keen to pick it up to try and ridicule it, but inadvertently spread the meme far and wide! 🙂

    Henry Davenport

    I second Iceknight’s suggestion to leave the comments disabled.

    Btw, when I link your video in petitions, I’ve decided to link to where it is on White GeNOcide Project. I think it’s embedded there. I hope.


    @ Peter: No, I haven’t. I don’t see any link to appeal it. The only thing I could find was how to make an “appeal” over Content ID disputes.

    @ HD:
    No biggie. The petitions are your babies. Do whatever you want with them, fine sir. 😛


    I keep all comments on “approved” status.
    I have noticed that I am unable to “reply” to comments on other people’s videos the last couple of days. I don’t know if this is a new change to Youtube, or my fault.
    My Youtube channel is under the handle, WretchedWhiteRabbit.
    I encourage everyone to mirror every video.


    @swamprabbit thats because you have to accept that google+ offer, they literally force us to and if we don’t. We can’t reply to or rate comments.

    Ice Knight

    Even with a Google+ account it appears you can’t reply to old Youtube comments.

    We should get a new thread going on the changes Youtube have made – some of it is a change for the worst, but it does open up some new opportunities such as posting comments more than 500 characters and being able to post URL links.


    @Ice Knight- That’s because the older comments haven’t converted to Google+ yet. You can’t reply to users who haven’t converted. That what sucks about youtube now, they’re forcing Google+ down our throats… but at least we have more than 500 characters to deal with.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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