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    White Dude

    As I posted on the “Where Did You Post the Mantra…” Thread:

    With just about 18 days to go until expiration, The Stop White Genocide petition needs a miracle at this point. It’s barely chugging along at just under 500 signatures (497 as of this writing).

    Get this, a petition to “Support the People of Catalonia in their effort to decide their own future”, has 24,546 signatures.

    Be prepared to be even more flabbergasted. A petition to “RECOGNIZE “SIKH GENOCIDE” has 17,709 signatures!

    Unreal. Meanwhile, the Stop White Genocide petition is just not seeing any major activity. Within the next 18-19 days before expiration, we really need some significant media coverage to get this out to a wider audience in order to get many more signatures. Otherwise, it will fade into an oblivion. 🙁

    We could always try again of course. But I think I’d have to take a break before trying again. It took so much effort to motivate people outside of Bugs to sign the thing. Shoot, Stormfront has 1,000+ members who sign in each day and yet there aren’t even 1,000 signatures. Very frustrating.

    Henry Davenport

    White Dude, I’ve arrived at a different point of view:


    For our purposes, the 25,000 signatures is rather irrelevant. (Even possibly undesirable, since maybe then our petition would be done, and our message no longer displayed! Lol!)

    We should keep a petition up constantly (and not just one…let’s not have an attitude of scarcity!)

    Here’s my plan: About every three weeks we introduce a new group of three petitions, on SF and all the other places where we introduced the first one, explaining to our audiences that, as I posted on SF,

     What we’re up to is keeping the terms “anti-white” and “white genocide,” and the phrase, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” up on Obama’s billboard “permanently”! 

    We urge them to please not exhaust us by taking a whole week again to get the initial 150 signatures (Please, God!), and to please treat the three petitions as a single group, signing them all, and, if spreading them to other sites, spreading them as a group to be signed conjointly.

    In a few days I plan to submit here for everyone to comment on a group of three petitions I’ll write myself. One will be almost a copy of the one we have up now, and the other two will be very similar. I have a couple of ideas for the all-important titles!

    After we do this a few times, our people will hopefully have the drill down and it won’t be a hassle each time. We’ll have drawn some pro-whites a wee bit into activism, and we’ll have our message up on O’s billboard year-round if the O people don’t quash it. The White GeNOcide petitions constantly on the White House site may become a news item just under their own steam.

    Of course if others of you feel inspired to write petitions for this go-round, it doesn’t have to be my three that are used. Let’s coordinate what we do here on this thread though, and be sure we release some three petitions as a single group about a week before the present petition expires.

    And about three weeks later we’ll do it again.

    For me, this plan depends on our people forming rather quickly the habit of laying down the first 150 signatures. I don’t know if I can do what I’ve just done even one more time! I think I know how you feel, White Dude!


    Maybe there’s another way of spreading our terminology. What if we make anti-white petitions and put them up on anti-white forums. Maybe something along the lines of

    Ban the phrase “anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    or maybe

    Declare that exterminating racist whites is not genocide

    Ofcourse any right wingers who hear about what the “left” is supporting might actually want to use those phrases and terminology.

    Henry Davenport

    (amendment to my post above)

    For the next go-round, I think we should introduce just two petitions together, rather than introducing a group of three.

    Step by little step for our reluctant and confused compatriots.

    Henry Davenport

    In answer to a question, Mjodr posted to me at SF that it only took them a few hours to get the 150 signatures for a lot of the secession petitions that came out of SF. So I guess it’s not just fear that made our own petition so sluggish.

    Daniel Genseric


    Is that so? Pretend you are back in the cave for a moment. Which term are you more afraid of, “secession” or “white genocide”?

    Now, pretend you are back in the cave AND you are being asked to say it on a government-hosted website.

    Mjodr is a great guy. But, he’s not a BUGSter for a reason – his stepping on a landmine has nothing to do with it.

    Edit: So, now Mjodr and N&J are taking credit for the secession petitions? That’s really cute coming from people who REACT for a living. These guys will try ANYTHING before talking about white genocide, that includes AMPW’s and anti-whites alike. This is natural.

    Henry Davenport

    Genseric, I agree about the cave. But it’s not the only factor.

    Here’s the statement  by Mjodr we need to learn from:

    “When we were doing it [the secession petitions] , the story was fresh. So you had more people reading it and caring to try it.”

    Our timing was off, not only for getting signatures, but much more importantly, for getting a larger audience once the petition was up.

    We’re still not savvy enough. As soon as the national secession frenzy flared up, every single one of us here should have immediately had the thought, “Here’s another one of those huge media fires that’s going to consume the public for a short while, and we need to get ourselves in the center of the updraft IMMEDIATELY.”

    If we’d done that, we would not only have gotten our 150 signatures more quickly, but much more importantly we would have had twenty times the viewership for our petition once it was up.

    Next time, eh?

    In the meantime we’ll see what we can do with what we have! The secession issue seems to have a little bit of traction, so maybe we can still ride it for a good while. And maybe the White House petition site will continue to receive attention from now on even if that issue fades, who knows.

    Daniel Genseric

    “Why is this information being produced?”

    cui bono?

    White Dude

    Harumphty, after reading your thoughts, I have to agree. Good ideas!

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)
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