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Sites That Ban Discussion on White Genocide

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    Although the MSM demands silence on the topic, on this thread we’ll list the websites who take it a step further and actively prevent/censor/ban commenters who dare speak out against genocide.
    Just more proof that they acknowledge their complicity in genocide.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    That place seems to have stopped new users from starting threads in certain sections ( i think culture and politics) because of us hitting it with our message so hard.


    This comment was deleted
    Me: “Why can`t we have an open public discussion about the mass immigration and “assimilation” imposed on ALL white countries and ONLY white countries which is genocide of whites under international law? Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white”

    Chromatophore Mod BennyKnight • 2 days ago

    You guys really need to stop using your catch phrases over and over again if you don’t want us to keep deleting your posts and banning you.

    Glock H. Palin, Esq. BennyKnight • 2 days ago

    You can openly discuss it. What you want is to be able to openly discuss it without having to face the repercussions for being an avowed bigot and racist.
    Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

    J Locke

    yahoo answers, the yahoo sites


    How does facebook prevent discussion of White Genocide?


    How many of you have had your facebook accounts disabled/blocked or a group removed for posting about white genocide?

    If i am the only one,  then i will remove facebook from the list and consider it a coincidence.

    The reality is,  maybe this thread wasnt a great idea just because the silence is universally demanded… but those of us posting know that many sites are working on strict censorship policies about the “white genocide” topic.

    J M C

    I have framed the mantra this way recently on a virulently anti-White website that had removed a full mantra posting by another BUGSer just minutes before. This particular website absolutely preens and PRIDES itself on being oh-so-enlightened-and-so-much-more-doncha-know. So *I* posted something similar to THIS followed by a full mantra: 

    “This is one of the single MOST suppressed, MOST censored, MOST feared and banned messages online today. See if you can tell why:
    (Full mantra)”

    To my knowledge it is still up and this was a few days ago.

    The Beef

    I’ve been IP banned from just ebout everywhere.  Just battle scars. The enemy cannot respond, all they can do is attempt to silence with force.

    Send the Mod a message then asking them to put up a sticky that says “You’re Not allowed to talk about White Genoicde!”

    J M C

    elcyCesereveR, sounds like there may be a virulent anti-White troll on your friends list who complained to Facebook. Or you may have left a comment on a 3rd party thread that someone you don’t even know didn’t like.
    I would go over your friends list very carefully and weed out those who’s walls seem unfriendly. Also check your privacy settings. I do a lot of pro-White, mantra-esque postings on Facebook. If I’m going to write something particularly inflammatory and I’m not fully confident of the ‘audience, I am always sure to preface it with some sort of disclaimer stating that what I’m saying may not be to EVERYONE’S liking and that just as I respect their right to disagree, I expect them to respect MY right to say things that they may not like. So far, I’ve been left alone.



    “How many of you have had your facebook accounts disabled/blocked or a group removed for posting about white genocide?”

    I have`nt tried in a while, but Facebook was censoring my posts after a couple of mantra posts, not copy pasted and terminating accounts some time after.

    This was on diferent machines, operating systems, I.P/Mac adressess/ hostnames.

    It was frustrating seeing other swarmers getting stuck in and me left out, but I could`nt and still can`t think of anything more to do to get past their counter measures.



    It was frustrating seeing other swarmers getting stuck in and me left out.”

    It shouldn’t.  They are there because of your covering fire.

    Secret Squirrel

    “This was on diferent machines, operating systems, I.P/Mac adressess/ hostnames.”

    The only thing I haven’t heard you mention, is clearing your cookies. They track you using those, as well as your IP address.

    Change your IP address and clear your cookies.


    Tom Bowie

    Not every site bans discussion of the White Genocide fully.
    I’ve observed that some sites allow the topic of White Genocide but, they keep the volume to a Whisper. I’ve yet to determine the criteria used but it does not appear to be based upon repetition of those I’m talking about. The editing often seems to take place after the comment has been posted and, upon returning to the site later you find some comments you had noticed have been removed while others remain.

    The imposed silence is easy to observe but reduced volume becomes much more difficult to detect. Such a tactic also gives the illusion that less people are dissidents.


    OldBlighty is right  about the cookie tracking – Cookies and Flashcookies.  Below are two Firefox Add-ons I use to clear cookies, plus a cache clear to boot.  I’ve noticed many Firefox add-on creators make Chrome versions, so there’s probably equivalents for these in Chrome too.

    Cookies Manager+


    Empty Cache Button

    – seapea


    Of course cookies won’t be an issue for anybody using different computers/devices unless their sync’n their browser configs across the various devices.   About five years ago I interviewed at a company that was developing ways to track peoples web activity across different sites and domains using methods that didn’t involve cookies.  I’m guessing their efforts are probably being used in some fashion today but who knows how far it’s progressed.  The financial pressures many internet businesses are under who rely on ads and selling customer data is pretty great, so they’ll probably not pause long before implementing the most Orwellian technologies.

    – seapea

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