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Thank Donald Trump for opposing White Genocide

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    Thank you Donald Trump for opposing White Genocide! – #1

    These “thank you” tweets to Trump seem a very promising development, considering the eagerness of media to paint Trump as opposing White Genocide.

    If such tweets continue (and I urge that we make sure they do!), White GeNOcide Project plans an article every week or so with the same title but different number that will showcase some of such tweets of each week.

    Any such tweets you make, please link either on this thread or in comments to the current article at WGP, so that they can be included in the following week’s WGP article! 🙂



    Here’s my first “Thank you” tweet to Trump. I even added a hashtag #ThankYouDonaldTrump 😀

    Henry Davenport

    Electric, that’s a beauty, and great idea about the hashtag! Oh, I see it already exists, of course…still a great idea to add it. How could we possibly be more mainstream. Serendipitous, the congruence of this project with that pre-existing hashtag. 🙂



    How is it going to work? Am I going to post in here very single time I respond to one of his tweets? Here’s another one with graphics.


    Whatever’s comfortable, Electric. If you post quite a few of them, you might not want to post them all here or on the corresponding WGP article, either of which is good.

    At WGP we hope to display a sample of 12 – 15 of them every week in a new article of the same title each week (repetition, repetition), except for the number at the end of the title.

    And let’s have some of these tweets that link Trump to White Genocide contain a link to that month’s White House meme-message that also links Trump to White Genocide – let’s make Trump’s opposition to White Genocide so plain that it’s hard to ignore:

    From here on we’re planning on having only one White House meme-message each month, which will involve both the Bob and the Donald.


    Great idea!


    Googling #ThankYouDonaldTrump, that hashtag seems to get very little traffic.

    #Trump2016 and #Trump apparently get the most traffic:

    I think these tweets are good:

    #Trump knows “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide”!

    #Trump knows “’Diversity’ means chasing down White people.”

    #Trump knows “’Diversity’ means chasing down the last White person.”

    #Trump knows “White self-hatred is SICK!!!”

    #Trump knows “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”!

    #Trump wants “A future with White children.”

    #Trump2016 for “A future with White children.”

    #Trump2016 for no more “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY!”

    They’re short, and so the memes stand out well and there’s room for other hashtags and for a link to this page
    at the top of which the reinforcing “Trump petition” of the month will always be displayed. (So, no need to use a different link for each month’s petition, you can just use that one every month!)

    Another good link to include is
    which I think is a great explanation of White Genocide for the uninitiated. (With a recent addition at the end that has made it even better).

    I’ll still be using the hashtag #ThankYouDonaldTrump some too.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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