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    Африка – для африканцев. Азия – для азиатов. Страны с белокожим населением – для ВСЕХ.

    Кто-то говорит, что они – “анти-расисты”, но на самом деле – они анти-белые. “Анти-расист” – это кодовое слово, означающее анти-белый.



    África para los africanos. Asia para los asiáticos.
    Los países blancos para TODOS.

    Dicen que son “antirracistas”. Lo que realmente son es antiblancos. “Antirracista” es una palabra en clave para antiblanco.



    Afrika den Afrikanern, Asien den Asiaten, Weisse Länder für jedermann?

    Sie sagen sie wären gegen Rassismus. In Wirklichkeit sind sie gegen Weisse. “Gegen Rassismus” ist nur ein Codewort für gegen Weisse.

    Stoppen Völkermord! Stoppen Weiß Genozid!



    Afrika för Afrikaner, Asien för Asiater, och vita länder för ALLA.

    De kallar sig själva “antirasister”. Men de är egentligen anti-vita. “Antirasist” är ett kodord för anti-vit.


    Italian, courtesy of WRR:

    Africa per gli africani, Asia per gli asiatici, le nazioni bianche per tutti.

    Anti-bianco è rinominato anti-razzista.


    Romanian, courtesy of WRR:

    Ei spun că sunt ‘anti-rasişti’. Ceea ce ei sunt este, anti-albi. ‘Anti-rasismul’ este un cuvânt codat pentru anti-albi.


    Czechoslovakian (?) courtesty of WRR:

    Afrika pro Afričany, Asie pro Asiaty, Bílé kraje pro každého.

    Anty-bílý je nazyván antyrasistou


    Ukrainian, courtesy of WRR:

    Африка для африканців, Азія для азіатів, Білі країни для всіх.

    Анти-білий значить анти-расистський


    Lithuanian, courtesy of WRR:

    Jie sako, kad jie prieš rasizmą. Bet iš tikrųjų jie prieš baltuosius.

    Antirasistas – tai užkoduotas žodis, reiškiantis antibaltasis.


    Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, courtesy of WRR:

    Oni kažu da su anti-rasisti. No oni su anti-bijelački.

    Anti-rasist je prikriven naziv za anti-bijelački.


    Thanks for the translations! It can also be used to drop a message in any foreign language news item or Yahoo page. Let the WORLD know we are here.


    I saw a SF thread about this woman awhile back. Before any n00b thinks they have the scoop, she is a member of The Tribe. Anyhow, herein lies the power of Twitter.

    This video is the effect of, ehhh, about three tweets and 5-10 min. on my part.

    I’m going to watch it now… I’ll post the timestamps for any particularly grey goo-ish moments.

    I pitched “White Genocide” as a hot item, and said that it would probably bring more traffic into her channel than what she normally gets. If you can, be sure to visit it, or maybe post it a couple places… maybe she’ll start doing more.


    Okay, it’s not worth watching… at all. It’s basically a rambling monologue. 50% of it seems to be taking up for Jews and equating “the White Genocide movement” and the “pro-White movement” with being anti-Jewish. I didn’t even bring up Jews (obviously) when I Tweeted her.

    She does, however, drop “White Genocide”, ehhh, probably 15-30 times. She briefly responds to AntiRacist Hitler (I also told her she should make a response video) at 12:36, and discusses “Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White” at 31:20.

    Really not worth watching, though… very rambling and incoherent… full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. 😛


    The #ChrisLane is still full steam ahead, and #DelbertBelton is the 2nd overall trend. It appears to me that this is a unique window of opportunity.

    I know BUGS is not News & J00$, so I don’t need any smartass reminders. However, a subsidiary goal of BUGS (after mainstreaming White Genocide) is to mainstream ANTI-WHITE.

    Once these #ChrisLane and #DelbertBelton fires putter away, most of these people will return to business as usual, and they won’t have their racial fires stoked. Clearly they are OPEN to having their racial fires stoked.

    To stoke their racial fires, and to mainstream ANTI-WHITE, I think it might be a good idea to hit #ChrisLane & #DelbertBelton with tweets referencing something like… #AntiWhiteCrime or #AntiWhiteTerrorism (I know that has been used before). I personally think #AntiWhiteCrime would be a better introductory hashtag for White & Normal folks (it’s also 4 characters shorter… and if you USE Twitter, sometimes you know that can make a world of difference).

    I’ve done it once and will peck around and play with it. Just occurred to me this morning. But one person can’t do that alone. If you think that this is a good idea, and are willing to try it, please post in this thread, so I can know whether it’s worth my time or not.

    I know some still read BUGS, but no longer post… if you are willing to try it, contact me on YouTube or Twitter.

    This could be a “perpetual hashtag” that allows “White & Normal” people to network with one another, a grassroots, easy-to-access info. source that does not require them logging onto Stormfront. The gods know, unfortunately, that these things happen so often, we will never run out of material.

    And if people actually started using that, then Anti-White would be seared into their brains like a damn brand. It would just be a “given”.



    Те казват, че са анти-расисти. В същност те са анти-бели

    Анти-расист е просто кодова дума за анти-бял.


    Well, BUGS hates Swedish & Bulgarian. I thought this thread might come in handy. I know I tweet from my smartphone a lot, and I can’t “copy & paste” from the Twitter app. So this thread will be a nice place to copy & paste stuff to Tweet.

    Mea culpa for not putting them in alphabetical order.


    So u want a twitter tactic eh?

    Here you go:

    Find some popular celebrities – and send them tweets as if you know them…

    “dude wtf was up with those people at the club last night chanting “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white?”


    Weirwood is 100 percent right.


    Important Twitter Tip: Don’t just search #WhiteGenocide and #AntiWhite. Search “White Genocide” and “Anti-White”, sans the hashtags. It’ll return far more results, while still including the #-results. Try it now and see.

    I’ve seen so many things, be it Arkansas billboard-talk, petitions-talk, video-talk, etc. (including Jimmy’s rendezvous with the Shrew Prof., minutes after she posted) that I never would have seen, had I just searched the #. I’ve known this for awhile, but I’ve always assumed everyone else did, too … but I now realize that it probably isn’t common knowledge.

    This is especially important with the White Man March coming up. If you just search with the # on that day, you’ll miss tons of stuff …

    Mike M

    To Johnny Mantraseed. I’m french and the actual canadian transalation of the mantra seems more on the spot than the french one :

    “L’Afrique pour les africains. L’Asie pour les asiatiques. Les pays blancs pour tout le monde.

    Ils se disent “Anti-raciste”. mais ce qu’ils sont, c’est anti-blanc. “Anti-raciste” est un nom de code pour ANTI-BLANC.”

    To peter cottontail : There’s a guy called REnaud Camus who has been talking on TV about the “great replacement” of the french native population by thirld worlders. He’s been allowed to talk about it, but what was it good for ? He’s been convicted by french MRAP ( movement for friendship between people, an “anti-racist” lobby, like the CRIF, SOS Racisme, etc) for hate speech :

    The result of the judgement will be delivered in April.

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 46 total)
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