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Urge White House to Urge "Pants Up, Don't Loot!"

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    Henry Davenport

    It’s got to be a bugster who posted this at the White House. It was tweeted by PantsUp Johnson:

    It’s good enough, could possibly catch fire, and isn’t getting sigs very fast, so let’s sign it, tweet it, and help get it up!

    Urge “Pants Up, Don’t Loot!”

    The majority population in the U.S. is demoralized and forced to bend over backwards to give minorities every privilege.

    The third world is allowed to pour in through our southern border, and any attempt to control the criminal behavior of minority groups is trumpeted as an assault on civil rights.

    “White” has even become a bad word, now being used only to charge the U.S.’s shrinking majority population with being evil.

    The world’s formerly White countries are now forced to accept massive immigration and assimilation that will blend Whites out of existence.

    Those who force our assimilation with other peoples and encourage their crimes and assaults upon us call themselves anti-racist.

    What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


    Great find HD.

    I have signed the petition and put it out on Twitter.


    The text under the slogan is, at least on the surface, against assimilation but the slogan itself – “Pants Up, Don’t Loot” – would actually be promoting assimilation.

    It’s true that the assimilation being promoted is from third-world non-white assimilating to white “culture” which is the kind the neo-cons want, and not from white “culture” to third-world culture which is what the most self-hating white anti-whites want…But assimilation in general is far too dangerous to even touch with a proverbial ten-foot pole.

    “Pants up, don’t loot” tells non-whites how to dress in order to better fit in amongst whites. That is something that eventually leads to intermarriage and the blending out of the population that was there.

    Sys Op

    Don’t know why your set was bounced into Moderation.
    We don’t have spam software running on the forum as all must be logged in as a user and have previously moderated stuff.



    Thanks for pulling it out, “Sys Op.”

    To others: I would add one more thing regarding the petitions in general. That I have never really been 100% for them as it does seem against the spirit of samizdat, going directly to the federal government itself rather than making the samizdat as anonymous as can be reasonably expected.

    HOWEVER, this does not mean I am against it nor does it mean that I don’t appreciate the efforts that others have put into doing it… If some-one wants to go and “bell the cat” ( ) I would not hold them back. Indeed, I realise that not being comfortable with the participation in that strategy may be a deficiency on my own part.

    But, if I am not capable, it is only because J.P.O. is not built like that. I believe I’m better, but that is not to say better in every way.

    Best regards,


    Henry Davenport

    @ J.P.O:

    Fidel Castro’s first attempt to take over Cuba failed. He and a small band attacked a barracks and a radio station, planning to broadcast their message of revolution from the captured station, but they were repelled and captured and jailed, and some were tortured and one man at least was castrated.

    How much more pleasant it would have been for Castro and for his band if dictator Batista had said, “No problem Fidel, no need to engage in hostilities. If you’d like to use our radio station to broadcast your revolutionary messages, why go right ahead. We’ll be happy to give you a daily show for as long as you like. It will help our ratings.”

    That’s the deal that President Obama is offering us.

    Henry Davenport

    J.P.O., I don’t really understand your comment. If you’d feel like explaining it more, I’m all ears.

    “anonymous as can be reasonably expected.”

    Do you mean reasonably expected in order to be tactically effective, or to be safe? I assume you mean the latter, with the “bell the cat” reference. I’ve never seen signing WH messages as being unsafe at all (posting WH messages under your own name as I did maybe isn’t too bright), but lots of pro-Whites do.

    I don’t think the White House gives a hoot about us. I don’t consider it to be “belling the cat” at all. To me it’s just a very prominent cyber billboard.

    If I could understand your comment a little better, it might help me understand better why it is so incredibly hard to get pro-whites to sign these.

    Henry Davenport

    The latest reason given at SF for not signing the petitions is that they are an embarrassment because so few people are signing them.


    HD, that is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. Sometimes it’s not Anti-Whites that I see as the big threat to our people; it’s the thick-headed pro-Whites.

    Henry Davenport

    Jason, here’s the guy’s comment, if you’re interested.

    SF actually has threads with intense discussions about how to get more “rep.”


    HD, wow. The guy responds:

    When you have 20-30 thousands signatures per month… Let me know, I will gladly help… Seeing as not one of them reached 300, that’s embarrassing..

    It is, literally, the digital equivalent of NSM having a “march” that attracts a grand total of 15 people…

    So when we already have 20k signatures THEN he will help out! I notice his screen name is “1488 Sieg Heil”. You can’t make this stuff up. I’m sure he thinks he’s a real bad ass with a nic name like that. But he’s too embarrassed to be associated with something that isn’t already a smash hit.

    When a real pro-White movement gets going, I hope everyone remembers these clowns for what they are.

    Henry Davenport

    Jason wrote:

    “HD, wow. The guy [Mr. Sieg Heil] responds:

    When you have 20-30 thousands signatures per month… Let me know, I will gladly help… Seeing as not one of them reached 300, that’s embarrassing..”

    Yeah, I told him that if he’d been listening to his beloved Mr. H speak in a beer hall in Germany in the early days, he would have told Mr. H, “When you have 20-30 thousand followers…Let me know, I will gladly help… Seeing as how you don’t even have 300 now, that’s embarrassing..”

    But absolutely nothing penetrates.

    I dreamt last night that I was back teaching math, and in frustration finally asked a student, “How long is a 30 inch cord?” and the student couldn’t answer.

    The dream had exactly the feeling I had during several hours (well let’s be honest…it was a whole freaking day!) I spent on a private thread on SF a couple of days ago getting some opinions about our monthly White house Meme-Bombs.

    “I think that it’s better to retire to our own lairs and dictate the terminology from there.”

    (WHAT terminology? “Joos joos joos joos…”??)

    And that was from a guy I like, a very steady Stalwart who like most of the Stalwarts who still sign I’m pretty sure, signs only out of an admirable collegial feeling.

    SF’ers apparently see their site as a blinding (well, it is apparently that) beacon of light that beams its rays to all potential pro-whites out in Whitelandia and calls them home to SF. Where they can spend the rest of their days passing love notes back and forth to their new compadres.

    There are some activists there of course, but their minds are just as impenetrable.

    One new guy did volunteer to receive the reminders on the FIRST of each month and sign, but he said he thought it was “tilting at windmills.”

    Another said of the petitions, “It was a good idea but it fizzled.”

    My high hopes to do a lot more with the project indeed have fizzled, because pro-whites won’t provide the number of signers necessary to do more (and at present we’re again having difficulty even getting the initial 150 sigs to make a few petitions visible), but for two years we’ve been displaying our STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes on the website of the president of the United States.

    The part in bold is such an improbable conjunction that I would think it unnecessary to say anything more than just that to anyone!!!

    But I was informed by a higher-up at SF that the phrase “website of the president of the United States” was “not true.” I showed him that the phrase was lifted exactly from the Wash Post article on our petitions long ago.

    Is SF being used by the CIA to test some new mind-altering drug? It’s extremely unsettling to me to find myself now living in a country where there is a sizable group of White people, namely the “pro-whites” who are supposedly on my side, that I don’t understand AT ALL. I understand the White anti-whites on the left, and pretty much the anti-white Whites on the right, I understand apolitical Whites, I feel I even understood Mexicans and Guatemalans reasonably well when I spent a few weeks in those countries.

    Horus’ explanation about pro-whites was always “they are dissidents.” I never understood what that was supposed to explain, but maybe it was just a way of saying that the mental processes of most pro-whites reduce to one single response to all external stimuli: “No!”

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