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    Henry Davenport

    Whites show up here who’ve felt the crushing weight of the anti-white takeover of white minds and homelands, and their response for years has been to resolutely strike back directly at every piece of territory the anti-whites have won. This is sometimes reflected in usernames that attempt to fling right back in the enemy’s face some of the enemy’s favorite word-weapons like “fascist.”

    But flinging such words back at the anti-whites undermines the technique we use here. As I posted to a new such bugser on the working thread last night,

    “One of the big things at bugs is that we try very hard to sidestep the attitudes of our target audience that have been pre-formed against us. It has nothing at all to do with our own views! A typical white who glances at your moniker will pay no more attention to your post or to any other bugser post for the rest of that article and for as long as he remembers your moniker.”

    If I’d thought about it more, I would have made my reply more considerate by acknowledging the difficulties involved in giving up such usernames.

    Whites like the new bugser especially probably selected their back-in-your-face-antiwhites usernames as an expression of their strongest beliefs in this battle, and as an expression of their strong determination to not give in to what the anti-whites have been doing to us. Such a username will have become an “inseprable” identity for its holder even more than the usernames of the rest of us…I feel a strong identity to my own username, which is a somewhat silly one for this site, and I would feel gutted without it, for at least awhile. Hmm…

    Another difficulty in changing usernames is that it generally requires a new email address, which means you have to keep a new email box open (which can be a problem) to see responses to your swarm posts and be able to reply to them.

    While the harm in using such names when swarming is obvious to most of us here, it’s NOT obvious to the new bugsers who have the names! So quite naturally, they may just feel bullied by our initial admonitions to them to change their names. We need to take this natural reaction into account somehow, maybe as zyzz did (I had mistakenly thought it was Jason) in his wonderfully courteous comment to the same bugser on page 416 of “Where Did You Post the Mantra Today II?”

    But such usernames need to be changed, and changed quickly.


    yeah, we need to use positive nicknames… foods, virtues, plants and animals, deities like Freya and Neptune, heroes like Charles Martel and Sobieski, legends like Paul Bunyan and Theseus… things that remind people of the greatness of white culture

    Henry Davenport

    Here’s zyzz’s lovely post…a model!!

    Please don’t take offense to this…

    You may run into problems with your username. You and I may be sympathetic to fascist ideology but lots of people out there will outright dismiss the Mantra and call you names due to your user name. I got called out on my old user name (fascistbrah) before Beefcake politely asked me to change it to something more “normal” and palatable to the masses. Please consider logging out and creating a new user name. After all, the entire goal is to spread the Mantra and our terminology. All the rest can come after we establish our terminology. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. You are doing good work though. Glad you are here.

    To random whites who may read this thread, it’s worth mentioning that the range of opinion among us concerning political systems is very large. Don’t jump to conclusions.

    Henry Davenport

    @ steadiness: Oh God, I don’t want to change my username! Lol! Arghhh!

    Daniel Genseric

    We are ambassadors of and advocates for the white race, don’t forget that.


    thanks for the mention.

    its nice to have a user name you like and feel a sense of identity with however, for our points and purposes while Swarming, it is best to have a nondescript and boring username. The message is more important than the speaker at this moment.

    Thanks to Beefcake for my polite welcome and advice as well.


    Just wanted to say Fascism is Liberty is my Youtube buddy and posts a lot of great stuff and puts the anti-Whites to shame.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    I would like to say that trying to dance around people’s preconcieved sensibilities in the name of “appealing to the average” White is like the SCV presenting Black Confederates as proof against racism. We will always be called racist, bigot, hater, etc because of what we SAY not what we call ourselves.


    sure, but wouldn’t you rather listen to basilpesto or belisarius or beowulf than hitlernazideathcamp?


    Seeker, I think there may be a difference between using non-inflammatory usernames and the silly business about black confederates. In a sense, isn’t the Mantra all about getting around the mental blocks and, if you will, sensibilities, that have been drilled into people? Isn’t that the whole point? I mean, I can rename myself RacistBigotHater if I want to, but it seems likely to get in the way of the message.

    The Right has called the Left names like Commie and Traitor for generations. Notice, the other side doesn’t cop to that. They don’t call themselves CommieTraitor, with the attitude that we’ll call them that anyway.

    So yeah, I think how you present yourself NOT TO THE ANTI-WHITES, but to the REACHABLE WHITES matters a lot. Part of the Mantra is about marketing, as is all politics. If you are selling something, you cannot be oblivious to what works and what gets in the way. Believe me, I have lots of names I would like to use, but when doing Mantra work, I think it is better to let the Mantra be the message, not me.

    I like your name by the way.

    Dick Whitman

    Fascismizliberty is obvioulsy a bad idea just as “hitlerismyhomeboy” or “smashingpuppiesisfun” or “Ihatekikes” is a bad idea. I would hope that this would be obvious but I don’t want to be judgmental.

    It’s good to see more new people. Welcome.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    Jason, my name is what I am and what I have seen in the past couple of months here is a growing cadre of folks that believe we shouldn’t say certain things because of this cadre’s idea of what “the average” White may or may not believe.
    You are right we are here to try and get around the mental blocks. Why? To attack said block from the back, but now we are nitpicking and that is not the way to go.

    Henry Davenport

    Seeker, we’d probably agree that “fascism is liberty” is a statement we wouldn’t write in the text of a bugser post. A username is a little less blatant than text, but I think usernames that make statements are read as being statements.

    @ Lily: I hope your YT buddy won’t be too put off by all this critique which happened to land on him! It doesn’t imply anything but the warmest feelings toward someone who’s joining us here in the fight! Any new bugser should know that we sometimes do this sort of thing with each other’s output, and can sometimes be (as I believe I’ve been in this case) a little clumsy at it. It’s not personal, but is intended to make each of us and the group as a whole as effective as possible.


    Assuming you have multiple usernames (everyone should in my opinion), I would consider uploading a white genocide video on to your profile or create a public playlist of videos where they can learn more… people that are intrigued by the mantra will probably click on your profile.

    A johnnywhiterabbit song/How Whites Took America or any of the other videos should be sufficient


    Maybe use different usernames when not doing Mantra work. If you want to be devilish and have fun, just don’t combine it with Mantra activity. So, use a decent name for Mantra work and do what you want on your own time, with non-Mantra stuff.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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