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Using Twitter to spread Mantra

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    How can Twitter be used to effectively spread the Mantra?


    When one of our bugsers makes a video, I use Twitter to pass it on.

    This is one way that I have used twitter.


    my “Avatar” on twitter is the mantra.. I actually got the billboard tactic idea from the Duluth campaign.. 140 characters is kinda rough, but you learn to improvise..


    I’ve actually sent things to people (authors and TV analysts) and gotten responses. Something along the lines of “John Doe is a coward who bashes White Christians routinely but refuses to discuss Jewish influence in media”. This was before I had heard of the mantra. I actually got a response back from Alec Baldwin, Keith Olbermann and Rosanne Barr (the last one claimed Zionists were keeping her from working now – very strange). Now, it could have been their staff responding, who knows.

    Also, an Jewish author who writes on the dangers of “the Christian Right” all the time rewteeted it to her followers to show what trouble Jews and women have to “deal with”.

    I never use my real name when tweeting, of course. Beyond that, I know we aren’t trying to point out Jewish power in this case. But, I was amazed that can provoke a response sometimes. People like Bill Maher and Ann Coulter DO read many of their tweets and it may give them a gauge for what the people are thinking.

    Daniel Genseric
    Daniel Genseric

    start doing THIS [or similar] on tweeter:

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. Their programs have a unique way of achieving a future with NO MORE WHITES. It is #whitegenocide.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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