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We Need to Use 'Diversity' In Our Banners

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    Mimmy Jarr

    you seem to have found some like-minded people in your hometown –you are fortunate.

    Finding and working with others is like walking a tightrope. The more people you get, the more likely you are to get off message.

    The production of the YouTube video for this very project is a perfect example of how things can get derailed.

    Even though I find it embarrassing, check it out to see what I mean. Every time you enlist the assistance of another person in a project you relinquish some control and increase the probability of derailing the message.

    Mimmy Jarr

    Our job, as I see it, is to point out the problem, NOT to sell a solution.

    Every activist has his preferred variation of solution. Whites do not agree on any single solution at this stage of our struggle, so our best chance of achieving unity is to stick exclusively to pointing out the problem: White Genocide


    Good points on group dynamics, especially concerning our people who have as Kai Murros says, a high degree of self-rightousness and stubbornness (as apposed to perseverance) –which is a bad thing.

    But your point is well taken and is what Bob has been saying for years:
    It’s not about the economy or past history or (fill-in-the-blank), it’s about “White Genocide.”


    Mimmy BNP, and AFP will push our message. I don’t see or hear anything to be embarrassed about at all.

    It’s a grass roots movement that footage will be priceless in years to come.

    You might not see it now but it will be looked upon warmly and fondly.

    P.S. I know you want it to be perfect but nothing is perfect…we want what works…and you are doing my friend not only works…it works WELL.


    What do you think of using “similarity unites people, diversity divides people”?

    Mimmy Jarr

    What do you think of using “similarity unites people, diversity divides people”?

    I like it. It could easily be shortened to “Similarity unites. Diversity divides”.

    For outdoor signs, a lot depends on locational context. How fast is traffic moving? How big is the sign? Held or hung? How many people?

    time for freedom

    Careful here guys…You are starting to get off message with this one. Just sayin.

    Good Luck and keep up the great work



    Some of those video shots look really good. You guys are normalizing real people speaking publicly about White Genocide.

    Great point about the problems caused by bringing in more people. Yet sometimes you need them. It’s an art and you do the best you can.


    Mag: What do you think of using “similarity unites people, diversity divides people”?


    It does nothing for us.


    WOW! Mimmy, make up a new topic in the swarm – ‘Portland Bugs attack again’, or something, and repost that photo of the banner.
    Thae banner is really something, it should have its own Topic.

    Mimmy Jarr

    You can start a new thread with it if like, Mandela.

    I’m pissed off about it because the work I put into this project has been hijacked into a fundraising effort for political organizations I don’t support.

    Mimmy Jarr

    I mean listen to that dumbass sound track and opening image on the video. The message is so scrambled up it takes a schizophrenic to project any meaning at onto it.

    The only gist I can make out of it is that those guys want people to send them money through a couple of lame ass, conservatard, political party organizations so they can use the money to fight White genocide by standing on the shoulder of a road for 45 minutes and then go out and get drunk and wake up in the basement of some Japanese family etc, etc.


    I don’t find it amusing in the least.


    Jimmy it’s not meant to be amusing, it’s RAW…you know those movies that are meant to be “real” documentaries like Cloverfield or the Blair witch?

    It gives a Sense of authenticity…you are right its not perfect but that’s OK. Bob always said someone would take the message and get the credit for it .

    We are just the grunts.

    Tom Bowie

    @Mimmy Jarr
    The video was interesting and I did a tiny bit of investigating so far. The head of at least one of the organizations was unaware of the video and thanked BUGS for the mention as well as saying how active BUGS is becoming. (He was put on the spot as somebody on a radio show credited it to him; being familiar with his style, he was in “what the heck is going on” mode when they said that.) He seems to think BUGS made the video and was helping him by advertising his group; as some Rabbits have helped him on events in the past. (Rabbits are found in unlikely places.)
    Now, who put the video together, I don’t know but I know the people to ask and perhaps find out.

    As for real world connections; I live in La Plata, Maryland (Southern MD. / Charles County) and it’s not like it’s a secret.
    Anti-Whites already know where I live and avoid me for some reason.
    E-Mail =



    All that means “Mimmy Jarr”, is that you will have to go out and get another video! Shoot it again on site – keep on top of the message.

    Best regards,


    Mimmy Jarr

    You’re right, J.P.O.

    I’ve spent enough time pissing and moaning about this small mishap. I appreciate the BUGS shoulder to cry on, and now I’ll move on.

    I’ll just have to be a little more wary around pro-Whites. They cause me a lot more heartache than anti-Whites because I actually care about what they think and do.

    Henry Davenport

    Mimmy (I feel silly calling you “Mimmy”!), could you make a deal with whoever helps you that they make one video the way you say to make it, and then within reason they can do anything else with the footage they want?

    That would be like getting a freebie in fact: you get the video you want (we hope), and in addition they also spread our memes doing whatever they decide to do with them.

    For the good video, here’s a good mini we’ve used forever that someone could recite slowly as the camera pans over that banner:

    Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.

    Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity.

    They are already 100% diverse.
People are only telling white children in white countries that they need diversity.
White Countries will be 100% diverse when there are no white people left.

    Diversity is a code-word for white genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    Someone here who swarms a lot could maybe collect a nice assortment of minis, and you could make a video of that banner with someone just reciting those minis as the soundtrack.

    In fact, are you able to have someone extract the footage of the banner and just make a real short video with 3 or 5 minis being recited slowly as the soundtrack?

    Just an idea.

    Thanks so much for everything you’re doing!

    Mimmy Jarr

    Good idea, Henry. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for consolidating the ideas.


    One of the posters I made, I came up with:

    When Tibet is full of Chinese – it’s genocide.
    When White areas are full of non-Whites – it’s “diversity”.

    But, I don’t know if you could get something that long on a banner.

    You’d probably have to shorten it to: Tibet full of Chinese = Genocide. West (or White areas) full of non-Whites = “Diversity”?


    What a pleasant surprise to see that banner go up!

    Let’s try and reach a little further… Make one for

    “‘Civil Rights’ is a code word for White Genocide”


Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 40 total)
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