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    Daniel Genseric

    Bob’s petition letter has been signed by 21 pro-White dissidents thus far. Please feel free to stop by and add your John Hancock to the list.

    Edit: I apologize for the double-post. Please delete this when you have time.

    Daniel Genseric

    I just wanted to update this mini thread and note that more than 60 people have now signed the online petition. I would also like to add that found the need to ‘trim’ the White genocide banner that I originally posted. I am sure if asked, they would say in a very nasal tone, ‘the computers did it’ or some other nonsense.

    What are people’s thoughts on more petitions to countries in the Eastern bloc? Would this detract from the potency of a “one people – one petition” sort of plea for help?

    Daniel Genseric

    Getting some serious static from a few of The Faithful over at The World’s Largest White Supremacist Factory. Here is what I got hit with when asking pro-White dissidents to sign Bob’s letter….

    Originally Posted by Genseric
    “Like I said, this just won’t APPEAL to most around here. It represents action.”

    “First off you insult most Stormfront members with that line, and then claim that signing one’s name on a piece on an electronic document represents action. It doesn’t. A guy writing informative posts on SF and maybe convincing a few lurkers that WN is good is a lot more “active” than someone who signs their name on a document which is 99.99999% sure to result in absolutely nothing.

    Oh and I dead read that letter; while its content certainly is true, and I hope that as many people as possible will see it, there’s no doubt in my mind that it will just get laughed into nothingness once it reaches the Russian embassy. Look, I understand the idea behind the petition, but the fact of the matter is that this situation of ours won’t be solved by sending a known opponent of White Nationalism a small petition. It’s not that easy.”

    Oh by the way, I am getting more heat than that in SM.


    The petition has now reached 100 signatures.

    Daniel Genseric

    Now 117 Signatures.

    Bob’s petition letter has now been covered by James Edwards of Political Cesspool lore.

    Thank you to the BUGSter who made this happen on TPC!

    It seems to be gathering a head of steam. I also found a website I have never heard of mentioning the petition. Here, almost exactly halfway down the page:
    “Anonymous said…

    There is a petition being sent to the Russian President.

    Russian President: Please Help Put an End to White Genocide

    We helped put an end to Communist oppression in the former Soviet Union, so its about time RUSSIANS started helping AMERICAN dissidents for a change.”
    October 1, 2011 4:10 PM

    Daniel Genseric

    Just an update in case anyone cares.

    The online petition containing Bob’s letter to Medvedev over at has garnered 175 signatures thus far. Just yesterday, more than 25 people added their names to help stop genocide.

    Happy hunting.



    Good job. I signed it a couple days back. In case you did not know, James Edwards carried Bob’s post on their blog. I responded to defend the petition and posted the link in “where did you post the mantra today”. Just in case you did not know about it. I’ll post the link again here.

    Dick Whitman

    Signed a few days ago.

    Daniel Genseric

    Thank you H and Mr. Whitman.

    I was not aware of that. 180 pro-White dissidents have made the pledge to not have White genocide go unanswered.

    I am taking quite a lot of heat for it over at N&J these days. The petition has been called “foolish” and “stupid” and “Jew-pandering” and many other things I won’t repeat since they were said in SM. It pains me to think that they prefer inaction and bickering over PRODUCTION.

    Like Bob said, it’s worth a try.

    I wonder what part of “…by any means necessary” is confusing for them, Rabbit.

    Thanks again to everyone who cared enough to take ten seconds out of the day and sign their name.

    -D. Genseric


    Genseric is welcome. I signed and I also sent a copy of Bob’s letter earlier. I have no problem with “by any means necessary.” I have no clear idea about high level politics, but I do clearly see that what is being pushed IS genocidal. I’m mad,mad,mad, at what is taught, with a smiley face, to kids. And the murder that is encouraged and then ignored.

    C Bear

    I just checked. We reached 200!

    Daniel Genseric

    224 pro-White dissidents added their names to the list as of this morning.


    signed this petition; sent letter to Medvedev via H.Avenger’s link; sent mass email of both links; and will write letter to Medvedev and send via reg mail as well. I decided to use my real name.

    Daniel Genseric

    Here is another blog/forum I have never heard of before. They popped up when I googled ‘White genocide petition.’ Interesting comments.!

    246 signatures as of today.

    Daniel Genseric

    274 pro-White dissidents have now signed the petition.

    Daniel Genseric

    I have now included an open invitation at the petition for any signer to join the Swarm. So, let’s be on the look-out as best as we can for infiltrators as I have seen the enemy perusing/covering the petition.

    Daniel Genseric

    304 pro-White signatures!

    We have our 300, folks! Now, it’s time to recruit them.

    Henry Davenport

    I want to repost this post by Bob here in case other newbies trying to get the petition out, and to accompany it with some statement of what it’s intended to accomplish, will have this available to quote or to craft a statement from. Perhaps the webmaster would think it a good idea to have Bob’s post at the top of this thread where it will immediately be seen by anyone clicking the link White Genocide Petition? Maybe precede it by the petition itself, which like this post by Bob is sort of “hidden” on the home page? As time goes on, this page will likely be “the petition page,” and the link to it is the only link presently to anything about the petition, I believe.

    I got a post up on Amren today pumping for the petition (post 45), and I want to post a little more about it on the same thread now.

    Mantra Thinking and the Russian Appeal
    Posted by Bob in Coaching Session on 10/1/2011

    The appeal to Russia is a means of seizing a position just as the Mantra was.

    The Mantra starts off pointing out something that everyone knows but nobody says: So called tolerance has long since become something that is simply anti-white, in fact, white genocide.

    The Russian appeal makes something equally clear: We are the radicals, we are the dissidents, we are the persecuted the real establishment suppresses.

    The Mantra bypasses all the long since discredited claims of anti-whites to represent tolerance.

    The appeal to Russia, once again, is a flat statement of what anyone living in today’s world can see but never mention:

    That so called academic freedom is obviously an academic police state, that it is ridiculous to claim that billionaire financed campaigns represent Change, as in “Change you can count on.”

    But we found that it was not effective to take one step at a time on labeling white genocide.

    We just SAID it.

    And it worked.

    The Russian appeal does the same thing. It simple states that we are the dissidents and that it is time that Russia helped us oppose the same tyranny that was overthrown by Russians.

    When the USSR fell, it was called the Fall of the Nomenclatura, the Communist circle of insiders who ruled Russia.

    Pat Buchanan pointed out that it was time for us to throw out OUR nomenclatura.

    But respectable conservatives immediately began to defend the academic police state and the billionaire rule of the media by the left as entirely different from the Soviets.

    That’s what respectable conservatives get paid for, and Pat Buchanan was of course scorned.

    In the DECADES since it has become more and more clear to everybody that OUR nomenclatura is as blatant as the Soviet one was, as Pat said.

    So to cut through all the crap, as with the Mantra, we appeal directly to Russia as the real dissidents.

    Lord Nelson said he would send it to the Russians, as did one or two others, and one has already done so.

    I have just put it out there.

    It is on the World Wide Web, so the appeal has already been publicly made to Russia. You can develop it and try it as you like. You can send it to Russia. You can see if it appeals to some segment of the media.

    Putin himself or his supporters might like it.

    All we can do is TRY it.

    Daniel Genseric

    I was wondering where those other twenty signatures came from all of a sudden. Now it makes perfect sense. Great work, HD!

    315 pro-White dissidents have now signed the petition to Medvedev and company.

    Daniel Genseric


Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 150 total)
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