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    We did this video:

    This video has now over 10 000 views in 5 days. And this video was for Scandinavians. We also see people are beginning to use our terminology like anti-white and genocide.

    Now we are in the process of doing a similar video suited for America and English speaking people in general.

    We need your help!

    We need youtube clips were they talk about:

    1) immigration
    2) integration
    3) assimilation/race mixing and so on
    4) brown future
    5) free will (as an excuse for immigration)
    6) can’t generalize
    7) something is too white
    8 ) affirmative action i.e. discriminating whites
    9) someone calling into a radio show and explaining that this is about white genocide

    10) something obviously anti-white

    Let us use what the anti-whites have said and done against them 😉

    Feu Denfer

    Excellent work Adelheim! To you non-scandinavians: Before this video i never noticed any real mantra comments in swedish videos. Now I see anti white and genocide used everywhere.

    Feu Denfer

    Do we post here, or should we send links by email?


    Yes, post the youtube clips here, and it will be of great use if you can point to the time in the video were the particular expression is used for example say that it starts 13:05 in the video.

    Example: “youtube link” uses the word integration at 5:05


    Forced integration of Marin county, California for being “too white.”

    At 1:22 a black woman says that they must be forced to “do more.” aka speed up the genocide.


    Indian “comedian” joks about white genocide. Misleads audience into thinking that it is not just whites who are targeted.

    0:32 this type of things is not going to be able to happen 300 years from now, if we make it. This type fo thing is not going to be able to happen. Do you realize there is not going to be anymore white people? (big laughter from audience)

    0:57 There is nothing you can do about it

    1:04 it’s inevitable

    1:12 You can run from us now, but sooner or later, we are going to hump you. i and im thinking that if we are all going to mix anyways, we should start mixing now. ladies take some chances, sleep around a bit. if you see that indian comedian that you really want to have sex with i say go for it.

    Feu Denfer

    Barack Obama on his typicall white grandma.


    Interview with Jeb Bush

    1:44 Let’s take somebody of our age who was born in florida, who grew up in florida and now wanders around portions of his own state and feels as though he is the foreigner

    3:04 with all due respect to the people that may feel that they’re the foreigner in these COUNTRIES (emphasis my own, he was only asked about the state of florida) if they look at the next generation that assimilation aculturation is happening just as it did generations ago.


    Germany does away with itself

    1:06 critics (respectable conservatives) complain about a lack of integration

    1:20 new book causes “storm of protests” members of germanys central bank have asked the german president to remove the books author thilo sarrazi from his position on the board many feel he went to far in prediciting germanys “cultural” (racial) and economic demise because of immigration issues.

    2:00 I’m not blaming the individual arab for (welfare parasitism spiel) I’m blaming our SYSTEM for allowing such conditions to exist.

    4:03 i think there is a problem in germany where we do not have the courage to speak openly on certain issues. we need an open and honest debate and to address the problems as they are

    Feu Denfer

    Russia Today: “In Germany, experts are divided over chancellor Angela Merkel’s comments that immigrants there need to do more to integrate”.


    BNP debate

    0:30 That’s exactly what Enoch Powell did and i don’t think he would recognize this country today. if you think that one of two afro-carribean children in this country today either have a white mother or a white father that’s how much this country has changed since enoch powell mad that speech (applause)

    1:00 hatred and fear peddling, hatred and fear against the minority that actually has to defend itself (meanwhile we are the minority at 9% of the planet and the anti-whites constantly peddle hatred against us “oppressors” “white privilege” “racists” and peddle fear that we are naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews etc…)



    The multicultral approach has failed but this is why Integration is so important….integration is one of our main tasks


    BNP tv

    Jack Straw “British” government immigration minister
    7:49 I scacely no ANYBODY, certainly I AM NOT ONE OF THEM who can say they are true British or true english.

    8:48 one of the great strengths of this country, is it’s diversity

    9:00 I understand the very accutely in my constituency where now 30% of the population are of Asian origin.

    9:05 it can be very disturbing to people

    9:48 discontent with ALL THE POLITICAL PARTIES

    Peter Whiterabbit

    Former President Bill Clinton’s comments, “”In short, can we become one America in the 21st century? A half century from now when your own grandchildren are in college there will be no majority race in America. Now, we know what we will look like, but what will we be like? Can we be one America, respecting, even celebrating our differences, but embracing even more what we have in common?”
    Bill Clinton 1997

    Link includes audio



    8:20 Who are the British people?

    8:28 the white

    8:34 what do you mean by indegenous, you mean the white (notice the hostility towards our race, such contempt, accusing us of DARING to care about our own people)

    8:54 no one here, not jack straw would gow to new zealand and say to a maori “what do you mean indegenous” wouldn’t dare to go to north america and say to a red indian a sioux or whatever, what do you mean indegenous we are all the same. the indegenous people of these islands the english the scots the irish and the welsh.. (jack straw interrupts with the accusation) THE WHITES! THE WHITES!

    the people who have been here overwhelmingly for the last 17,000 years, we are the aboriginees here. the majority of the british people are decended from those who have been here since time immemorial (jack straw interrupts) NOT ME! and it is genuinely racist when you seek to deny the english, you people wouldn’t even let us have our name on the census form that is racism and that is why people are voting british national party because we fee; shut out in our own country. guided tours of the lake country have been canceled because only white people were going on them.


    would have been better if nick had said anti-white instead of using their term “racist” but the speech got applause because he went on the offensive.

    Peter Whiterabbit
    Peter Whiterabbit

    International Rabbit has great videos, but are of poor video quality:

    We should be able to hunt down better quality clips on youtube or elsewhere. Adelheim, this is quite a bit to digest. Feel free to contact me if you want me to take a more active role (Horus has my email)



    0:00 turned down 108 recruits because they were white

    0:20 The greatest act of genocide against the british people in history

    2:58 indian says mocking “white britain”

    3:00 indian says “this is my country”

    3:24 indian says “go to the south pole it’s a colorless landscape it will suit you fine”

    5:02 Jack Straw: “i come from immigrant stock, third generation jewish immigres on my mother’s side”

    5:20 “i understand people’s concerns about the pace of change”

    It makes me livid when these anti-Whites talk about “oh we understand there are concerns with the pace of change” as if destroying my race is fine as long as it happens slowly.

    9:17 black woman says “on of these greatest qualities of our democracy is that we have freedom of speech and freedom of expression, if w don’t have it we’re doomed” (you may use this if you have clips of the people being thrown in prison for heresy “hate speech.”


    Actually to be honest it doesn’t really make me livid to hear them say that now that I can truly hear it for what it is. My executioner saying “don’t worry I’ll make this nice and comfortable for you” well I choose life. There are some who are consoled by their executioner’s words, who think “oh the nice executioner understands that I am uncomfortable while he murders me and is kind enough to give me some anesthesia to numb me to the pain of death.” Not me, I rise up against my executioner.

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