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    Daniel Genseric

    @Gavin & the Hartmann Link

    Hartmann: “The far right said this was an ‘anti-White’ rant? I am curious as to your response…”

    Howler Dean: “I think…the far right are crazy. I mean, I am White. Why would I be anti-White?”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell us. ONLY you can answer that Howie. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ANTI-WHITE? What the hell does Hate have to do with it? Show our children some love, you nitwit.

    MORE Howieisms:

    10:55 –
    Howie: At home I still continue to support progressive candidates wherever I can.

    Host: Yeah that’s one thing I was curious about is you know, you that was part of your campaign. You really wanted to support a lot of other Candidates, not just yourself. There seems to be a need almost for some sort of an institute or college or something to Train and Nurture young candidates.

    Howie: Well, as you mention it. There is such a thing. My brother still runs what’s left of my campaign. It’s called Democracy For America…They actually do trainings. They do about 30 Trainings a year.

    12:38 – On playing as a Democratic Team and voting together for Obama.

    Howie – Well look, I think at the end of the day. You have one vote. You have a choice between Obama and somebody on the Far Right who is going to Wreck The Country. So, it’s a pretty open and shut case to me.

    The SCREAM

    Daniel Genseric

    @ Adelheim

    Simply brilliant.

    $600 carrots is a lot to scrape together just for Vegas. Then you need a machine that can handle running that big dog.


    George W Bush

    0:07 I believe that there will eventually be a rational immigration policy passed. But it’s going to take some time. (cuts to shot of a bunch of young people, half non-white, in audience)

    What’s interesting about our country, if you study history. There are some “isms” that occasionally pop up, one is isolationism and it’s evil twin protectionism and it’s evil triplet nativism, so if you study the 20’s for example there was a american first policy that said who cares what happens in europe….

    0:45 and there was an immigration policy that i think during this period said we have too many jews and too many italians and therefor we should have no immigrants and my point is that we have been through the period of isolationism, protectionism and nativism and I am a little concerned that we may be going through this same period.


    Chris Matthews “crackers”

    0:29 so much of this attack on obama has been as homnem directed at obama the person the president, wheather it’s some cracker out there on the right.


    Gordon Brown confronted by woman

    woman 1:30 you can’t say anything about these immigrants

    woman 2:15 I’m thinking about my grandchildren

    gordon 2:52 It’s been very good to meet you and you’ve been wearing the right color today ha ha ha

    3:00 Gordon brown drives away with microphone on and we catch a glimpse of his true face (oh that bigoted woman etc…)

    5:39 sometimes you say things that YOU DON’T MEAN TO SAY. Sometimes you say things by mistake. (the mask slips)


    Tm Wise (Jew who pretends to be white and promotes the genocide of my race)

    0:50 By 2040 Whites will be a plurality but no longer a majority of the american public.

    1:50 The prototypical american today is very different from what it would have looked like 10 years ago even 20 years ago

    1:57 That scares a lot of white folks (why do these anti-whites always say “folks”) who are NOT READY FOR THAT (aka not yet willing to accept our genocide)

    1:30 We have a pop culture that is thoroughly multicultural

    *The anti-Whites always use these words like “folks” and “drives them batty” to put a sort of cute and folksy charm facade on their evil lurking beneath the surface.


    They want to disarm our people with their “aw shucks” attitude, so they can slip them the poison. They are insidious.

    BTW. There is another video of this anti-White doing a sort of “urban preacher” type spiel, it’s hilarious.

    0:05 If you know the history of the whole concept of whiteness, if you know the history of the whole concept of the white race, where it came from and for what reason. you would know that it was a trick and it has worked brilliantly.

    5:00 now we have people running around insisting that we close the border with mexico

    7:00 75% of the white folks in St.Bernard Parish voted for David Duke, white supremacist neo-nazi former head of the klu klux klan (wow he got in all 3 in 3 seconds!)

    9:05 THE WHITENESS! (oh the horrible whiteness!!!)


    Disgusting creature says all sorts of vile and profane things about white woman including threats of violence. Oh don’t worry it’s a “comedy”


    This short little african has a huge inferiority complex. Another “comedy”

    1:40 She has the self-respect to not sell out her race and this Africans flips out and calls her a “racist psychotic bitch”

    Funny how the anti-Whites always say “just let the ladies choose who they want to be with” and then freak out when a woman choses to not betray her race. Many of our woman are terrorized by this, I have seen dating ads where a woman will use the most timid and “sensitive” and apologetic words to say that she doesn’t betray her race and then in her terror desperately deny any heresy.

    This tyranny is vile and the ant-Whites are scum, terrorizing our women like this.


    Nick Griffin and anti-White Nick Lowles

    3:15 NG: You’ve taken London from the English and given it to the foreigners

    Anti-White: And we are going to drive you out, and we want Stoke and we want Burnley and we want Cromwell, we want falleyal, we want Bradford


    Penn and teller bullshit

    7:00 Colleges and freedom are being crushed by a word that students are being brainwashed into repeating like a hari krishna chant (cut to a bunch of idiots say “diversity”)


    Interview about immigration penn and teller

    1:03 There are also those who don’t like white people and that’s why they want more immigration

    1:10 If we want to open up borders it’s because we don’t like white people


    Here is the video for the penn and teller college 2 posts up


    Duke professor Jacob Vigdor explains a policy to promote immigrant assimilation

    0:35 We are going to increase legal immigration

    0:53 the part of it is really important about encouraging assimilation


    “Respectable Conservative” Rep. Steve King of Iowa

    0:00 We have to have assimilation


    Tim Wise Interview

    It gets very annoying when this Jewish anti-White keeps saying “folks” and claiming to be White.

    1:54 I’m blasting white folks or calling for the death of white people

    2:10 In 40 years when half of this country is people of color

    2:21 They need to enjoy their victories while they can because THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LAST FOREVER (permanent “defeat” aka white genocide)

    3:49 That’s the future weather they like it or not

    4:28 They are the last generation of white americans

    4:43 I think the country will be better off when we are in a position of multicultural multi racial America, that’s the America of the future.

    6:00 The better news is that in 40 years when half the country and folks of color

    6:54 The point I’m trying to make is, So laugh it up, drink a big glass of champagne or pop a cold one or whatever it is you want to do but understand that the clock is ticking


    tim wise

    1:43 If you do something which has a predictable consequence, you have to be accountable for that consequence.

    I”m very glad Tim said this himself.

    Secret Squirrel

    New Tram video, with a Black guy saying he wants to kill White people. This one will get no media attention at all, which is a good thing to point out in your video.

    My Tram Experience in France

    I haven’t seen the video maker before and he is pointing out the anti-White contradictions, like a Mantra pro:

    “How come millions of Africans aren’t moving to Japan to get welfare and affirmative action; then people telling the Japanese “it’s OK, we’re all from Africa”?

    How come blacks always talk about slavery when “we’re all Africans anyway”?

    Why do people say “we’re all the same, we all bleed red” then claim only white people are racist and that we need to correct for selective interpretations of history by punishing white people? How does any of this ‘solve’ racism?

    j1mmyZeta 2 hours ago


    More from Howard

    1:43 I didn’t grow up with people who were different than I am (lucky duck) we grew up in silos, we believed in the principle of it but we didn’t actually live it (no kidding)

    1:54 Young people in the United States and around the world (in every white country and only white countries) have friends of every color, every ethnicity, every religion, every sexual orientation and they all date each other (you seem pretty happy about that Howard, like the genocide of my race is moving right ahead smoothly.)

    2:03 Now what does this mean? (white genocide)

    3:22 one of the things that’s fascinating about this election that nobody ever talks about, the republicans get very nervous when I talk about it is that demographics are driving this.

    3:36 It’s the last gasp of an old generation

    3:49 These are almost all over 55 almost all white and they are looking at a demographics of a new generation and now a new president that signals a change that’s irreversible that’s happening in our country.

    4:03 In California for the last 15 or 20 years there has been no majority, there has been asian americans , anglos, african american, hispanics, american indians etc… but there is none of them that are in the majority and that’s what the united states is going to look like in another 20 or 30 years

    4:21 and all of a sudden people have seen this coming for a long time. but all of a sudden barack obama the first multicultural president elected by the multicultural generation


    Forced integration (absolutely disgusting brainwashing attempt on young kids, you MUST feel the way the anti-White social engineers want you to and if you don’t you are an evil racist naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews)

    0:00 Last year in an attempt to bridge racial division two of the towns most segregated schools in oldham, one almost entirely white, one almost entirely asian were merged over the last year

    2:02 Young white girls says “we get treated like we are nothing”

    3:17 Anti-White says “we know the path that we are on”

    3:36 Anti-White says “we are trying to change attitudes towards the groups in general and thats what the oldham experiment is all about”

    7:11 Asian girl saying she is not comfortable with it and doesn’t want to go back (but will be forced to anyways by the anti-whites)

    8:53 If we don’t let our children do these things and mix together it will never work, if we say yeah go ahead go and do that it will eventually hopefully work better (brainwashing working)

    9:30 We got to put what we think and feel to the back (brainwashing complete)

Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 93 total)
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