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    When Tim Wise says “now we have people running around insisting that we close the border with mexico”

    A border is by definition closed or controlled, if a border is not closed or controlled it is not a border. What Tim Wise is saying is that he doesn’t want there to be a border.

    If you do not have a border you do not have a country. If you advocate getting rid of a border you are advocating getting rid of a country and that by definition makes you a traitor.

    Of course that is what those in power are, they have already destroyed our nation states. There is nothing left. So our task is to build the foundation for a new civilization based on race. Maybe them knocking down the old things wasn’t so bad if we can build something better in the future.

    Tough love ya know.

    Johnny Cash: A boy named sue (written by Shel Silverstein, Jew obviously) –


    Katie Couric

    0:42 More than 60% of Americans are fine with interracial marriage but that means 40% are not. This country has long been a melting pot of races, religions and ethnicities. The “natural progression” are families that look more like a Benetton ad than the Cleaver’s photo album.


    Church become pro-white genocide

    0:27 When I arrived at first parish at Cambridge in 2008 the congregation had had almost 4 centuries of unbroken white european american ministry

    0:53 we talked about the importance of diversity, that we wanted to become diverse

    1:02 It’s about transformation, it’s about changing the culture of the congregation

    2:26 We call you to demonstrate by word and example both the way to multiculturalism and multi-ethnicity

    5:33 You have to be open to transformation


    Alan Grayson

    0:05 The country is changing and a lot of people are very unhappy about it.

    0:13 They want to insist that America be a place that’s welcoming only to White people.

    0:47 This is the death rattle of racism in this country. That’s why you are seeing it in Arizona, why is it in Arizona because Arizona is 10 or 15 years away from being a majority minority state. Hawaii is already there, New Mexico is already there, Texas is leaning in that direction and so the forces of White Christianity are fighting back (uh obviously, why wouldn’t we?)

    2:40 The problem in America is older White people, it really is


    Bill Maher (he was in the last post too)

    1:11 There is no racism in America today except reverse racism against whites, that shit is real

    Secret Squirrel

    Anti-white Racism has Reached Critical Mass in America

    Lots of good clips in this one. Noel Ignatiev digging himself in deep, plus many others.


    Gary Johnson US republican governor

    0:03 I think immigration is a good thing

    0:25 Immigration is a good thing


    Michael Bloomberg

    0:50 this is a country that was built by immigrants


    I wanted to share a quick update from Mark Wexler, our Executive Director, currently in Romania planning for 2012. Mark frames of the size of the problem:

    “According to Romanian authorities 85,000 (NOT a misprint) people attempted illegal entry into the country in the last 24hrs. Trafficking, smuggling and more. There is a FLOOD of people coming into Romania to move throughout the EU. Crisis.” – this was posted on the not for sale campaign against human trafficking. and can be seen here – video link to a vile anti-white video of a black racist telling a white couple that they should be killed for being white, and saying that the immigrants will kill whites slowly.


    Newt Gingrich

    1:08 It’s a question of assimilation


    Jason Kenney Canadian Minister of “Multiculturalism” (White genocide)

    7:49 We are maintaining the world highest relative levels of immigration, 0.8% of our population, 1/4 million newcomers a year, 170,000 new citizens

    7:57 No country in history has maintained that kind of velocity of demographic change, it’s a tremendous benefit to our society.

    8:09 We want a diverse country



    0:00 We have news tonight that America is more and more of a true melting pot. Researches have found that Americans are more and more likely to marry outside their racial or ethnic group.

    0:37 The surprising thing is how much demographic change and cultural and social change has occurred in this country over a relatively short period of time.

    0:57 Interracial marriages now account for a record 1/6 new marriages in the US.

    1:53 The overall headline is that colorlines are becoming more blurred and that’s… good news. (for anti-Whites)


    Brainwashing young Kids

    0:30 The school he came from did not engage in a lot of anti-bias and multicultural activities (brainwashing)

    0:41 When is was his turn he just said I’m White.

    0:51 Nobody’s White!

    2:18 what it does it is focuses every eye on that child.



    0:03 The immigration minister has announced a new anti-racism strategy. The word multiculturalism is said to make a comeback as the government beefs up a campaign to welcome new arrivals.

    0:40 I’m not afraid to use the word multiculturalism I’m proud of what’s it’s meant for Australia and our way of life.

    0:47 The national anti-racism strategy and the new youth sports program to mix encouraging young people from different backgrounds to mix.


    White genocide

    0:00 1 minute conversation about white genocide “inevitable.” “Browning of America”

    1:00 A new report out says that by the year 2042 white americans will no longer represent the majority of the population

    1:21 We will reach a point at which we will say these categories don;t mean anything anymore.

    2:40 Someday it means a completely blended group of people (in every white country and only white countries)

    2:47 I think that’s a great thing

    2:50 I think that we are yellowing America and everybody is blending and you know I think that’s a good thing


    Demographic winter

    0:42 It’s entirely possible that the French will disappear, there will be no native born French that come from the traditional French population

    2:10 For such a small nation as Latvia, what might be in danger is the survival of our nation

    2:15 Certain kinds of human beings are on the way to extinction

    3:45 The is not much quibble, there is not much controversy among people in the know.


    anti-white policies in australia

    0:58 Anti-whites with “March against racism banner”

    1:30 bosses started stripping shifts from white workers in favor of cheap foreign labourers

    0:37 It definitely did feel like a crime to be a White caucasian

    0:39 They definitely did want to get rid of me

    2:25 Look at the carwash, the supermarket, the takeaway, where are the white workers?

    2:46 If it’s racist for the Australian to advocate on behalf of their identity then groups like the Lebanse muslim association must also be racist because they are advocating on behalf of lebanese muslims

    3:03 National race discrimination councellor Graham Innis

    3:15 Newly arriving immigrant in australia have not been welcomed and celebrated over many many years

    3:20 We are in danger, there are suburbs where there are huge demographic changes where they have become almost completely asianized (could cut if off at just asian and leave off ized because that’s more common for us North Americans)

    4:17 This year 35,000 people who came to australia on temporary visas will be granted permanent visas to stay in the country



    1:03 Immigrants as people who have too many children, breed too much and are ultimately going to wipe out the white race

    2:19 White supremacist

    4:00 neo-nazis

    4:10 hate group

    4:14 white supremacist

    4:18 The camp of the saints it’s a lurid novel which describes dark skinned hordes invading france and literally pillaging their way through Europe (plenty of footage you can use here)

    6:19 hate group

    6:29 Europhobia and how white people are being destroyed by immigrants coming here

    6:24 racist

    7:38 hate groups


    Australian news

    0:00 White supremacy group

    1:18 We love our multi national community here we’ve got people from all over the world and people coming here every day

    1:30 People coming here they want to live here, they want to have their children here

    1:16 We are a very tolerant community 1:40 This group is sent our of town by the fact that the people here will not tolerate it (yes the doublethink is strong with this one) also 3:36 This is a major problem and we can’t just tolerate it (people opposed to white genocide not white genocide itself)

    1:47 White supremacist events

    1:55 These type of groups, hate groups that hate other races

    2:48 Racial discrimination laws

    3:10 In september 2000 they arrested a lot of these neo-nazi anti-race groups

    3:17 They banned these sort of groups all together

    3:27 The government comes in and arrests these people and the same should happen on the gold coast where the government bans these sorts of gatherings in a private or a public place

    3:38 The groups are getting bigger and bigger

    3:57 Can the anti-discrimination commission (oh wow USSR) step in here

    4:25 they will be shut down (said multiple times)

    4:30 We are hoping that people will turn a deaf ear to them and drive them out of town (funny I was hoping the same thing about anti-White like her)

    4:37 We are sharing your hopes with that one


    Mexican anti-white

    0:15 Take your stupid white ass back to europe

Viewing 20 posts - 61 through 80 (of 93 total)
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