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White People are Finally Getting the Idea of White Genocide(Great Video)

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    time for freedom

    Wow, have a look at this video from Canada. The guy discusses Caucasian Genocide, and He’s gay to boot. Hilarious but also very true in how he has come to the realization that there is a clear institutionally inspired White genocide occurring, certainly in Canada. White people are simply getting it…Finally.


    God bless’em.

    Secret Squirrel



    An marine veteren wakes up to White Genocide.

    “I’ve put my life on the line, previously, for the idea of America. Now that I’ve learned what America really is, who really controls America, I realize I have another duty to my people – my white people…”


    Here’s another person

    uses the term anti-white a few times. Couldn’t find the original video though.


    There it is U.L.

    Best regards,



    Great videos, thanks for the links. I hope this is new trend.

    By the way, notice how the girl keeps saying we have no White activists … I bet this is starting to occur to a lot of bewildered Whites.


    I am confused by the last 3 minutes of the girl’s video.



    As you may have guessed, that was one of the reasons I linked the original.


    Ice Knight

    Great to see more and more people speaking out on the issue. Our message is certainly gaining momentum!

    Jason the girl is a pink rabbit – she admits to it in another video so that might explain her somewhat contradictory viewpoint.

    I’ve noticed a lot of pink rabbits are starting to use our terminology, Paul Weston was another. As is their way, I guess they are trying to infiltrate both sides of the argument, particularly whilst this movement is in its infancy.

    John White

    Blaire Allison can’t be trusted.

    Watch other video of her, showing where her true loyalties are:

    And here you have a few comments in her own words:

    “I’m convinced that you anti semites/Nazis/all around assholes just comment rather than actually watch the video. Although you will find Jews in the media industry, to say they control it, is just ignorant. Do blacks control the NBA because you see many playing basketball? No. Jews are a minority and there are many other races/ethnicities working in media. Film is the only place you find more Jews in executive positions. As for the TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers – all no.
    And yes, I am familiar with Frankfurt School – and it’s time for you and your little cronies to step into the 21st century. Many of you hate blacks because you think they are stuck on slavery and old thinking — yet you all are stuck on thinking of the past too. When it all comes down to it, it’s hate. Time for you all to evolve –”

    Now THAT is a true Pink Rabbit speaking!

    My guess is that these people are feeling the heat and are trying to trick us into thinking they are our “allies.”

    We don’t need them, but they do need us!


    @John White. The only thing that matters right now is that she used some of our terms.

    I was debating posting this or not and figured what the hell.
    Here is a non-white angry at all the anti-white nonsense.
    At about the 40 second mark, he does mention “force integration” in regards to whites
    That’s something.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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