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Youtube video attacks

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    Some of my videos are being reported for “copyright infringment.”

    How whites took over america

    says that at the 9 sec mark “The Coldstream Guards Band, The Coldstream Guards Band-The British Grenadiers” is playing and because of that it’s blocked in… Germany.

    The other one is the Diversity comes to africa video.

    says that at the 1:32 mark “Blue Mink-Melting Pot” is playing and thatit’s blocked in… Czech Republic, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Germany, Guadeloupe, Israel, Italy, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Poland, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna.


    I’m just wondering if this copyright claims are valid and if I should refute them. I can check it myself later, but I figure others may have encountered the same problems

    Ice Knight

    I’m no expert but I don’t think there is any way to argue against copyright claims?  It’s an easy way to shut us up and censor our message.  I’ve often seen anti-Whites asking what the music is in our videos, as they then flag it to youtube and get them taken down.

    Always something for BUGSters to consider – wherever possible always use our own musical talents or non-copyrighted material.


    Well it says I can challange it though. There’s a little button that says “I believe this copyright claim is not valid”

    Peter Cottontail

    You can challenge the copyright. It is worth a try but it isn’t your material so you can’t really fight it.

    There are plenty of royalty free music and sounds out there although Diversity Comes to Africa without “Melting Pot” would be much less hilarious. Usually by the time the copyright is claimed, the video has been mirrored several times and still makes it way out in youtube land.


    Make sure you guys are reading the fine print on the youtube notices.  Typically this type of infringement is not against the rules.  They are just asking you to acknowledge and or dispute it.  The music for How Whites took over America is allowed on Youtube.  According to the notice it is not considered a penalty infringement (they get to sell the mp3 etc under the vid).  I actually disputed it with consideration that it was an old british military tune and we were using (to the best of my knowledge) a different recording that was in the public domain.   I have no idea what will happen.  If you win a dispute for this reason they cannot sell the music under it or something along those lines.   And we are going to go over everything in our next animation to make sure EVERYTHING is in the public domain.

    Youtube uses algorythms to match music.  So they send out a lot of these notices.  If the notice has a penalty attached to your account.  They immediately pull the video or silence the copyright material in question etc.  This was not the case for How Whites took over America.

    You still got to watch Youtube and know all their crazy rules….or try to know them. No matter how much we play by the rules.  They will use every trick in the book to screw you.  Especially our stuff.  Take it from me.

    here is our notice

    for BUGS public record

    “Dear WhiteRabbitRadioTV,

    Your video “How Whites Took Over America“, may have content that is owned or licensed by UMG, but it’s still available on YouTube! In some cases, it may be blocked, or ads may appear next to it.

    This claim is not penalizing your account status. Visit your Copyright Notice page for more details on the policy applied to your video.

    – The YouTube Team”


    Horus and others,

    Public domain means you can legally use another person’s work for whatever you want without asking permission.

    Creative Commons or Copyleft licenses means you can use another’s work, but you must credit them (e.g. Put their name and a link to the webpage you downloaded it from in the credits).

    Personally, I use the following sites for free content:

    Pictures and textures –
    Sound effects and music –

    Do a google search for what you’re looking for, there are plenty of sites!



    The material is being used to EDUCATE people and it’s not in competition with the copyright holder since there is no profit being made from the material.


    Thanks Gar5


    Yes and no.  We want to keep certain options open in regards to things like profit.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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