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    @pragmatic: no judgment at all intended on you with my words! The number and content of topics and replies here is a lot to sift through. You all have grown with it over a lot of time. We are just now coming to it with “tech” organizational eyes — for the moment.

    Question topics are good to gather information like this. Final Topics should cut down sifting time so people can work. Thanks for the perspective–good reminder–making use of short time.

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    Sys Op

    Now that I see dubya’s Topic on “Spanish” mini mantras, my vote is putting up one Topic per Language, with a very good description in the Topic Subject line.

    Traditional “Spanish” speakers (what they teach in most High Schools and Spain residents) do not understand and cannot interpret for/talk to Mexican Spanish speakers as I have found time and again working in the Southwest.

    So, dubya, what dialect (if that’s what I should call it) are the mini-mantras Spanish in the Topic:

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    Sys Op

    We need a specific Topic that is JUST for ALL translations… or A Topic for each language we have at least one Native speaker, or an excellent bi-lingual speaker, proof for.

    We’re cluttering up topics with similar, but not “official” answers, and wading through pages of talk is discouraging if one wants a fast copy/paste.

    Let me know what the group decides is BEST. But decide sooner than later. Then we can close and/or delete other topics.

    Thank you.

    Sys Op

    Sys Op

    I’m not as old as Bob….. but from birth to 200?, I and all the children around (all white, no minorities whatsoever except occasional Japanese seen in the big city) were completely holocausted to death. I never thought for a lifetime of moments that any of it wasn’t true. It is fact that “war atrosities” were committed, but the extent and blame covers most combatant groups. However, they don’t begin to compare to the mass murder by many governments against their own same-race populations in number or barbarity. I agree with these sentiments on the N_ _ _ double standard.

    Agreed SWGN.

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    Sys Op

    Thanks, Jason.

    @H.D. “Still no edit function for me”

    Be sure you’ve updated your browser.
    If you’re using Chrome, try FireFox and most likely that will solve it.
    Restart your computer – or do a dead cold boot (no electricity into the system whatsoever for at least one minute). But I believe it is only a browser issue.
    The following is all opinion, all of us have one, but it won’t be news to most.

    Google Chrome is notorious for not being able to handle forms – and they use it more to monitor EVERY move on the net. But it’s fast. It has flash and ajax issues.
    FireFox and I.E. and Opera do a great job with forms, but I.E. is still recovering from its devolution via Win 8. I.E. and is the top target and easiest to plant browser hijacks, trojans, etc.
    FireFox uses text files for passwords and are EASY to steal for common hackers who build websites to exploit it.


    Opera I use for certain purposes and have found it very good, but still had issues navigating newer coding.

    If it “just started” – nothing’s been done with WP functions and no more have reported the problem.
    Email me.

    in reply to: FORUM TECH ISSUES TO KEYMASTERS #51502
    Sys Op

    I appreciate that H.D.

    We’re working on an Instructional piece to help everyone on the site. Bad guys already know about these things, but most people don’t.

    All people on this blog need to stop using Internet Explorer unless you have an extremely GREAT browser Security Software on your personal machines running an immediate block/notification for sites/software that asks to modify absolutely ANY part of your browser setup. I have repaired breaches on no less than 5 PCs in the last few months.

    Let us know if anyone is experiencing problems. People have used garbage emails to register, so we are not able to notify some users here that we are making security changes. Also, they will NOT be able to request a password. Admins will not change those account emails.

    If you have questions, email one of the addresses up in the sticky.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)