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As I have said before, if you ask me whether I am anti-Semitic, I won't panic and scream "NO!"

If you ask me whether I am anti-Semitic, I will ask you which Semites you are talking about.  If you are talking about Boasian Jews who are fanatically dedicated to destroying white gentiles, I will tell you I am very much anti- THOSE Semites.

When a Jew says, "As a Jew I identify with other persecuted minorities", he is saying that he is against the very existence of white gentiles.  Him I'm against, big time.  If that makes me an anti-Semite, then sign me up.

Anyone who is interested in "a solution to the race problem" is my enemy.  You see, this "race problem" doesn't exist in Africa or Asia.  The "final solution to the race problem' consists of bringing non-whites into EVERY white majority country and ONLY into white majority countries.

Someone who says he "wants to solve the race problem" means he wants to solve the WHITE problem.  He is my enemy.  Anyone who says he wants to get rid of "racism" means he wants to get rid of whites.  He has declared war on me and  mine.

Let me now proceed to have a short fit.   I need to say this several ways, because nobody hears me.   I do not CARE about Jews.  Jews as a group do not interest me.  I am not an Old Testament Christian.  If Jesus is just an asterix at the end of the Old Testament, then I am no Christian at all.

The Jews jerry Falwell worships do not EXIST.   I could explain this ten ways, but every one takes up too much space.  There is more of the blood of the children of Israel in the Palestinians than in the population of Israel.

Neither group interests me.

As Stokeley Carmichel once said, "If I hear 'six million Jews' one more time I'm going to PUKE.  We got our own dead to bury."

The Jews who have dedicated their whole existence to revenge against white gentiles should listen to what Henry Kissinger said about anti-Semitism.   Henry Kissinger is a Jew who was born in Austria and saw the Nazis in person.

But Kissinger didn't blame all of the Jew's problems on white gentiles.  Instead he said, "Any group that has been persecuted for five thousands years is doing something WRONG."



                                        If Jews Can Survive, Can White Gentiles Do It, Too?                         


Let me give you a small lesson in reality.   When Hillary Clinton refers to a "vast right wing conspiracy," those of us who are part of that so-called conspiracy laugh.  To Hillary Clinton the fact that we all fight liberals makes us a united Conspiracy.  She honestly believes that we all get our orders from some central source.

To the average Jew, the idea that all Jews have a central Authority and a Conspiracy looks just as nutty.

Unlike the rest of us, Jews can COUNT.   Jews are always arguing with each other and they feel divided and threatened.  Franz Boas, Emma Lazarus and Israel Zangwill who invented the term "the melting pot" were aware of how vulnerable Jews feel. 

Boas and Lazarus and their ilk united Jews against white gentiles.   They set the destruction of white gentiles as a goal for Jews by giving it all sorts of useful names.  they called the push against white gentiles "the melting pot," they called it "fighting racism,", they called it "solving the race problem," and they said every Jew must see himself as a part of the threatened minorities of the world.

For the Jew who looks upon Judaism as a means of ridding the world of white gentiles, the Jewish  Conspiracy is working very well.   After all, the only thing Boasian Jews have in common is a hatred of white gentiles.

But if white gentiles disappear, Israel will be gone long.  Nobody worships Jews but Old Testament Christians.


                                                       The Holocaust Industry                                                         


Norman G. Finkelstein recently wrote a best-seller entitled, "The Holocaust Industry."  The title alone justifies the book.  It is subtitled "Reflections  on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering."   The reason it is so astonishing is because no Jew before has raised the slight3st objection to any exploitation of Jewish suffering for political purposes.

If you are against open borders, you are a Hitlerite.  If you are against integration, you are a Hitlerite.  If you are a conservative, you area Hitlerite,  If you object to your daughter marrying a black man,  you want to kill six million Jews.  If you talk about genetics, you want to kill six million Jews.  If you want a cross in your school, you want a Holocaust against Jews.  If you say somebody is a loud mouth and he is a Jew, you are really just being in favor of killing six milion Jews.  If you are for gun control you want to kill six million Jews.  If you are for abortion you want to kill six million Jews, if you don't want interracial adoptions, you want to kill six million Jews.  If you criticize Israel you want to kill six million Jews.  

No one ever objects. Certainly no Jewish leader ever says a word about lefitst exploitation of hte Holocaust.   Anyone who opposes racial busing was regularly denounced by Jewish leaders as being Nazis.   Any Christian parent who objected to obscene textbooks was compared by Jewish leaders to Hitler's book-burners.

Finkelstein adds interesting examples.  Anyone who mentions Stalin's starving of million of Ukrainians is a called a Nazi.  You see, the reason he mentions Stalin is just to get the pressure off his hero, Adolf Hitler!   When the movie The Patriot showed people burned to death by the British, it was denounced as a Nazi ploy to take attention away from Hitler's gas ovens.

If your aims are Boasian and aimed against evil white gentiles, you are free to use "six million Jews" without limit.

One of the first people Finkelstein mentions in his book is the leader of America's neoconservatives,  Nathan Glazer.   "According to Nathan Glazer, the Holocaust, "which pointed to the particular distinctiveness of the Jews.', gave Jews 'the right to consider themselves specially threatened and specially worthy of whatever efforts were needed for survival.'"

This is not a battle between left-wing Jews and right-wing Jews.  Neoconservatives are as anti-white as any liberal.  They have their eyes on  the prize, the melting pot and open borders.  The competition is between Jews who are concerned with Judaism and Jews who consider themselves simply the enemies of white gentiles as part of the Boasian thrust.


             Hatred Is Suicide   


Conservatives who worship Jews have not the vaguest idea of what Jews are.   In fact, the modern Jews they worship are the best example of why Christ's teachings are so special.  

The line is that all the major religions are just alike.  The line is that Jesus was just another Jahweh adherent.

The founder of the Jewish Defense League pointed out how silly this idea is.   He said that Jews who think that Jews are just like Christians don't know anything about Judaism.   The violent unforgiving Jehovah of the Old Testament was a tribal god who is still embarrassing to the Jerry Falwells, but he was a lot worse in the old versions of the Old Testament before they were cleaned up in the midrash period.

I think Jehovah would approve of Boas.  He met hate with hate.  Jehovah cleaned the non-Jews out of Israel in exactly the way Hitler took over Lebensraum for his people.

Jesus said that hatred is not just immoral, it is also stupid.   A people that has been persecuted for three thousands years might want to give a little thought to that.   leftist and Boasian policies aimed at destroying Western Civilization and white gentiles will certainly destroy the Jews first.

Contrary to what Falwell says, maybe Jesus had a point.



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