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If Whites Had Gay Rights

Years ago Pat Boone, a celebrity in the know but pro-white, announced that Gay Lib had a special power which was denied to every other minority group, even blacks and women’s lib:

While every non-white male group has enormous power AFTER a movie is shown, only Gay Lib Representatives were allowed in to cut anything they didn’t like BEFORE the movie left the studio.

Gays are now beginning their campaign to have gays kissing on television.

TV shows have begun gently poking fun at the fact that gays don’t really kiss on TV. Most series have the obligatory part where a black male falls SINCERELY in love with a blondish white girl.

It is NEVER just a black guy wanting a white girl because she’s prettier or to prove he’s a man despite being black, no, sir, every time he is deeply, genuinely in love and there is a deep French kiss to show it.

The Dexter series included that required scenario and so did the House of Cards series and most other series since 2000.

Gays, despite their superior minority power, are still just beginning their campaign because they face religious opposition and a public that can still be openly turned off by SOME things.

But we all know gays will get their way in time, so we should ask why this is true?

And what is NOT true about Gay Power or, for that matter, all of the minority power that we run into every day?

Did the gays or the blacks or the Hispanics gain all this censorship power by a Massive Torchlight Parade that Overthrew the Government on Der Tag?

In the Real World, the Real way the real power we face every day was developed is totally alien to the News and Jews approach.

The way Gay Lib will get its French kisses in daytime TV and the way blacks have achieved their dream of French-kissing between white women and black men is utterly alien to the Torch Light Parade types and totally familiar to BUGSERS:

Gay Lib never lets a single remark which can possibly be interpreted in the most paranoid way as saying something they don’t want said about gays get by without raising hell.

 photo whiteblack.jpg

Sound familiar?

It certainly wouldn’t sound familiar on the pro-white side with one single exception:


ALL of the minority power we are buried under began by a consistent message.

ALL of the minority powers we now face met a puzzled public in its day: the New York Times routinely called homosexuals “queers” a few decades ago.

Gay Lib crushed the crusade to CURE people of homosexuality. We face a similar, and even crazier and more outspoken, program, to “cure” people of being whites, that “cancer of humanity.”

The responses we got on March Against White Genocide on the Spring Equinox were totally familiar to an old history junkie like me:

“What is this?”

“DUHHH! What is white genocide?”

The response to the beginning of every message has always been “What are they talking about?” aka “DUUUH!” and, always, INSULTS.

We are exactly where all the power we are up against began. This is a FACT, a memory, it is NOT identifying WITH them.

I have finally realized what kept bouncing around in my mind all these years when I kept mentioning – not fully understanding – my own statement that revolutions occur when the established party in power and the only real opposition – finally cease their dual control, as Conservative and Labour did in Britain and the two-party system does in America.

Everybody is predicting that whites will become minorities in today’s white countries. But it will be a long, LONG time before whites cease to be the overwhelming MINORITY.

White rule lasted longest in low-state South Carolina and in South Africa. All white areas have always been notoriously anti-white, like Minnesota electing Senator Humphrey, or New York, electing Javits.

Minorities rule. And whites are on their way to being a minority.

The shrinking white population will be many times as large as the most inflated estimates of our gay population.

All the powers that be began exactly the way we did.

Audio Bob


Learn to Put the Cause FIRST!

The debate has gotten out of hand and some personal information repeated, so Laura came to me.

I decided that you have to read this statement before anything else is done.

I don’t care whether you call it CENSORSHIP or not, all BUGSERS know better than to carry on a personal fight here.

If I presume to teach you what is important and what is not, I must PRACTICE it as best I can.

I have been insulted hundreds of times.

In these pages, I have apologized well over a hundred times.

On almost every occasion where I apologized, someone here who cared about me wrote me that I should not have.  I appreciated it, but I never withdrew what I had said.


Because the whole point of BUGS is that we don’t have time or effort to spare.

I never rethought my apology if it took care of the problem at hand.

The problem at hand is clearing the decks for action.

A lot of us blame me for encouraging dispute here.

What these people might not be taking into account is something only a man who has been in this fight for sixty years may be uniquely able to do: Herd tigers.

People are always agreeing with me that this whole BUGS approach has not been undoable, but UNTHINKABLE, for anyone else.

THINK about that, don’t just agree to it.

You are fighters.  I have seen this happen many, many times:

Two guys duke it out, and really HURT each other. Afterwards, the fighters become good buddies. This happens surprisingly often.

In my experience, there is a reason for this.

Those of you who have been out there are well aware that the world is divided into three types of people:

  1. Those who take your side;
  2. Those who are on the other side; and
  3. Those whom I diplomatically refer to as The Chickenshit Majority.

Therefore it is no surprise to me when BUGSERS are astonished by the fact that some of our best people came in making trouble.

This does not mean always or even in a majority of cases. But it happens a lot.

Actually, being surprised at this reality is amateurish, and these disturbances themselves are amateurish IN MANTRA TERMS.

BUGSERS should be able to look back over what they said, as I so often do, and restate it as they should have done in the first place.

Before you say all the noise is my fault, ask yourself:  “Who do I think Bob IS?”

You are BUGSERS now. YOU have to do the correcting and apologizing, not because you were right or wrong, but because our only priority is the CAUSE.

I cannot recall how many times someone has said “why does Bob not impose discipline?” and on the other hand, how many times commenters have declared that they are “independent of Bob.”

I cannot imagine why someone who is familiar with BUGS can STILL say these things.

BUGS is not a Bob Disciplinary Project and if he were thinking properly, any BUGSER would laugh out loud at the idea that I claim to curb your independence.


New Video by This Is Europa – March Against White Genocide

A huge THANK YOU to This Is Europa for making this video. It is fantastic to see how much activism has taken place over the past year.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Coach, without him, NONE of this would of been achieved. He has given us the weapons to fight this fight! Thank you, Bob!


2015 March Against #WhiteGenocide is a success

Photos of the appearance of the Mantra and its memes in many parts of the U.S. and other White homelands during the March are being  posted on twitter @fwhitegenocide and in this article on White GeNOcide Project and on SF beginning here.

Reports so far are that the twitter hashtags we pushed did well, especially #WhiteGenocide.

Unfortunately, we’re completely in the dark at this point regarding the fulfillment of our contract with an aerial sign company to fly our banner, “Bob Whitaker 4 VP – AFP – #WhiteGenocide,” over a major American city, and if the flight took place, whether our arrangements to have part of that flight video-recorded were carried out.

Here’s Laura’s March 22 morning-after comment from below:

Good Morning All! I’m certainly feeling better after a good nights sleep. Yesterday was an exhausting but rewarding day. Thank you HD for posting this initial report for me.

The March Against #WhiteGenocide was a HUGE success WORLDWIDE.

We had people marching in New Zealand, putting up banners and stickers in Australia, Canada and the UK, posters in Hungary, our very own MikeM standing with a sign in France, who also made the largest pro white website with his picture – And here in the USA we received photos and reports from over 15 states which are still coming in this morning.

A big THANK YOU to all who participated and helped make this event a success.



The fact that a man wears a coat and tie does not mean he is not a thug.  Mafia bosses and cocaine kings are well know to wear nice, conservative clothes.

The fact that Bill Gates’ student subsidies bar white students is routine.  Big Government will always take the side of Big Money, and we live in an age where millionaires tend to be conservatives – though cowardly conservatives, while billionaires are uniformly anti-white.  photo beware-banksters1_1.jpg

Other parties cannot say what I just said because rights depend entirely on lawyers fees.

Today’s coat and tie campus thugs suppress all disagreement. No one is allowed to mention White Genocide if they want to get a degree and certainly if they want to join the faculty.

No one is allowed on campus unless he toes the political line.

Billionaires have all the power simply because they have a team of legal thugs no REAL dissident can fight.  The league of billionaires and coat and tie professors block all pro-white opinion from campus by saying, “It will cause violence”.

If the most viciously and openly anti-White wants to speak on campus, protecting him becomes “freedom of speech.” If a college doesn’t protect anti-White “freedom of speech” it will lose.

If any pro-White speech is not banned on the excuse that college thugs will riot, the college will lose funding. Everybody knows that real dissidents on campus are banned under the Thug Rule.

No matter whether he is a full Professor or a Godfather, if his power comes from threats.

Leftism is the fashion among billionaires, and the Billionocracy is above the law.


Good Advice, BUGSERS!

I am now signing on as a candidate for the American Freedom Party.

I was so impressed on PalTalk yesterday. We had so many enthusiastic new participants and the first thing I did was make a mistake.

The American Freedom Party Chairman was unreservedly helpful, and I have spent so many years being put down that I forgot my own first rule: BUGS is not to be interfered with.

Yesterday on our BUGS’ weekly PalTalk, Saturday, 5pm, I did what pros always do, I took it to my staff. These are our qualified BUGSERS. Like any good staffers, they didn’t want to discourage The Boss. Someone unfamiliar to such strategy sessions would have thought we had all agreed that everything I said was Great Wisdom.

In other words, you don’t want me to feel bad.

Genseric really expressed the deeper mood when he wrote, “You can go ahead and run, I am going back to what we are supposed to do.”

I had been deeply impressed by the American Freedom Party endorsing the White Genocide theme. I was even more admiring of the Party Chairman’s immediately going to work with Laura on obtaining candidacy. He even teamed up with her on a call to the sign company.

I think I got a little light-headed from coming upon such total enthusiasm from the AFP.

But the BUGS PalTalk reaction did what a staff meeting is supposed to do, it brought the Old Man to reality. The AFP is glad to get me because a qualified front guy is always hard to find for a minor party. Kenn Gividen, my presidential running mate, has already run.

As BUGSERS are painfully aware, it is very hard to find a qualified person who is willing to get out there for them.

I use my name openly and I can do interviews, so I am just what they need. photo waking.gif

But the AFP is different, unlike those who run hot and cold-shouldered on us.

I am going to mute the huge bell I was ringing about my candidacy last night at PalTalk. I am doing my part for AFP by agreeing to be on the ticket.

Here is the second critical point:

In campaign terms we have FOREVER to develop a relationship with the American Freedom Party. A YEAR from today the major parties will still be selecting their nominees!

There is something totally right about the American Freedom Party selecting for their second spot a person whose cause is Free Speech for Whites.

Bob, and only Bob, has put himself on the ballot for good people.

But as Genseric indicated, we are courting disaster if we turn our attention IN ANY WAY away from fighting White Genocide on the web. This is the kind of mistake political groups who have just broken through make, and Bob was about to make it.

Let’s get back to our message.

The party relationship may develop over the next year. They are certainly clear on their role in getting White Genocide the freedom to spread our message as a legitimate campaign.

I hope I have pulled my foot out in time here.

The AFP is GREAT! Our alliance with them can grow over the next year.

In the meantime, Bob is back On Message.

Thanks for the advice, BUGSERS!


American Freedom Party, a Presidential Candidate and a Message

One BUGSER asked me if we were running a separate ticket for president and vice president for the American Freedom Party (AFP).

I will campaign on White Genocide.

Kenn, our presidential nominee, knows that and agrees with it.

Let’s take a moment to APPRECIATE that.

Any other right splinter party like the American Party and certainly the Libertarians would scream bloody murder and get rid of me instantly.

Once again, I remind you of a SUBbasic, i.e., something that we take for granted and which doesn’t get mentioned.

As trained BUGSERS, we seem to notice only that Kenn is not a trained specialist in our area.

A SUBbasic is a point that is overlooked because it is taken for granted, like the fact that Diversity only refers to whites.

I would like to put forward the SUBbasic that, when I made if perfectly clear we were running a one-issue, White Genocide campaign, they not only accepted it but ENDORSED it.

More important to us, Kenn did not even raise an eyebrow at it.

The American Freedom Party has an article on the Hungarian rejection of Diversity of which I am jealous:

They did not mention the second political Party which quotes the Mantra, but nobody’s perfect.

If any other Party, no matter how tiny, went along with us this way we would celebrate it.  photo vpmarshall.jpg

Kenn is not a trained BUGSER, but he is someone who can discuss OTHER issues.  We found out on PalTalk how boring our message gets if it is done right over a half hour or so.

This running on two separate forms of publicity is all brand new, but brand new is Bob’s specialty, the reason you pay me the Big Money.

I now favor the vice presidential slot because the head of the ticket has to travel, which is a non-go for me, but also because Kenn’s function is entirely different from what I see as a vice presidential nominee’s: The lead man on the ticket has to make speeches and handle ALL issues.

Further, I have new vision for a vice presidential nominee, or at least THIS one.

The vice president is famous for having no Function.   His only job, outside of keeping his heart beating in case the president fails in that function, is to preside over the Senate.   But the Senate goes right on along when there is no Vice President.

The vice presidency has no FUNCTION.

Instead of a FUNCTION, we will make the Vice Presidency a MESSAGE.

Same ticket, two candidates – one who is willing to perform the FUNCTIONS of the Presidency, and the other a MESSAGE: END WHITE GENOCIDE.

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If You Can’t Breathe, Nothing Else Matters

These are the words I used to introduce the Mantra approach to the American Freedom Party Board.

It works as an intro.

What it means is that if you can’t breathe, the only interesting thing to you is not The Theory of Breathing, but “HOW THE HELL DO I GET SOME AIR!!!!!!!”  photo breathe1.jpg

Obviously, once you survive, you go back and figure out the world picture that caused you to end up suffocating. But when your race is openly being done away with or you can’t get oxygen, no one is interested in the General Philosophical Picture.

Get air first, THEN into your explanations.

Few people will be interested in how the Illuminati or the Jews caused this. But if you shout loud enough, even the most thick headed will notice we are being suffocated.

THEN you have an audience. If we get them to pull their heads up and realize they couldn’t breathe but hadn’t NOTICED it, there is time to explain why hundreds of millions of people were simply blinded to the fact that they were being destroyed.

I used this line to introduce the Mantra approach at what turned out to be my last speech before a pro-white convention.

I used “If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters” with the American Freedom Party Board.

But this time I got rave reviews, because you BUGSERS have USED this approach and gotten RESULTS.

This is no longer THEORY, because of YOU!