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A Meme is a Million Miles From a Play on Words

Anti-whites base the history of technology on all mankind. The reason you have your computer is because All Mankind accumulated that knowledge and wrote it down. 

The white man’s half-clothed barbarian ancestors discovered this accumulated knowledge and, as Newton put it, “I saw far because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Please remember that Newton was justifying himself to a bunch of superstitious idiots who thought they were Intellectuals.

Sound familiar?

In Newton’s time, a speaker or writer was FINED for contradicting Galen in any way! Like saying you shouldn’t take pints of blood out of a pneumonia patient.

Such were the “giants” Newton had to say he got his concepts from.

Our problem is that anti-white history says that “all mankind” built up, step by step, modern Western technology. So the only reason we have explosives is because the Chinese had black powder and some Chinese wrote it down and our primitive ancestors somehow got it from them.

According to anti-white history Egyptians had developed Brain Surgery before someone showed our half-naked barbarian ancestors how to take a bath. It turns out that this Egyptian neurosurgery was trepanation, opening the skull to take off pressure, a primitive procedure carried out by shaman for thousands of years.

Not only did Egyptians not invent brain surgery, they didn’t know there WAS a brain. It was a spare part and they had no idea of its functions, as their animal-headed gods demonstrate.

The brain was first described in the late 17th century in the Willis Curve. Galen put all thought in the heart.

An engineering student will try to tell you that Calculus was actually just a natural development from Euclid. Like any serious knowledge of the brain, Calculus is entirely a product, not just of white civilization, but of white WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Try to do Calculus with Roman Numerals.

But Mommy Professor not only spreads this crap, he DEPENDS on it.

No historian has the slightest interest in how, when Great Civilizations’ ships kept to the coasts or inside an inland sea, the illiterate savages of Northern Europe were navigating the open oceans. They only did that “on the shoulders of the giants” who rowed around the Mediterranean.

Romans got soap from the Gauls. But the Romans were supposed to be the Giants who taught Gauls how to bathe at all. One historian was so frustrated at this contradiction he said that “Romans found soap in ROMAN GAUL.”

A meme is a very serious thing. Thinking out the implications of a meme is a productive and endless process. A meme reflects what Germans call a Weltanschauung, a world view.

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Untouchables II: In Group/Out Group & Input/Output

In my last article I wrote about Mommy Professor’s first class citizenry.

To state the obvious again, there must be a second class of citizens if there is to be a first. The second class of citizens in “Diversity”-addled Western Utopia has obviously become Europids.

As in the case of any second-class citizenry (out-group) in all of history, they are treated as poorly as the “in-group” is allowed to treat them. This “allowance” is quantified by measuring and expressing the amount of resistance at any given time.

Politicians refer to socioeconomic and sociopolitical resistance as the Overton Window. Electrical Engineers and Physicists refer to and measure resistance in ohms. Regardless of the discipline, the symbol for resistance is Omega (Ω).

Allow me to expand on Omega for a moment, the Greeks have said Omega’s quantitative value is 800 even. Coincidentally, there are almost exactly 800 million Europids left on the planet.

Power, or POTENTIAL, is the amount of energy it takes to overcome a resistance. The formula (Ohm’s Law) for power is a natural law and it can ONLY be expressed WITH resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the power potential. Somehow this fits with what we are doing.

Thank you for that. Now back to the basics.  photo 5be47e65-1115-47e5-bd00-d7ad959d0a72.jpg

Since the baby boomer generation of Whites still has numbers in America and Europe, anti-whites can only go so far. Otherwise, they risk violent revolution should they overreach (or overload the system).

Anti-white screamers can only go so far with anti-white policy and anti-white thugs can only go so far with anti-white violence. Again, otherwise they risk overloading the system.

Tinley Park’s version of ‘Whack-a-Mole’ taught us that hammer-wielding, anti-white terrorists cannot go whole-hog into a suburban restaurant with guns a-blazin’ – at least not yet. Otherwise, they risk…. You get the picture.

So, PCO’s and their thought police take anti-white violence and turn it into a “game.” And they take anti-white policy and give it “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” and “Tolerance” window dressing.

To do otherwise would be to fail at Inclusivity (capital “i”).

“Diversity” gurus want to pull back the Overton Window. However, anyone with a partially-functioning cerebral cortex can clearly see what both are designed to do.

Both vehicles are shaped to facilitate and streamline hunting down and replacing whites with the third world in-group.

These anti-white tactics serve to marginalize the severity of the crime committed against white victims and minimize any legal or social consequences for the assailants.

These anti-white criminals absolutely lust over placing limits on pro-white resistance.

And that is why we are GIVEN pressure check-valves like “Sarah Palin’s Tea Party” and “The Populist Party.”

These quote anti-racists unquote and their Respectable Conservative enablers say they have descended from the heavens to sow the culturally-enriched seeds of “Diversity” and “Tolerance.”

What these anti-whites really plant for our children is White Genocide.

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White


This Aristotle Stuff Lets Me Make a Useful Overview of BUGS Outlook

Carloman was upset about my quotation on Aristotle (which I got from Joe Sobran’s Introduction to my last book).

As is usual for a pissed off new BUGSER, the more we explained how getting off onto Aristotle or the like is a classic disease we avoid like the plague, the more Carloman wrote about it.

He said, “I don’t know about you, but if a former Objectivist or a Roman Catholic wants to become a BUGSer, I certainly wouldn’t want to say or do anything that might send him away.”

Actually, if I am the expert on what BUGS is about, this is dead wrong.  photo aristotle.jpg

Jason stated our actual approach perfectly:
“…we are not a membership organization. THIS IS THE REASON BOB WILL GO OUT OF HIS WAY TO OFFEND SOMEONE IF HE THINKS THEY ARE A TTGH (Take Their Toys and Go Home) TYPE. People who are so sensitive about some issue, say abortion, that they can’t tolerate any other opinion, end up causing more trouble than they are worth.”

“We aren’t a political party. I agree with you about Aristotle, but if a person is actually going to get so bent out of shape over comment about him, well that person would never be a BUGSER anyway. Anyone who puts his opinion about guys who have been dead for 2,500 years above the survival of his race isn’t a potential recruit, IMO.”

Jason, a veteran BUGSER, is dead right.

Jews or Aristotle, we don’t want people who take attention away from the memes about our race just when we are making progress no one else has even approached for decades.

This approach is difficult, because we BUGSERS are the kind of people who have strong opinions across the board. It takes a LOT of lip biting to stick to the point on the web.

All BUGSERS have VERY strong opinions on many things, but there is only one MISSION.

It is unique, and it works for us.

That is why we are FEW, and probably always will be.



On September 2, 2014 reports went out the world over. Another American reporter was beheaded by the Islamic State in the Levant. The very next day The Leader of The Free World professed that “Justice will be done for American Reporters.” Yet, I am the only one who asks two obvious basic questions. What the hell are American reporters doing in the Levant and what the hell are Al-Jazeera reporters doing in Ferguson, MO? Somehow, we are the only ones losing our heads over this.

Mommy Professor explicitly states that certain things are divinely untouchable. Right at the top of her list is her beloved and sacred religion, Political Correctness. The upper echelon of self-proclaimed “omnipotent demigods and professors of truth” who fit into the untouchable Priest class (Judges, Professors, Priests and Reporters – and in that order) fall right underneath.  photo specialcostumes.png

We know that they take themselves painfully serious because they have vested in each other the power to interpret words for us and take punitive action against those who use “the wrong words.”

Then they don special costumes so we can see them in the flock. In fact, the higher the Egyptian thread count on your black robe, the more serious we must take you.

Should our eyesight fail us, we are implored to “remain SILENT!” – “stop laughing!” and take the Priest Class “seriously” because they are dead-serious about supporting the anti-white establishment and its de facto national religion.

These Benevolent and Venerable Judges and their thought police not only interpret, but also enforce, the policy that Mommy Professor’s Priesthood has written. Their underlings, Progressive Liberal reporters, work tirelessly with the SPLC thugs and screamers to hunt down, silence and report on Whites who won’t submit to quote Diversity unquote.

Recently, Bob wrote about how the government threw $1 million #TruthyDollars at BUGS in hopes we’ll leave “Diversity” alone and go away.

Sorry Charlie. Attacking and silencing the simple truth ain’t that simple.


“Diversity” Just Means Chasing Down Whites

The big difference between my thinking and that of other of our political thinkers is that their preferred statements get longer while mine get shorter.

It is amazing how few people know the meaning of the word “meme.”

Meme is a twenty-first century word. With the Internet we can more and more clearly see how spreading the most impressive or fun information is useful precisely because it sells so well.  photo nycprovincials.png

There is no longer even the slightest pretense that those who control information have anything useful to say.

Actually, the fact that those who control information have nothing to say, was true for the two thousand years since Aristotle said that women are born with less teeth than men.

Galen was being recopied saying some mythical “humors” caused all disease and bleeding was the big cure, and you were burned at the stake for saying the world was not created in seven days.

Today the stake is reserved for people like us, but even the drooling public no longer looks to Big Names to tell them Truth.

The one big truth the Web has taught is that what used to be Authority is and always has been laughable.

In the twenty-first century even the New York City Provincials are coming to realize that masses of words and mountains of information are no substitute for learning to THINK.

Memes are repeated to give a sensible Way of Thinking, not a mountain of information.

Once Newton pinned his mind on gravity, and followed that reality like a bloodhound, about everything that had been said by The Wise about the nature of the universe was seen to be ridiculous.

You can’t read your way out of thinking that is silly to begin with.


The Stormfront Sink

One REAL “copy and paste” on the web is worth ten thousand arguments and proposals.

Arguing is exciting and, since everybody at BUGS is by nature combative, the Stormfront Sink is a great danger to us.

The Stormfront Sink is:
1) Arguing with one another and then feeling our work is done after the arguing.
2) Proposing instead of doing.
 photo sink.png

That’s what Stormfronters do.

The Stormfront Sink is not Doers.


To me the very idea that a professional pro-white would use some of his precious money to actually go to Europe and actually protest censorship was breathtaking.

I read it back over and got my breath back.

I looked at the comment again and saw that Taylor had expended all he was going to on PROPOSING to go to Europe.

As with every other pro-white, he stops at arguing with other pro-whites and proposing.

There have been at least a hundred thousand PROPOSALS for action on Stormfront over the period of its existence.

Even with inflation, a dime a dozen for PROPOSALS would be ridiculous overpricing.

BUGS would not exist today without Stormfront back when. But since then, like Jewing, Stormfront has had no impact whatsoever in over a decade.

They argue and they propose, and all pro-white resources outside of BUGS go down the Stormfront Sink.

Arguing is fun.

Saying “Why doesn’t someon” and showing off your genius in a solution is FUN.

We are the only ones who WORK.

The WORK of our tiny pro-white group has VISIBLY destroyed anti-whites memes that would be there forever if it had been left to tens of thousands of Stormfronters or Jareds.



A few months ago, though now seems to be decades, our Meme was really breaking through.

Because of our discipline.

We were united in the discipline of the Roman Legions: We hammered at ONE subject and stood shoulder to shoulder. We concentrated on one front: the planned destruction of the white race.

No Roman Army in Gaul was ever unaware that equally great battles were being waged against the Greeks. But each army fought on one front. A centurion in Iberia who could not pay attention to the Iberian Front because he felt the Real War was out in Persia would have been ejected very, very fast.

Even if he was right. ESPECIALLY if he was right.

Roman soldiers were successful because they did not go scattering and screaming after whatever enemies they saw, but stayed on their own front in their own formation.

What destroyed Rome’s enemies was not A Conspiracy Amongst them Against the Romans.

Rome’s enemies were destroyed because the individuals who made them up could not discipline themselves into a step-by-step, one position at a time formation.

Each of the Romans enemies hit what he saw. Someone would see Romans, yell, and everybody would charge THERE.

As the rabble piled up flailing against one group of Romans, the rest of the Roman force would proceed, step by step, to wipe them out.  photo romanphalanx.jpg

It seems long, long ago, though it is only a matter of months, we adopted this straightforward, UNCLUTTERED Roman strategy after YEARS of my coaching.

It was VISIBLY working, WORLD WIDE.

There was a reason I kept insisting on that Roman model. In fact, there were SIXTY YEARS of reasons I demanded this strategy. It took the Roman Republic CENTURIES of reasons to finally find this world conquering strategy.

Let me emphasize once again How HARD this discipline is to develop and how nearly impossible it is to MAINTAIN.

The Roman soldier in Iberia may have been correct in thinking that the CRITICAL fighting was being done in Greece. But for a practical, professional Roman officer, the only relevance Greece has to his job is that some of the forces he has to DO HIS JOB IN IBERIA may be transferred to Greece, and he must be ready for that.


If the Iberian general started demanding that his staff forget Iberia and dedicate its thinking to THE REAL STRUGGLE IN GREECE he would be not only fired but embarrassed.

At the other extreme, instead of refusing to forget his own duties and fixate on the Greek Front, the Iberian Commander could deny that a Greek Front EXISTS. Then he would be Jared Taylor.

God bless both of them and I appreciate their dedication, but neither “IT IS THE JEWS” nor “THERE ARE NO JEWS” has a place on OUR front.

The reason I do not fight on the Jewish Front or the Ebola Front is because I’m on the front facing white traitors, not trying to spread my forces to cover ALL OTHER anti-whites.

Even if David Duke’s attacks on Jews were more important than mine against white traitors, I am not going to start competing with Dr. Duke in his area. My criticism of Jews begins and ends with what official Jewish statements refer to as “Jewish Opinion” on immigration and race.

The reason our people get off onto Clutter is not because they are betraying us.

Your most fanatical soldiers are often the ones who defy discipline.

That does NOT excuse them. But they are anything BUT traitors.

A soldier who cannot pay attention to the front under Coach Bob should apply for transfer, not raise hell at Old Bob, because Bob is doing precisely what he has told you for a decade that he is doing.


Anti-White Welcomes Ebola To America

White Genocide is not a wisp of a concept. Anti-Whites accuse BUGSERS of being unrealistic and hysterical. Today Ebola expert David Quamenn postulated in an interview with Anderson Cooper a race treason on CNN beyond imagination and he is mainstream. Listen to him. Watch him:

If your blood does not run cold you need to be boxed and buried. Your soul is dead.

What is the mental process that connects an historical event nearly 200 years ago with a vital public health threat today and considers it a moral issue? “We in America, how dare we turn our backs on Liberia, given the fact that this is a country that was founded in the 1820s, 1830s because of American slavery?” is how he opposes shutting down flights from infected areas and quarentines.

This anti-White is positing that something your great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather putatively did that he deems an unforgiveable sin requires you to put at risk your life, your child’s life and your grandchild’s life. He is shouting out pure hate for White people that spans over eleven generations. When he says Americans he is not referring to Blacks, Indians, Hispanics, Jews or Asians. He means Whites, Christians of European ancestry.  photo davidquammen.png

Anti-racism is so ingrained in David Quamenn’s psyche that he is willing to sacrifice millions of White people to salve his conscience. This psychosis is mainstream. It is taught in the schools. It spews forth from your television hour upon hour. It dominates the Washington establishment.

This genocidal mindset must be stopped. BUGSERS are in a battle for our race. Minds are changed by by the repetitive exposition of the facts. The weapon is the Mantra. It alone boils the issue down to an undeniable, palatable syrup. The action needed is posting of the Mantra.

Today our borders are being held ajar to assure that the epidemic scourging Africa can be shared by Americans. The demented intellectual David Quammen sees a medical Holodomor as a price we must pay to redeem ourselves of the sin of slavery that was abolished c. 150 years ago. He is clearly a university graduate inoculated against commonsense by Mommy Professor.

If ever you doubted that anti-Whites will promote the elimination of the White race listen to this man. Your fear is justified. Your horror is natural. Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.

Today the threat is immediate. It is on every flight with passengers from West Africa. This is not imaginary. They are promoting the deadly disease of diversity. Do not forget to post the Mantra at least once today. It quarantines anti-Racists.

Newbies to this site, please read the Mantra. It is brief. It explains our mission.