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Us Loose Cannons Versus TTGHs

Only a BUGSER can understand the distinction between a loose cannon and a TTGH.
 photo loose.png
I am proud to say that most true BUGSERS are loose cannons.

I sure as hell am, and I’m proud to say so.

Routine people don’t change the world. Calm, settled people fit into the world.

On the other hand, I keep telling you that Take My Toys and Go Home(TTGH) types are poison and should be tossed out instantly because they will destroy what you are doing.

This would really mystify anyone who hasn’t trained right here.


Guru Bob

By polydoros

Somebody recently likened Bob to a guru.

As far as I know, the only similarities between Bob and a guru are that both recite mantras and both have coaching duties.

But unlike a guru, Bob doesn’t (as far as I know) wear a nappy and he doesn’t get treated like a god-man by his students. photo bobWhitaker.jpg

Having spent time in India, I can say some revealing things about this. When I was there, I was told by an aspiring nappy-wearer from Europe, that India is a giant sewer, but there is a lot of Wisdom there.

A Bugser would immediately see the irony of that statement. But to a Seeker Of “Wisdom” the irony was lost in the miasma.

Having said that, I would like to thank SeekerOfTruth and Secret Squirrel for their help in one of my projects here.

The aim is to analyse Bob’s WAY OF THINKING, in order to imitate it. Not to create Whitaker clones, but in a way, yes.

As usual the comments section will provide more details of what this entails. There is a method to the seeming madness.


Liberals and Witchdoctors

By polydoros

Picture this. A Witchdoctor and his followers are jumping up and down in a field. They believe that the crops will grow better by following the dancers’ example…

A Witchdoctor is always wrong. But he never ADMITS he is wrong. photo witchdoctor.jpg

Liberals and Witchdoctors have the same mentality.

Their prescriptions having turned out badly, they ALWAYS blame the disbelievers. The doubters must be spoiling things. So the solution is always the same. They ostracise the doubters and get everyone else to follow the same old prescription but with more fervour than before.

As far as dancing in the fields goes, it took CENTURIES to overcome the lack of critical analysis. It wasn’t until the Victorian period that enough farmers turned away from witchdoctering and instead paid attention to scientific experimentation and statistical analysis. Food production increased accordingly.

Liberals/Witchdoctors have a pre-Victorian mindset. An Early Victorian thinker, Marx, at least made a PRETENSE of being scientific. Liberals/Witchdoctors don’t even do that!

In the meantime, the Witchdoctor has stopped dancing in the fields of agriculture. But in other fields the Witchdoctor/Liberal keeps jumping up and down.

Old mentalities die hard.


A BUGS dictionary

In the 1980s I changed the name of my “Martian Dictionary” to “The Partisan Dictionary” for the new Southern Partisan Magazine.

So I am trying the same approach with a BUGS Dictionary here.

All this is based on The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce.   His definition of “Mulatto” was “A child of two races, ashamed of both.”

You may want to join in.

Here are some samples: photo ambrosebierce.jpg

Profession – A government enforced monopoly behind a wall of pretense.

Education – See “Profession”

Money – A medium understood and accepted by both parties the exchange.

Definition –See “Money”

Lie – A word which is used often only by liars.

Hate – See “Liar”

Intellectual – On campus. This is a synonym of “Professor.”   The idea that professors ie, “intellectuals,” should rule the world, with for environmentalism or for some sort of socialism, is wildly popular on every campus.  Why?   Well, DUHH!

War Crime – Losing.  No one on the winning side has ever been accused of a War Crime.

Mentally Challenged – The words “idiot,” “imbecile” and “moron” are legal terms not medical terms. An idiot has a testable IQ below 30.  Imbeciles have an IQ of 30 to 50. A “moron” is defined as one who tests between 50 and 70.

This puts to rest the perennial question:  “is there any real difference between Republicans and Democrats?”

Writer – One whose words are published by an editor, who is qualified by the publishing bureaucracy and educated by the education bureaucracy, which is chosen, generation after generation, by the continuing academic bureaucracy, which is approved by the accreditation bureaucracy, which Is approved ……


March Against #WhiteGenocide

Short SummaryLL's flyer

The team behind Fight White are coordinating a March Against White Genocide on March 21st 2015 to spread awareness that massive non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL white countries IS White Genocide.

Donations will be used to produce White Genocide marketing material to be distributed by activists on March 21st.

What We Need & What You Get

  • Money raised will go to the production and distribution of White Genocide marketing materials i.e Stickers, Flyers and Banners
  • We are looking to raise $1,000. Any additional funds will be put towards our #WhiteGenocide billboard project in the Northern USA.
  • Donating to this fundraiser is an active way to participate in Fighting White Genocide
  • All contributors over $20 will receive a White Genocide media kit for distribution, if desired

The Impact

Genocide is a crime. And flooding ALL white countries with MILLIONS of non-whites and force assimilating the populations IS White Genocide.

On March 21st we are looking to make a HUGE impact and one of our goals is to see #WhiteGenocide as a trending hashtag on twitter.

Currently we are seeing a massive number of impressions each day, but more attention and discussion of this crime is needed.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to contribute financially, there are so many ways you can contribute to the success of this event:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign to help with fund raising.
  • On March 21st Get Out, Get Active & Get Pictures of your activism and send them in to
  • Help make #WhiteGenocide a trending hashtag on twitter by posting and retweeting the hash.
  • Every little bit of activism helps towards forcing the conversation on White Genocide.

Fight White Genocide

Flyer designed by Linux Lewis


Words or People?

In every area, the United States is moving toward the stagnation of colored countries.

All my earlier life, a certain percentage increase in per capita income was taken as inevitable. This was because technology was steadily moving forward.  In fact, any econometrician could probably chart the rate of stagnation by looking at our changing color.  The line goes from upward when white, to stagnation and to the steady decline to third world status observed in all brown lands.

Meanwhile, Mommy Professor mentions polls which show the public endorsing the statement ‘The great days of America are past.” photo dick-tracy-wristwatch.gif

No  sh**, Dick Tracy.

These were the exact same Mommy Professors who STILL take Marxism seriously.

They STILL say that if the economy were turned over to “The Intellectuals,” meaning them, Production would rocket upward.

You know, the way it did in the USSR.

To Mommy Professor and the yuppies, Economics is a Voodoo governed by “highly complex factors.” Only Understood by The Intelligentsia.

To me, the economy is the product of those who make up the country:

“Ourselves and OUR posterity.”

Mommy Professor, who made the USSR the stunning success it was, says that the purpose of America is “all men are created equal.”   Guess who is to decide what “equal” means?

Mommy Professor insists that all that matters is the WORDS a country uses.

And we can follow Mommy Professor down the same chute the USSR did.


If the Races Are “All the Same”, What is “Diversity” FOR?

Anti-whites are always saying that white genocide is OK because all races are the same, we are all just humans.

Then they demand programs to end communities that have too many whites in them.

If races are already the same, “Diversity” does not EXIST.   A school that is half black and half white is EXACTLY THE SAME as a school that is all white.
 photo equality.jpg

Yet all those who demand “diversity” insist that the races are the same. That they’re all equal.

C.S. Lewis had an interesting outlook on “equality.”   Through the mouth of the Senior Tempter Screwtape in Hell, he provided us and Screwtape’s nephew, Wormwood, with advice on how to damn souls.     Screwtape is wildly enthusiastic about using the word “equality” to damn souls.

Wormwood begins his enthusiastic endorsement of “equality” for damnation by saying that “Equality,” like every other tool for damning humans, is based on a good, sound, ringing, consistent LIE .”

“The beautiful,” says Wormwood, “never claim EQUALITY with ugly people.”

“Intelligent people do not claim “equality” with dumb people.”

So pro-whites NEVER claim EQUALITY with non-whites, but anti-whites, especially those of color, always go straight to that “equality” nonsense.

As Lewis pointed out, “equality” is only claimed by those who feel inferior.


The Emperor has no Clothes

By polydoros

Observation is the basis of Mantra Thinking.

Notice something from the Paltalk sessions. Presumably this isn’t merely acoustic or stalling for time. Bob repeatedly asks the question: “What is he saying?” . . . “What is he saying?”  photo whatishesaying.jpg

The result is hilarious.

– An anti-White is shown up for how RIDICULOUS he really is.

Now everyone knows this is true. Children point out the most OBVIOUS things. Adults ignore the most obvious things. Either it seems too BASIC, or it is a truth few adults have the audacity to say.

But even fewer adults are audacious and earnest enough to do the following: To systematically IMITATE a child’s way of seeing… – to get to a fundamental state of observation.

“What is he saying?” . . . “What is he saying?”