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Peak Water

Many paid Experts are wailing about the coming “peak oil catastrophe” again. Their socioeconomic concerns are many. “We won’t have gas to drive 20+ miles to work. Lawn mowers will run dry and yards will become unkempt. Food will cease to arrive at the local mega store.” But that is nothing when you consider the global picture and ALL natural resources.

Oil is a natural resource that people have lived without for extended periods of time. Water is not. Never in the history of this planet has man gone without water and survived to tell about it.  photo water.jpg

Predictions and instances of Diversity indices soaring around the Great Lakes region abound. Chicago, IL, Gary, IN, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH, Philadelphia, New York, the ENTIRE megalopolis, and the Mississippi river valley, are all working on fixing – you guessed it – a Diversity Problem.

When is the last time you heard serious discussion about how, “Nevada has a Diversity Problem”? You never hear that because it is the driest state in America. It cannot support “Diversity” long term. How do we estimate that Michigan ended up at the top of the Diversity leader board? It is the wettest state and surrounded by fresh water on five sides.

We now hear that The North Shore and Green Bay, WI have a “Diversity Problem”, and anti-whites say it is a huge one. Sixty percent of the human body is composed of water. That little fact applies to anti-whites and non-whites alike. This concept has not escaped anti-white Prophets (for profit) like Timothy Jacob Wise and “Doctor” Eddie Moore Junior. They have set their sights on the likes of Duluth, the iron range’s capital and home port of the largest body of fresh water on the planet.

Absolutely 100% of “Diversity” initiatives require control of fresh water resources in order to sustain third world population growth and decimate white populations. So, I have a prediction of my own. I predict that, within my lifetime, landowner riparian rights (or “rights to water”) will be reallocated as an inalienable HUMAN right.

War is waged to win natural resources, especially water and women.

The war on whites (aka White Genocide) is no different.



Jo3w commented that anti-white Christians are anti-white because they assume whites are more supreme than we are.

I replied:

jow3, My problem with what you say is based on my constant repetition that Western morality is based on the Christian lack of morality.

The sore point Old Testament believers have with science is Six Day Creationism.

The sore point with Christianity is never mentioned.

Much more than the Old Testament has a problem with Creationism, the New Testament has the problem that WE EXIST!

One reason Bible Belters quote the Old rather than the New Testament is because there is no FAMILY morality in the New Testament.

To Jesus and St Paul, the very IDEA of family was heresy.

So Christianity went back to the old pagan morality of Human Sacrifice which said that only the best should be sacrificed to the Gods.

Early Christian myths described couples out of the Hitler Youth Guidebook, tall, intelligent, beautiful. In the ideal ending, they would be chaste and childless, for God.

Look at all the popular Nun Movies, where a beautiful talented woman remains chaste.

God wants only the best human sacrifices.  photo abraham3.jpg

It is on the assumption that whites are supreme that the entire basis of our self-destruction is based.

It never OCCURS to anti-white whites that there IS any other race for sacrifice — diversity — than the white one.

Christians, including C.S. Lewis, have long been able to accept their faith without the Six Day Creation clearly stated at the Bible’s beginning.

But they absolutely refuse to accept a genetic morality, without which the Golden Rule has no meaning at all.

Audio Bob


Race and Occam’s Law

Occam’s Law destroyed the main paycheck of Mommy Professor in his day, Scholasticism.

It is also called Occam’s Razor, because it cut out the crap. Occam’s Razor simply stated that the cause of something was probably the obvious one. So if your foot hurt, it was probably because you stubbed your toe yesterday and not because Socrates could be interpreted, if you really knew your nuances in ancient Greek, that the Great God Zoot has visited you in the night.

According to Mommy Professor, skin color means nothing.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, going by Occam’s Law, Skin color is EVERYTHING.

You know the standard of living and average income of any country simply by knowing what color its people are.

On Planet Earth, you know how safe a neighborhood is by the color of its inhabitants.

There are two approaches you can take to this. The Scholastics wrote endlessly trying to make the reality of everything depend on highly complicated interpretations of Classics and the established religion.  photo chipmunk.jpg

Occam’s Razor was the beginning of the end for centuries of Mommy Professors who made their living  on the Scholastic crap.

Everybody is perfectly aware that reality on Planet Earth starts with skin color.

No sane discussion of social issues can be held until we start with the reality, rather than the hideously complicated attempts to explain it away, which is required by our established religion.

No one seems to notice that even Mommy Professors explanations are purely racial.

Every discourse by Mommy Professor blames the comparatively awful state of non-whites on what whites did to them. It never even OCCURS to anybody that non-whites can be blamed for doing anything wrong, because our history is based on the concept we all accept that it does not matter what non-whites do.

Mommy Professor’s non-whites are as helpless as any other animal. No one blames a baboon or a hippo or a nonwhite for anything.

Even Mommy Professor’s reality has to be based on a reality we all take so much for granted that we don’t even see it:

Whites are supreme, in fact they are the only causal group on Planet Earth.

People, white and nonwhite, are as likely to blame non-whites for anything as they are to blame a chipmunk.


If You Believe Your Land is Stolen, Get the Hell OFF of It!

I wrote this after I had submitted the article below.

Someone suggested that using this point might distract from concentrating on the Mantra.

It was an excellent point, but, for me, it was wonderful to hear it.

Now I have, after almost twenty years of effort, a cadre that can MAKE a criticism like that!  photo aztecs.jpg

Can you imagine anyone in the maze of argument and “somebody ought tos” I spent all those years in saying “That might distract from THE point!?”

For me, the fact that it is a valid criticism is totally buried in the sheer joy of this little team of professionals it took so long to develop.

In my own case. I have used this truth, you can hardly call it just an argument, when it was a good lead in to the whole subject, as when some idiot at a cocktail party would start blubbering about how we stole the land from the Indians.

I think it is a good point, but BUGSERS have to make sure they don’t waste precious time dragging it in. But at the right time and place, it really puts some crocodile-tearing, loud-mouthed fashionable anti-white in his place.

So here it is:

Whenever White Genocide is discussed, there is the chorus about how whites stole the land.

Grant that. What is the FIRST obligation of any receiver of stolen goods?

Is a person who believes his property has been stolen from others obligated, first and foremost, to denounce the OTHER people who committed the robbery?

No. Any sane person knows that, IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE STOLEN GOODS, then your first obligation is to RETURN them to whomever you insist is the RIGHTFUL owner.

The first obligation of an Australian who really believes Australia was stolen from the aborigines or any American who honestly believes America was stolen from the Indians is TO GET THE HELL OUT!

Every adult knows that you cannot hold onto stolen property while denouncing the OTHER thieves.

No Indian or Abo would be happier than I would be if these crocodile-tear-shedding, “The White man STOLE America!” types were to hop on a boat and go elsewhere.


Jason’s comment and Re lesson: Most of Your Best Work Won’t be YOUR Work.


“Some guy on Fox News made the following comment about some silly accusation of racism. He said many today people believe that …

‘Racist’ is just code for shut up White guy.

Whether he knows it or not, he’s been influenced by BUGS.

Something like that would actually make a good comeback. Maybe:

Racist is just a code word for shut up you White person.

(Kinda off topic but thought it worth mentioning.)”


Jason,  you spotted a BUGS Trademark on FOX and then like a pro you asked if it could be useful to BUGS.

Right there is the BUGS approach and attitude 100%.

Bob’s Article January 12th, 2014 – Most of Your Best Work Won’t be YOUR Work.




HD in his fine article mentioned Ryan Holiday, writer of Trust Me, I’m Lying.

One thing in that book I truly enjoyed was Holiday’s sobbing over The Good Old Days.

Holiday is about 40, so it is especially funny to me to see his shedding tears over how the Web has ended the times when Honest Men controlled the news!

Holiday says that the web has ruined the news, which used to be provided with total honesty and neutrality by the New York Times, 60s news monopoly by PBS, by the Washington Post, and above all by CBS, NBC, and ABC.

As the Devil sings in the “Damn Yankees!”: “Ah, Those Were the Good Old Days!”

When Holiday bemoans the death of the old news monopoly, he is deadly serious. He sounds for all the world like a speaker at the Daughters of the American Revolution talking about how George Washington could never tell a lie. photo jonstewart1.jpg

Holiday starts his book by announcing that his hero is Jon Leibowitz, aka, Jon Stewart.

This is pretty typical of Holiday’s world view: His idea of a truth teller is someone who doesn’t even give his real name.

Actually, I lived and worked through Holiday’s Time of Truth. That experience caused me to ask, first of all:

“Why is this information produced?”

Holiday bemoans these Latter Days when absolutely nobody claims to produce information because it is true.

But there is not a single thing that has CHANGED from Holiday’s New York communications monopoly to the present web culture. On Wikipedia, you can see which side wrote the definitions there, but, unless you were a truly wonked-out Believer in Political Correctness, you could tell what the point of view was of anybody who wrote for the Monopoly Media.

In fact, you couldn’t get a writing job, God knows you couldn’t get a high-level political job, if from the first paragraph what the writer’s political point of view was could not be known.

Holiday is bent out of shape by the web culture because he was a babe in the woods before.


White Genocide Petitions

The Wash Post blog on one of our “petitions” illustrates exactly a point that Ryan Holiday makes in his book Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator that Bob has recommended to us recently.

“Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed sent out an intriguing tweet yesterday with a link that I couldn’t resist clicking.”

That opening sentence of the Wash Post article is an example of what Holiday describes: you feed something to the low level blogs that higher level blogs customarily search for story leads, and your planted story can move up the chain to major media.

We didn’t have to plant that story, since the oddness of our message having appeared on the president’s site (and the need of media to publish, publish, publish something) was sufficient to launch it.

The petitions offer opportunities to use Holiday’s tricks. For example, we’ve noticed the anti-white petitions (one of them is on page 2 of that thread, and the 3-page thread is an entertaining read!) that have sometimes appeared that attack our own and (helpfully, lol!) focus on our own specific memes in particular as objects of their attacks.

If whoever’s been writing those continues, the rabid reaction of some SF’ers to them has illustrated the possibilities in planting stories in low level blogs about “the raging race war on President Obama’s website,” or whatever. As Holiday points out, most blogs are paid by their advertisers for page clicks, and so blogs are fiercely competitive in “being first” with a story and generally don’t have time or inclination to check sources.

I’ve noticed that those anti-white petitions take a long time to get their 150 sigs and become visible, so if they keep appearing it would be helpful if we could develop ways of helping get them up as quickly as we do our own, lest their author becomes discouraged! …let’s let him think he has some support… lol!

Al Sharpton to ask Obama to block ‘White Genocide’ petitions from White House site. A close associate of Rev. Sharpton has reported that…”

Blogs like it if you write their stories for them.

But I think Holiday’s bag of tricks are going to take some finesse. I wouldn’t know right now what blogs are out there, which ones are good ones to feed to at the bottom of a chain, and exactly how to shape the tone and content of my communication to them so that they could at least pretend to themselves that what I’m offering them might be real. Do I just say, “I happen to know someone who is close to Al Sharpton…. I liked the report you did on….and I think your blog would be perfect for this story”?

I’ve hoped that in the months ahead I could begin to learn how to do some of Holiday’s stuff, but I really have no idea right now what I’ll be able to do or not do after a good long rest. Maybe what I’ve just written will spark interest and other ideas in some of you who already may be familiar with some blogs that could be used.

(While I’m thinking about getting ready to prepare to consider doing that, I can probably predict who may actually do it! :) )

Because this is what we want to achieve: MSNBC discusses White House White Genocide Petitions.


“Religion” Repeals the Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  This is the Law and the Prophets.”  — Jesus

So, would you rather be prosperous or starving?

Easy to answer, right?

Would you rather be beautiful or ugly?

“Well, DUHH!”   Right?

No!   Would you rather be BORN into a prosperous family or into the brown third world?

Churches today agree that giving an answer to this is a SIN.

Would you rather be born ugly or beautiful?

The churches say everybody’s beautiful.  SOMEBODY, they say, would love a face that had one eye sideways.

But come on now. How would you like a clerical nutcase who MEANS that to actually DESIGN the face you live with the rest of your life.  photo goldenrule.jpg

In fact, that is exactly what is happening. The Pope says we should all be brown. The preacher thunders out that his goal is to get black children adopted into the North Carolina mountains, because they are beautiful to SOMEBODY, and, country by country, Mommy Professor can explain why EACH and EVERY brown country  is poor and stagnant.

NOBODY would let a nut like that make any serious decision in real life.

Or in their OWN life.

Who would allow someone with the smiling “Looks don’t matter” attitude decide how THEY will look?

Diversity makes sense only because absolutely nobody believes brown people want to be brown forever. It is revelation for people to hear that it only relates to browns chasing down Whites because nobody can IMAGINE whites chasing down browns.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  This is the Law and the Prophets.”  — Jesus

“Screw the kids.   Be Modern.”  — The Churches