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American Freedom Party Continues its #WhiteGenocide Robocall Campaign

On Saturday October 3rd, the American Freedom Party continued its presidential robocall campaign in the state of Alabama. Alabama Robocall campaign Image

The robocalls reached a total of 140,542 people on Saturday (210,174 calls were made). We had 60,469 live answers and 80,703 answering machines were reached, where the entire robocall was recorded. Of the live answers, people listened to the message for an average of 40.42secs.

To date the American Freedom Party has called the states of Idaho, Mississippi and Alabama.

In Mississippi the party reached 186,460 on August 15th. 85,239 Live answers and 101,221 answering machines. Of the live answers, people listened to the message for an average of 38.07 secs.

In Idaho the party reached a total of 81,649 people on August 1st. 36,776 live answers and 44,873 answering machines. Of the live answers, people listened to an average of 36.52 seconds.

The purpose of these robocalls is not only to reach the people with our presidential candidates message of white genocide, but to have the media report on our campaigning efforts.

On September 20th, Lena Mitchell wrote an Op-Ed article for about our robocall campaign in Mississippi.

Lena received one of our robocalls on August 15th and was not impressed.

Lena Mitchell’s article –

“Lena’s diatribe against our robocalls in Mississippi is very simple: All good white people should worry about black people day and night, but anyone who worries about white people is a Nazi” says Bob Whitaker the American Freedom Party’s presidential candidate.

“Our robocalls predicted that reaction, stating at the start of the call that the media ignores our message.

“Which is exactly what Lena Mitchell did.”

Following Lena’s article on, two major online publications featured articles on our national robocall campaign; Raw Story and The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast has an Alexa Rating of 883 globally, which is up 71 positions in the last 3 months. They are ranked 259 within the USA.

This article couldn’t get any better for us publicity wise…. It quotes the entire Mississippi robocall, links to the mantra page at BUGS and also links to our article on the Idaho robocalls at BUGS. That is some priceless exposure for our presidential campaign, BUGS and the AFP.

And Raw Story with an Alexa Rating of 2,157 globally which is up 245 positions in the last 3 months, (this site is rapidly gaining in popularity). They are ranked 516 in the USA.

Shortly after publishing this article Raw Story was contacted by the AFP’s legal team who objected to being labeled as a “neo-nazi” party. Since being contacted Raw Story changed their wording to “extremist”.

The American Freedom Party will be continuing its robocall campaign across the United States, generating awareness for their presidential candidates and message of white genocide, leading up to the election next year.

Will the American Freedom Party be calling your state next?


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180,000 Alabamians will receive #WhiteGenocide robocalls this Saturday

Yesterday the Bob Whitaker for President 2016 campaign of the American Freedom Party issued this press release:

On Saturday, October 3rd, the American Freedom Party will continue its ongoing robocall campaign, this time targeting the state of Alabama.

Alabama Robocall campaign Image

The text of the robocall, which approximately 180,000 Alabamians will receive, is as follows:

“We robocall you at home because the media won’t carry our message.
Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, but White countries for EVERYBODY?!
Flooding ALL & ONLY White countries with the third world overflow IS White Genocide.
Recently, Senator Jeff Sessions, openly opposed flooding the U.S. with third world non-white refugees.
Bob Whitaker, the American Freedom Party’s candidate for president, LAUDS Senator Sessions for his stance, and adds that “DIVERSITY” is chasing down the last White person.
If you support the present policy of flooding all White countries with third world non-whites YOU are anti-WHITE.
Diversity equals White Genocide.
Join the American Freedom Party today and support Bob Whitaker for President.
Please help get Bob Whitaker on the Alabama ballot.
Visit that’s; or phone 424 261 4790; that’s 424 261 4790.
Paid for by Bob Whitaker for President 2016.”

The American Freedom Party is currently circulating petitions to put Presidential candidate Bob Whitaker and Vice Presidential candidate Tom Bowie on the Alabama ballot for 2016.

Whitaker/Bowie are already on the ballot in a number of other states.

The American Freedom Party will be using the robocalls this Saturday to drum up support for the Whitaker/Bowie campaign.

Previous robocalls in Idaho and Mississippi brought the American Freedom Party’s message to hundreds of thousands of people in those states. “We use robocalls because the media blocks our message,” states Whitaker.

“What They Call ‘Diversity’ Has Nothing to do with Real Diversity,” he continues. “What our rulers call Diversity just means chasing down white people. Their slogan is, ‘Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, and white countries for everybody’.

“Nobody says any Chinese city should not have huge areas that are all-Chinese. Only concentrations of white people in traditionally white countries are condemned.

“What they call Diversity is just white genocide. Our country today is based on white self-hatred. A country based on self-hatred is sick.”

The American Freedom Party will continue to inform the people of the ongoing program of white genocide no matter how much the anti-white media slanders us with hate words like “racist” and “supremacist” while at the same time ignoring our actual MESSAGE.



Chasing Down White Women

Implementing White Genocide will take place one White life at time. It will take place step by step. Germany, burdened by a wickedly imposed guilt trip, is leading the way. When will you and your home be the front line?

Fraufuhrer Merkel has pledged to enrich German society with 800,000 non-Germans per year. To prepare the way Germans must not only move over, they must move out. The town of Nieheim has ordered the eviction of Bettina Halbey, a 51 year old nurse, from her home of 16 years. Her crime is her race. She is White. The town of Eschbach has ordered the eviction of twenty-three year tenant Gabrielle Keller, 56, from her home. Her crime is her race. She is White.  photo bettinahalbey.png

It is not just Northern Idaho anymore. Whites are to be chased down in all White countries. Forced into crowded conditions to live out their lives until they expire with their hated race. In Berlin and Washington hostile elite led cuckgovernments are nurturing foreigners while ignoring life’s necessities for the native White population.

This has been indirectly achieved in the United States by inducing White Flight, a process by which White neighborhoods are destroyed by forcing lenders to racially balance their mortgage portfolios or by building public housing in order to block bust a community. Housing policy is a major tool for the ascendant anti-Whites. Our people are forced to sell their homes low in order to buy homes high. It is a conscious policy of transferring the sweat of White labor to the leisure of non-Whites. It is a form of theft.  photo gabriellekeller.jpg

Remember these abused women, Bettina Halbey and Gabrielle Keller. To your great grandchildren one hundred years from now they will loom more important in their memories than you will. They are precursors of things to come – historical markers. White Genocide has stepped up another rung on the ladder towards a White free world.

The death of the White race will come about through billions of scraps of paper, each seemingly trivial in itself. An eviction notice here, a pink slip there. A hate crime charge. A medical treatment denied. A college place refused. A job application turned down.

But you can fight fire with fire. You can write the Mantra on a piece of paper and paste it to a telephone pole. You can post the Mantra on a virtual scrap of paper on the Internet where it will be read maybe by thousands.

What have you done today to fight what is happening to Bettina Halbey and Gabrielle Keller?



BUGS Techniques

I think it would be good to have a list of techniques we use so that people who have spent enough time SWARMING will have a resource for when they are composing mini-Mantras, articles, etc.

Here’s a sample of techniques we use:

Start with obvious reality, such as a well-known fact, and give it a particular spin. E.g.: “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, ”… etc. People agree with it, so it starts up a chain of “yes” responses, and this will make people more likely to agree with you further down.

Images, such as the wonderful illustrations by BBG; and vivid wording, to draw on the visual sense. E.g.: “Picture this. A Witchdoctor and his followers are jumping up and down in a field. They believe that the crops will grow better by following the dancers’ example…” (Psychological research indicates that the visual sense is most commonly the dominant one, so we at BUGS draw on this one the most.)  photo techniques.jpg

Metaphors, such as White rabbits, buzzards, Mommy Professor, Screamers, Thugs and Thought Police. (Metaphors are easy for people to grasp, because they work on a more solid, visual level, rather than abstract concepts.) Even “codeword” is a metaphor, and so is “means chasing down”. A lot of the time this is literal too!

Specific grammar to create a specific effect, such as the use of incomplete sentences (HD has commented on Bob’s use of these before). Another technique is to use participles to compact a narrative (instead of using conjunctions); for example: “Their prescriptions having turned out badly, they ALWAYS blame the disbelievers”.

Colliding points of reference, such as linking White Flight with Orwell and people fleeing the Soviet Union.

If others would add to this list of techniques used at BUGS, then we can have a more complete resource, and hopefully something we can all learn from. And just to jump the gun on this, the following quote by Secret Squirrel is so insightful that I’ll add it here:

‘By attacking, he [Bob] points out the contradictions, assigns responsibility and labels the enemy.

Their weakest points are where they contradict themselves and since anti-whites are natural toadies, they don’t like to be exposed and made responsible for the harm they cause.’



How to judge a regime

A way to judge the success or failure of a state is whether the citizens actually want to LIVE there. photo washingtondc.png

By this standard, the Soviet Union and other communist states were absolute failures. The “citizens” of these so-called “democratic republics” wanted to get out of there so much, that hiding their intentions about wanting to escape, through fear of informers and Big Brother, they devised ingenious methods to evade mine fields, walls, machine gun turrets and barbed wire.

The mine fields of these “democratic republics” had the landmines and gun trip wires on THEIR side of the barbed wire – to keep THEIR citizens from ESCAPING.

Thousands of people were killed in the process of fleeing, and many others were caught and put into FORCED sensitivity training/concentration camps.

Now this may give you the Orwellian creeps: In the so-called “democratic republics” where we live today, we are told, just as in the Soviet Union, that the citizens are very “privileged” to live here. But if White citizens are so privileged, then how do you explain White Flight?

If White people are so “privileged”, how do you explain White Flight?…

Again: If White people are so “privileged”, how do you explain White Flight?………



BUGS Buddy: Sticking to the Script

One of the most revealing backhanded compliments I ever received was from an aggressive and frustrated anti-White, who after a series of encounters (/interrogations by me) wrote on a forum:

“Unlike your buddies, you stick to the script don’t you?”

But the “buddies” the anti-White was referring to weren’t MY buddies. They were AMPWs (anti-Mantra pro-Whites).

Somehow they had managed to stumble onto an exchange between myself and an anti-White, so the AMPWs had decided to “communicate” with the anti-White too.

What followed was aaaall-too-predictable: AMPW tailgating, which the anti-White enthusiastically (surprise, surprise) latched onto.

Thus AMPWs had stumbled onto an interrogation and had given the anti-White an escape route… photo romeo.jpg

Everyone who has fought on the front has seen this. When AMPWs ever DO try to do something, outside of taking part in their cargo cults, talking to their fellow generals in their tents, and playing Aryan SimCity every day, they are so clueless and undisciplined that they become the anti-White’s best buddy.

In contrast: through disciplined experience on the front, BUGSERS have formulated lines of attack to hook and trap anti-Whites. We have mini-Mantras, followed (if necessary) by standard responses. These responses have been fine-tuned and battle-tested countless times. And it is one of the most effective tactics used by BUGSERS, to place anti-Whites under interrogation about their support of White Genocide: turning up the pressure on anti-Whites as if they were in a vice.

To replicate these results as efficiently as possible, we use model scripts that we almost always STICK to, because they WORK.

Here is a link to the script I was using about the time of the encounter, consisting almost entirely of what other BUGSERS had formulated and tested.

As a saying goes at BUGS: “Your best work will not be your own”.

At the link below you can find the standard responses (ignore the mini-Mantras provided, which were at that time very experimental/attempting to incorporate a new meme). To find the beginning of the script of standard responses, you can do a search for the words: “Since we are exchanging weapons”…

Along those lines, a script of model responses is being prepared by Benjamin Newells, and when it is sufficiently complete and informally peer-reviewed, I say we have a permanent link to it on the right-hand side of the BUGS website (along the same lines as British Bug’s excellent but now largely superseded compilation).

All in favor?




They got Al Capone on tax evasion.

There is a million light years difference between an outfit that is “tax exempt” – every political party is exempt from paying taxes – and “tax deductible,” which means that you can deduct contributions to it from your income which is taxed..

These latter groups are therefore partly funded by taxpayers. They are, NOT JUST “tax exempt.”

Today almost every big money tax deductible organization, from Harvard to the National of Churches to the Ford Foundation, openly backs anti-White propaganda on a massive scale.

They BRAG about it.  The NEA openly engages in anti-White propaganda.  photo capone.jpg

That’s point one.

Point Two is history:

They got Al Capone on tax evasion.

Somebody ignored all the drama, the extortion, the Valentine’s Day Massacre, and looked at his BOOKS.

BUGSERS certainly understand why it took so many years for the Feds to do that.

Like the Mantra, tax evasion had no sex appeal, no Headline News value.

Exactly like the Mantra, once it worked then everyone claimed they had come up with it.

But we all know what happened when it was first proposed:

“A MURDERER, a CRIME BOSS, and you are going after him on his TAXES!!!!!?????”


Like the Mantra, it WORKED.

Like the Mantra, EVERYBODY had been for it from the start.

From the National Education Association to the National Council of Churches to the universities and Foundations, these groups have been bragging for decades about how they openly violate the tax law in a way that would send you to prison.

It is time to look at their statements and at their BOOKS.

I could have done it in the Reagan Administration, but my staff was disbanded.

Treat those Holy Ones like just another tax-deductible outfit?


A nuclear weapon in our arsenal would be the serious demanding of Al Capone Audit Number Two.



White Rage

The black rage is their defense.

Now when the young guy in Charleston did his shootings, they instantly convicted me which gave us lots of publicity.

The guy who just did the Jewish Center killings has just been convicted. At the beginning of his closing argument he put up on the whiteboard that “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide”.

But oddly enough, nobody came after me.  photo whiterage_1.jpg

One explanation for this is, the same reason they put it off with CNN, they can’t deal with me.

But all this has made me consider White Rage.

If a black man runs around killing white people, it’s because of oppression.

Now if we have white guys out killing, In The Name Of White Genocide, it may be a warning.

Isolated Black killings of whites are the result of a legitimate “Black Rage”.

So isolated killings In The Name Of Genocide, may mean that instead stopping all discussion of White Genocide, the White Rage may indicate that’s exactly what we need to discuss. Or are we going to just have people keep picking up guns?

At the moment we’ve had very isolated incidents, two of them, but should we not consider White Rage?

There is no excuse for anybody just shooting other people, on a basis like this, but it may signify that we are going to have to discuss the real issue. And that does not mean with in the current bounds.

So maybe we should start looking at these isolated two killings as White Rage.

And a warning.