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BUGSERS Are Doing a Great Job in Our Internal “Fights!”

You have taken on Bob as a political general because I am very good at it. I am good at it because I have been in it for decades.

One of you nice folks said that at my age I shouldn’t have to mention that I am pensioned on mental disability, just “retired.”

I have a reason for being frank about my heart attacks, drug use, and nervous breakdowns.

And it is critical for you to remember these facts when we have internal friction.

Because my approach to BUGS internal friction is very similar to my general strategy: I do not want SUGGESTIONS about how you SHOULD get out there and FIGHT.

I want REPORTS about what you learned when YOU went out there and fought.

The same rule applies with whatever is going on BETWEEN you fighters.

In political organizations The Leader is interested in hearing who is on his “correct” side.

When I hear someone talk about what is going on in Bugdom, once again, my interest is in what YOU are doing about it. If someone is upset, WHAT DID YOU AND HE SAY WHEN YOU CONTACTED HIM ABOUT IT?

I also note whether people treat me as a totally dedicated old man warrior with SHELLSHOCK who insults people when he gets a beer or two in him.

What you do is either 1) tell him he needs to stop getting on with a drink for fun, which no Real Leader would ever do, but you seem to enjoy it when I do, or 2) not go to pieces like the usual political outfit does.

Which is why those outfits did no good and are GONE.  photo bugtussle.png

I am NOT going to keep up with personal conflicts among BUGSERS, even the ones that involve ME.

I began the real BUGS by announcing that what happened with Dr. Pierce on his deathbed. Pierce was asked if he knew anybody who might take over the National Alliance.

His reply was: “I knew some, but they are all dead.”

It struck others as a witty piece of deathbed bravado.

It scared the weewee out of me.

The powerful National Alliance simply died with Pierce. So did most of his life’s work.

Allow me to repeat for the hundredth time that I determined, no matter how small or unfunded, I wanted a group to keep up my life’s work.

This is the opposite of what a Leader might desire. He might want his disappearance to throw his organization into limbo, like the National Alliance.

My ideal is exactly the opposite: I have provided in my will for the little money BUGS needs and named a person to provide it whom I trust, but they will CONTINUE BUGS.

They will not RUN it.

YOU will run it. 

As far as our purposes are concerned, my ideal is that my passing away will not cause a bump in our road.

My life has been dedicated to the survival of my race far beyond my lifetime.

The biggest problem I find now is writers to follow me. I am happy to have them now.

The reason I don’t have writers is because opinions are easy, but writing is WORK.

We have SysOps, we have Laura, we even have Linux deciding to worry about the cause rather than whatever he thought I did to him.

As I have said before, people who are dedicated as we are to something besides getting ahead by going along are going to be a bunch of loose cannons.

But, unlike Dr. Pierce, I think YOU can make this work.

This means YOU must handle disputes, even the ones your Head Loose Cannon causes.


Bob Whitaker Writes an Exclusive!

Agatha Christie wrote a story in which Detective Poirot took the side of a nasty American in England against two very nice old English ladies.

In the story Poirot explained his position this way:  The American was an outsider in England and HE was an outsider in England:  “I take the side of the other Outsider.” Agatha Christie obviously approved of this.

How many times have I heard someone interviewed on the street who says, “I am an immigrant, so I am for immigration.”

Joe Sobran, one of the strongest opponents of mass immigration later on, Joe Sobran, told me personally that most of his life, “I thought that, since my family were recent immigrants, I should be for immigration.”  photo degaulle.jpg

A sane person patriot would NEVER allow anyone to immigrate if that person took it as giving the whole world an invitation to “come and get it.”

As only I have pointed out, the endlessly quoted inscription on the Statue of Liberty was written by a lifelong, dedicated Zionist, Emma Lazarus. If someone wrote an inscription on a statue in the harbor of her Israel inviting EVERYBODY, Jew or Gentile, to move in, our “Founding Mother” who wrote The Inscription would have shot them dead on the spot!

Every nation is a Nation of Immigrants. But the fact that France derives its name from a Germanic tribe does not indicate to any sane person that France was thereby obligated to bring in every German who wanted to come in and take over from then on.

In a country where excluding anybody is labelled “Nazi” it is very interesting that the adjective “exclusive” means “classy!”

The fate of every nation depends on two things:

1) The people who are INSIDE that nation; and
2) The people who are OUTSIDE of that nation.

In fact, the term “nation” means a certain type of people living inside certain borders.

Imagine an Exclusive Club making someone a member who promises to run out the door and invite everybody in!





Explaining the 1932 German election to Americans (and Aussies).

I taught this stuff so I forgot how complicated it is.

Let me know if this does not explain it.

Some BUGSERS have trouble with how Germany’s government was formed in 1932.

In the United States the president and congress are elected separately. 

However, in most places there is a single election for the single ruling House, like the House of Commons in Britain.

Americans are used to an orderly, timed changes of government. Our elections are in November, but the old congressmen and the old president stay in office until January, the “transition” period.   It used to be that those elected only took office in March, four months after the election.

This makes the way they change governments in Europe very confusing to us.

In Britain, there is only one election, and that election is for every Member of Parliament on the same day. If that election goes against the party in power, every office from Prime Minister down to MP (Member of Parliament) changes.

Right after Election Day, if the party in power loses, a new government must be formed.

This has happened many, many times. The moment the Labor Party got a majority in the House of Commons in 1945, the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, suddenly had to leave Number Ten Downing Street, their White House.

In the European form of government, the old government disappears at the top and a complete new government must be formed.

Here is the part that confuses Americans: The new government must be supported by a majority of members of the one elected House selected in that one election.

Nowadays, no one party ever gets a majority in the British Parliament. So they have to form a coalition in order to form any government or elect any prime minister. I have long since lost track, but the last British Government I remember was a coalition of Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties.

Back in the fifties, the Governments of France and Italy were standing jokes. They would form a new Government every few DAYS, as members of Parliament formed new coalitions and then fell out with each other.

To Americans, this would be a weird way to run a country store, much less a GOVERNMENT!

I repeat: in this Bizarro way of running a government, there is no government unless it is backed by a MAJORITY of the one elected house.

There is no end to the number of disasters this can lead to. One of these disasters occurred in the Weimar Republic after the election of 1932.

Between the two, the Communists and the Nazis, they had a MAJORITY of the total membership of the newly elected ruling House.  photo 3-1933election.jpg

The ONLY House Germany has forms a government!

You could not form a government without a majority.

Basic arithmetic: If two (2) parties hold a majority, one of the two must be included if you are to form ANY new government. So the 1932 election meant that ANY new government must include either Nazis or Communists.

I did NOT say the Nazis and Communists got together. What I said was that those people who voted Communist caused this situation, as Nazi voters did.

The new government HAD to include either Communists or Nazis.

Hitler owned a third of the Reichstag. A government required a majority vote. Hitler formed a coalition with other right-wing German parties.

No, the Nazis and the Communists did not come together. When Hitler took power his coalition then Hitler formed a coalition with the tiny right-wing National Party. Kicking out the Reds made the Reichstag arithmetic even better. With a sixth of its members kicked out, Hitler’s third got even closer to a majority. There were 83% of the delegates left, and Hitler owned 33% of those delegates.

A snap election was called, during which the Reichstag burned down and the Communists got blamed. The Nazis ran against politically handicapped opponents in March. This further improved their numbers.

Hitler was at last able to declare a State of Emergency and he then threw all the other parties out of the Reichstag and Germany was run by the Nazis in that State of Emergency until May of 1945.

Is this understandable?


Be Careful What You Ask For – the 1932 GERMAN Election

In the 1932 German election, the Nazi Party got exactly a third of the vote and the Stalinist Communist Party got exactly one in six. Together the two totalitarian parties got half of the vote and a bare majority of the seats in the Reichstag.

This produced a milestone in history: The next German government would have to include Communists or Nazis. Hermann Goering presided over the Reichstag because the Nazi constituted the plurality.

Please note what history never mentions: It took two to tango: The Communists elected Hitler every bit as much as Nazis did.

How did the German Jews vote in 1932?

If you take out the Nazi third, that leaves two thirds of the electorate. If Jews voted proportionately, one in four would have voted for a Stalinist State.

But the fact is that Jews traditionally vote for the left, the far left. Even William Buckley said that “Jews live like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.” The Founder of Commentary, the Jewish conservative magazine stated flatly, “For most Jews the term ‘conservative Jew’ as an oxymoron.” photo warongermans.jpg

Until I wrote this article, no experienced political analyst would doubt that in 1932 Jews voted at least 2 to 1 for the Communist Party.

Which in this story as it turned out, was the same as voting FOR Hitler!

Be careful what you ask for!

German Jewish voters in 1932 WANTED concentration camps.

They DEMANDED an absolute dictatorship.

They saw the Terror Lenin bragged about and called it good.

The 1932 Jewish electorate asked for it and they GOT it, secret police, concentration camps, the whole nine yards.

Be careful what you ask for.

And where in this story do we find the SuperJews, those who know all and determine all?

What the German Jews did in 1932 was not exactly penetrating SuperKnowledge. They voted for concentration camps and secret police, and they GOT concentration camps and secret police.

But those wonderful concentration camps and secret police got THEM, not the goyim Stalinists were after.

And it is impossible to analyze the 1932 German election without concluding that a higher percentage of Jews voted for dictatorship and concentration camps than German gentiles.

Is this All-Knowing Jewish Genius at work?

Or is it a people with a grudge being maliciously stupid?

This 1932 election is bad for both Jews and monomaniacal anti-Semites.

Neither Jews nor monomaniacal anti-semites want German Jews portrayed as a group of morons whose hatred of those around them exploded in their faces.

Audio Bob


It’s GLORIOUS When the Bullies Get THEIRS!

I began reading Ryan Holiday’s “Trust Me, I’m Lying” as a lesson in all this terminology and strategy in blogs.

Then it became familiar.  Then I REALLY ENJOYED THE HELL OUT OF IT!

Holiday’s original theme was “I was The Greatest of Sinners, Lord, please forgive me upon my confession.”

His information on my blog question, “Why was this information produced?” was that of a pro who had been there, the ideal reader for someone wanting the lowdown on the new web culture.

The last two-thirds of “Trust Me, I’m Lying” began to sound creepily familiar.

That was when I REALLY began to ENJOY it.

Blogs have become bullies.  photo f39bcc43-74ca-40c7-9a93-96091554cbbc.jpg

Now understand me: Nobody was a bigger fan of bullies than Ryan Holiday some years back.  He says twice that his and America’s “social icon” is Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.

As Holiday’s dialogue became more familiar, it hit me: He sounded just like me at his age.

You see, Jon Stewart is one of the “anti-racist” bullies, the fashionable young leftist bully who would be disrupting any attempt by any serious opposition to the “Intellectuals Should Rule the World” line on campus.

Campus bullying of anyone by screaming “racist” or “Nazi” who worries about European birth rates is just the sort of thing Holiday and Stewart would consider Hilarious.

And “constructive.”

But the blog culture now attacks THEM.

The last two-thirds of the book sounds exactly like an old-time conservative or pro-white shouting about how unfair Media routinely is.

Suddenly the bullies are not limited to racists and Neo-Nazis and other heretics against Neo-Marxist Orthodoxy.

Suddenly the most devoted fans of the Campus Bullies are THEMSELVES subject to exactly the same unanswerable, screaming attacks Holiday and Stewart always cheered on when they are bullying the RIGHT people.

The fun is over. Now Holiday and his “icon Jon Stewart,” even some BILLIONAIRES (God be Praised!!) are subject to the same unanswerable bullying they cheered on when it was against political heretics.

It’s no fun anymore.

Every grammar school bully says that when someone finally beats the crap out of them.

The Old Fairness is gone!

I spent the last half of the book often laughing out loud at the bullying bemoaning The Good Old Days when the Mainstream Media were HIS attack dogs.

Now the blogs can ruin ANYBODY!

Oh, Woe in these Evil Latter Days!



As I have written a mere hundred times or so, every blogger tells you where things are going right now, and that is critical FOR BLOGGERS. But as a guide to anything BIG that is GOING to happen, it ain’t worth doggy poop.

I remember hundreds of newspaper headlines that everybody was talking about for weeks. Then I remember mentioning them a month later and getting that totally mystified look everyone who remembers yesterday’s big headline gets.

And compared to a blog, newspaper headlines are written in stone.

And here I am not only ignoring the Latest News, ignoring the Latest Blogs, but thinking about history, a time when things actually HAPPENED.

I believe it was HD who recommended “Believe Me, I’m Lying” by Bryan Holiday. It is by a rich man who made his money manipulating blogs.

It is, in our terms, a book by a successful practitioner in the field of “Why is This Information Produced?” As I have said many, many times,  BUGS is an exercise in what NOT to do if you want a successful blog, just as my career in politics that produced so  much was an exercise in what NOT to do if you want to make General of SES in the civil service or popular staffer with job offers on the Hill.

Changing history is NEVER done by a person seeking popularity with any “in” crowd.

This makes my approach totally uncool.

My aim is to legitimize the argument for White survival. In fact, Europe was worried about its falling birthrates in the 1970s and proposals were made to subsidize people who had children. One of the big arguments against this was, of course, that, “Hitler did that.”

But nobody questioned the fact that Europeans were concerned about Europeans dying out.

Another thing that is not new is for the people who are going to make the changes getting no attention right now. The Free Soil Party, running on the later Republican platform of forbidding the spread of slavery, got less than one percent of the vote in 1848.

In mid-20s, the Nazi Party got less than one percent of the German vote.

In 1932 Time Magazine still thought Adolf Hitler was a monarchist!

Lenin took power in the vacuum of Kerensky being unable to form a stable government.

We are in the age I predicted when non-Whites are no longer looking for anti-white Whites to represent them.

Newsweek just went out of print a few years after openly giving up news and becoming solid and openly leftist. It closed down with a cover story blasting Obama.

And an endless Hell hath no fury like an insider who can’t get anybody to take his calls any more.

In the future, anti-Semites will be a dime a dozen. A voice for the saving of my OWN race is almost absent. Like Arabs, black leaders, and an endless list of others, one more Hate Jews outfit contributes nothing.

In the future, the only voice that represents Whites will be unique.

Holiday explains this perfectly and in detail. He got so rich manipulating blogs that he can tell bloggers the truth and not give a damn.
 photo springtime4hitler.jpg
What sells on blogs is anger.

What turns off bloggers is not having an oven-ready solution.

His big point is that these precooked formulas are 100%. The competition on blogs is so intense that there are NO blogs that violate this rule.  Even in the peak years of the Yellow Press some newspapers survived providing SOME quality.

Not so in the blog age.  No blog gets impressive numbers without adhering to all the rules.

If you are pro-white and you want a blog to make it, it has to incite ANGER. It has to hit responsive notes. Being pro-White cannot compete with the good old Hate Jews.

If you want to plant ideas for future thought, Holiday will laugh his ass off at you.

But Holiday would be the first to tell you he has no interest whatsoever in The Endgame.


There is a Difference Between a Classroom and a Battlefield

When BUGSERS started quoting the Mantra to David Duke, he kept saying, “It’s BOB WHITAKER’S Mantra.”

This property right seems very important to him.

I have run into this problem for decades.

I am only capable of truly HATING one group, and that group is White gentile TRAITORS.

Jews are people who have decided to take an alien loyalty.

So are anti-white Catholics. They have were fighting for assimilation – assimilation — long before it was of any interest to Jews.  That is the traditional intermarriage program Sarkozy said he would use force to speed up.

My objection to talking about Jews is that it makes us ineffective. Wordists, Jews and other groups have different loyalties from mine, and they act as enemies of my race. When Emma Lazarus wrote the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, everyone knew that she was a lifelong, dedicated Zionist. This country she so poetically gave away was not HER country.

Can you imagine Emma Lazarus’s reaction if Robert Whitaker wrote an inscription for a monument in Haifa telling the whole world to come to Israel?

But it is perfectly understandable why a Zionist would be glad to give away America.

But what little information we are able to produce is not for a classroom.

In a war of survival for the White race, the value of information is whether it WORKS.

In the actual war, talking about Jews gives the other side something they can grasp hold of. They are ready for it. photo westpoint.jpg

In wartime, any statement, no matter how true for a classroom, is abandoned the SECOND it ceases to be effective IN THE WAR.

Also, there is my respect for Dr. Duke himself. He is attacking Jews. If that will work, he does not need MY amateur help.

A Jew or a fanatically blind Catholic is not a traitor.  He is entirely different from me.

I know David Duke.  However he regards me, I know he is a heroic and dedicated man. My opinion of him (or of anybody else) does not depend on his opinion of me.

Someone who bases their opinion of others on their opinion of him is not someone who can give objective advice, and objective advice is all I have to offer.

But I DO take it personally when someone uses my name or the precious effective memes we have developed to throw them away on Jews.

Our memes WORK. But you can destroy our effectiveness if you just use our memes to get in some cheap shots at Jews.

This is not a friggin’ classroom.  This is a WAR.

I DEMAND that anyone using BUGS ammunition get OFF, totally OFF, the Jew Addiction.

Only a true retard would not understand THAT by now.

Audio Bob


2014: A year of N&J Transition‏

AMPW’s used to scream “The Mantra will never work!” Then they screamed “The people want and DEMAND stats!” Next they screamed for “RESULTS! Show me the MONEY!” First, we showed them they were wrong, Then, we gave them what they asked for – efficacy, efficiency, an economy of words, and real world results; a template for success.

As we near more than 43 million TANGIBLE mantra media impressions by the end of the year, the AMPW rhetoric has changed again. Now, anti-mantra pro-whites sit in their echo chambers and drool to each other about which “stage” of genocide we are at and which white country has “more genocide” to deal with.

So, I ask them the same old question I have always asked since signing up with BUGS, “What have you done to help disseminate the message?” And the response I get is the same old – same old.