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The Demoralization Curve

I don’t judge a country on whether a “far-right” party gets 6% or 9% of the vote, or how draconian their censorship is or even their racial demographics. I judge a country on how demoralized the white population of that country is. More specifically, I judge it on where it is in the demoralization curve.

The demoralization curve is a hypothetical model of how the effects of subversion and counter subversion will change the overall level of demoralization of a given white population over time. It is hypothetical because we haven’t seen any white population make it yet to the right side of the curve.

A curve can be drawn for a region, a country or the world as a whole. Remember, to be demoralized means you have been put into a psychological state where you can’t come to any reasonable conclusions in the interest of defending yourself, your family, your country, your race.

The demoralization curve resembles a bell curve. It starts out low, reaches a peak, and then falls. This is how I think things will play out as our counter-propaganda takes hold and we take propaganda superiority.

You can see by this curve there are two ways a population can be in low state of demoralization: because you are on the RIGHT side of the curve or because you are on the LEFT side of the curve. You are on the left side of the curve if you haven’t been subjected ***YET*** to a large amount of anti-white propaganda. This is the case in Eastern Europe now. It was the case in the rest of the white world 60 or so years ago. I bring this up because some people think whites in Eastern Europe have some cultural traits or magic ability to resist anti-whitism. Such people may think we can just adopt whatever it is that gives them this resistance and not have to fight the propaganda war. I say the reason they they are in a low state of demoralization is because they haven’t been subjected to anything like the anti-white programming Anglosphere and Western Europe have been subjected to. As soon as they are, their level of demoralization will rise unless counter-propaganda is deployed immediately.

No action or combinations of actions will substitute for winning the propaganda war and taking power.

So, to assess the state of a country I ask how successfully are pro-whites in that country fighting the anti-white brainwashing? Unfortunately, at this point I don’t think any country rates better than a “D.”

This curve follows the model of epidemic disease. You can have a low state of disease occurrence either because you haven’t been exposed to it yet (left side of the curve) or because you have developed anti-bodies and genetic resistance to the disease (right side of the curve).

If you were to examine an isolated population and you observed that they had no incidence of an infectious disease, and they had never been exposed to that disease, would you conclude that they had some immunity to that disease that you would want to study? In fact, if someone said they did want to study that population to determine why they don’t have the disease would you even regard that person as SANE?

We can wish that the anti-white mind virus had never been released into white populations. But wishing won’t save white people. We have to develop and culturally embed the terms, talking points and narratives that constitute resistance to virulent anti-whitism.

This is a process we’re going to have to go through. Our goal is to get to the right side of the curve. When we do, we’ll be stronger than ever.

Demoralization curve


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New Article – Portland City Council Hears Resolution Condemning White Supremacy, Unanimously Passing It As They Were EXPECTED To

Portland City Council Hears Resolution Condemning White Supremacy, unanimously passing it as they were EXPECTED to



Billboard goes UP…. Billboard comes DOWN

FWG recently put up a new billboard in West Virginia with Bob’s meme “White Self Hatred is SICK!” It didn’t take long for the local anti-whites to go ballistic over the billboard and within a week were able to intimidate and threaten the billboard owner into taking it down.

Even though the board went up and came down, we have still received some good publicity.  Thanks to Ken Fleming’s contact, Cassandra Fairbanks, we were able to have Big League Politics do an article on the billboard coming down. Cassandra did a fantastic job of tying in the “It’s Ok To Be White” campaign, our billboard and how there can be no free speech for pro-whites. “Naturally, an over-the-top reaction is exactly what they received”, Cassandra wrote. Joe Biggs retweeted the Big League Politics article to his some 408k followers.

Below is FWG’s Press Release written by eyeslevel. The Press Release on FWG has now been viewed 7755 times.


Fight White Genocide is proud to announce we have put up a billboard in northeast West Virginia featuring the meme “White self-hatred is sick!” Here is our press release for this event:

November, 2017 the struggle against white genocide comes to West Virginia.

With the generous financial help of our supporters, Fight White Genocide has put up a billboard on US Hwy 50 east of Augusta, West Virginia near Hanging Rock. The message of this billboard is that “WHITE SELF-HATRED IS SICK!!!”

Only people who hated themselves would cheer on their projected minority status and the policies of mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation that lead to it.

Only people who hated themselves would believe that they are uniquely evil because their ancestors engaged in things like slavery and conquest that every race has participated in.

Only people who hated themselves would say “Who cares if my race exists 100 years from now?”

We’ve all heard about white guilt. But it’s really white self-hatred.

Everyone talks about how evil hate is. But the most common hate out there today is white people saying how much they hate white people.

Whites have committed no unique crimes, but they have infinite unique achievements. White self-hatred is not virtuous. White self-hatred is just plain SICK!

White people are being chased down with diversity all across America and Europe. Why are we not allowed to question this policy?

We hope our billboard sparks a much-needed debate and causes white people to honestly examine their self-perception.

This is hate speech you say? How can asking white people NOT to hate themselves be considered hate speech? How is that automatically hating others? If you asked blacks not to hate themselves would you consider that hate speech?

No one questions pro-black advocacy. No one questions pro-mestizo advocacy. Why must all pro-white advocacy be considered wrong? After all, blacks and mestizos have their own homelands they can go to where they have self-determination. But ALL white countries are being deliberately turned non-white. Whites are being turned into powerless minorities everywhere. It is white people above all who need racial advocacy.

In 1985 the Soviet Union seemed invincible. But a handful of citizens known as Samizdat braved repression and prison terms to question the Soviet system. “Why does a workers’ paradise have to shoot escapees?” they asked. Other Soviet citizens began asking why, indeed, does a workers’ paradise have to shoot escapees? And support for the Soviet system crumbled. Today, Political Correctness also seems invincible. But we are determined to bring down that evil empire, too, and in the same way: by questioning it. “Why must white people hate themselves for doing things every race has done?”

Our billboard in Springville, Alabama was removed due to harassment and threats of lawsuits. No reason is ever given for suppressing our message other than that it is heresy to the established Religion of Political Correctness.

What use is free speech if you are not allowed to say anything controversial?

About Fight White Genocide

Fight White Genocide is a group of human rights activists calling attention to the crime of genocide being committed against the white race. The crime of genocide was codified under international law by General Assembly Resolution 260 (adopted Dec 9, 1948 in effect Jan 12, 1951), The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

This genocide is being carried out by means of mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL and ONLY white countries the goal of which is to force blend ONLY white people out of existence. Anyone who objects to this crime is subject to harassment, intimidation, violent acts and threats of violence, psychological terrorism, job loss, and prison terms.

We DEMAND an open and free discussion of white genocide without threats of attack from screamers, thugs, or thought police.

We DEMAND a worldwide repeal of all laws that make it illegal for white people to speak out for their racial interests.

Fight White Genocide members are the proprietors of the website.

Our billboards have been featured on United Shades of America and major news sites. There’s no such thing as bad publicity IF you have an effective message that’s true and that discredits your enemies, in this case the reigning anti-white system.

Billboards cost money. Your financial support is appreciated and necessary to keep billboards like this up. We’d love to put them up all across the country, wherever we can find a billboard company brave enough and dedicated enough to free speech to allow us to spread our much-needed message. Help us fight the epidemic of white self-hatred ravaging the globe and help us FIGHT WHITE GENOCIDE.



Santa Cruz Blog Mentions White Genocide

Apparently Santa Cruz community Blog/Free Weekly GoodTimes hasn’t received the memo that no one is allowed to mention white genocide.


That’s local KSCO talk show host Georgia “Peach” Beardslee, who routinely asks questions, like “Why is it that only black people loot in a crisis?”—as she did shortly after Hurricane Harvey on Wednesday, Aug. 30. During that same broadcast, she compared Santa Cruz’s Beach Flats community, a predominantly Latino, low-income neighborhood, to a “third-world country.” She accused Santa Cruz’s entire city government of being run by communists and wished UCSC a “nasty, fast death” for being a “communist school.”

She opened the show by decrying a “white genocide” that she claims many Americans have been simultaneously ignoring and perpetuating.

Anti-whites cannot refute the charge of white genocide through massive non-white immigration combined with forced assimilation into ALL white countries. And this article in GoodTimes doesn’t even try. It amounts to nothing more than saying “How dare you mention white genocide! That’s heresy to Political Correctness!”

It is said there is no such thing as bad publicity. This is correct if you have an effective message that’s true. Due to the efforts of a small group of pro-whites, the message of white genocide has permeated cyberspace to the point where it can no longer be ignored.

There’s only two things you can do with an effective meme:

1. Ignore it

2. Spread it

Thanks for the free publicity, GoodTimes!

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