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    Does anybody have any experience of posting the mantra and minis on sites/forums that are in German, Swedish, French, etc.? I am planning on doing that and I don’t know that much of different languages besides English.

    I’ve seen some forums on BUGS of the mantra in different languages but are they accurate? For example, is google translate a good translator for posting minis in different languages?

    Also, are sites that are in Europe more likely to censor your posts?

    Sunlit I.

    I notice a very obvious flow of terms from English to other languages, so (in my opinion) feel free to resort to English mini or maxi mantras any time you know you cannot provide a correct translation.

    Google can end up with a translation that can make people laugh. I’ve seen such examples. But it also depends on the difficuly of the material that is to be translated. I expect “ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY!” to be simple enough for Google in any language.

    There is another question to it, which is terminology itself. The Mantra is very American in my opinion. It operates with the terms that may not be that frequent in other countries. At the same time Bob’s Mantra is about IMPOSING terminology. So the question of what would be the proper translation into one or another language can be very tricky. Fall back to the original Mantra each time you are not sure about something.

    Speaking about censorship, it’s hard to tell what they will do tomorrow even if they allow something today. Posting something in English might fail if they allow only one language, but I have also seen websites that allowed their native one AND English.


    There are many other past “whitakeronline” posts that have translated the Mantra into other languages; for the ones above I used the following Google search: mantra translation “”

    One thing you will notice when you do the search is this site flourished with Bugster comments and advice (5 to 7 years ago). Sadly, today it is only a trickle of its past following. But don’t dispair, the group that keeps this site rolling know the Mantra message is the the only workable solution (at this time) to wake-up others to the horror now happening …White Genocide.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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