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FWG Podcast #16 – The Religion of Political Correctness

Posted by Laura on July 29th, 2019 under Coaching Session

The FWG crew discuss our established religion of political correctness. – Video with images

Podcast #16 – The Religion of Political Correctness – MP3 Download Option

  1. #1 by WmWhite on 08/01/2019 - 2:34 pm

    Another very good podcast.

    Not being a philosopher, a prophet or a clairvoyant my vision of the future for our children is dubious, at best. But I do see the (all encompassing propaganda) today as a Totalitarian regime run on the principles/religion of Political Correctness …as did Bob.

    As any new religion takes hold of a people the zealots rule in the beginning and the older religions eventually fall from senectitude and the peoples lack of faith in the dogmatic myths of their ancestors.

    I believe we are in the second wave of this new religion, first developed by Marx and Engel, (with its initial Communist foundation roughly footed in the beliefs of older “Magian” Middle Eastern sects). If this new and powerful “PC religion” does become the zeitgeist of our Western White culture, I see a long tumultuous future in store for our future progeny and race.

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