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Anti-Whites are ripe for conditioning

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    Anti-Whites are ripe for conditioning.

    They are now, more than ever likely to respond to our tweets and use our terminology.

    It’s time to shove “Anti-White” and “White Genocide” down their throat


    I agree. I didn’t see this until now. Anyway, what’s been going on is super stressful for me and I’ve been having to limit my swarming. There hasn’t been much activity on this site for a lone time.


    @Xenonian, I made the following comment in the field around the time of your comment here, under an article tiled “Cincinnati City Council Considers Future of Black Lives Matter Street Mural”; it got 7 likes (0 dislikes) and I’ll take those 7 over 10,000 for repeating something I heard on Fox News – you know what I mean, it’s the very point of my comment:

    ‘All the weak people just grovel to the latest trend, what are establishment toadies BLM “demanding” that we all haven’t heard thousands of times before? “police reform”? pfft. Meanwhile, although what we say is simple common sense, that “diversity” just means chasing down the last White person; our demand for an open discussion of white genocide devoid of screamers, thugs and thought police, in political terms is the equivalent of attempting to climb Mt. Everest so of course everyone is terrified to join US, but once the mountain is climbed, the whole world changes.’

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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