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For the Record

My boss, Congressman John Ashbrook, died in 1982, having been consistently healthy till then, in April. He died of an ailment that is classic among anybody in or near Intelligence. John was a former member of the famous HUAC, Ranking Member of its successor, the House Special Committee on Intelligence.

We were flown out to his funeral in Johnstown, Ohio.  It was not known to the press, but his body was not in the coffin. The police were still examining it.

Ashbrook stopped the establishment of a Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday for fourteen years after King was shot. The new holiday passed the House a month after John’s death and was signed into law the first time it came up after John’s death in April of  1983.  photo coincidence.jpg

John and his three far-right colleagues in the House held the whole place up by denying unanimous consent. One of the four of them were in the House all day to deny consent whenever they were waging this particular war.

John’s three colleagues in this were McDonald of Georgia, Bauman of Maryland, and Dornan of California.

John died suspiciously in 1982.

On September 4, 1983, regular airline Flight KAL007 went unaccountably into Soviet air space and was shot down. All passengers were killed, including Congressman Larry McDonald.

Bauman lost his career in a unique incident.  The press outed him as a homosexual. This was at the height of Gay Lib, and this was almost unique.

Bob Dornan, who was Ronald Reagan’s congressman from California and who won Emmys before his election to Congress, was the only survivor of this wreck.

PLEASE do not start any comment with the insulting, “What you are saying is…”

I am a professional writer and I have said what I have to say. If these coincidences had occurred with any congressmen on the left, it would have caused all sorts of conspiracy theories in the press.


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Evolution Goes Pre-Insectoid

Most of us even today have seen those Star Trek shows where they have people from the future who are a continuation of human evolution.

These Future People have huge brains and delicate, feminine bodies. photo fittest.jpg

But all of us who watched those shows were aware that the sort of evolution that produced our present big brains is out of date.

What has replaced the survival of the fittest of individuals and small groups has been survival of the fittest among institutions.

This is a bit creepy, because the institutions that are competing for survival have less self-awareness than any insect. We may wonder whether a worm is evolved enough to feel the hook being shoved through him, we watch ants recoiling from fire.

We do not wonder about institutions.

Space is full of the appearance and disappearance of heavenly bodies.

The ones that got into orbit are now planets, with the same self-awareness that any rock has.

On earth the same mindless evolution gives me the creeps.


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Archeology Should Go to the Netherlands

Most of man kind’s prehistoric information is to be found in land which went under water in past millennia.

They never knew what happened to the people of Pompeii until some Mommy Professor genius FINALLY realized that the place the people would have run to would be a port.

But they didn’t find any bodies at the local port.

It took these geniuses generations to realize that in 69 AD the people would not have run to the modern ports, but to a port that was there in 69 BC. photo polder.jpg

Wow! And if we had Communism, these Intellectuals would plan the economy for us!

Anyway, once they finally located the 69 AD port, which is inland long since, they found the bones of the population of Pompeii which had run away from the pyroplastic flow.

So they keep looking for all prehistory in Egypt.

Half of the land area of the Netherlands consists of land which was under the ocean and has been created behind the dykes.

Some day some genius will become a Great Intellectual by making giant strides in prehistory by looking there.

Lordy, I wish wuz SMART like those guys!




We have gone from Relativity for the whole universe down to String Theory for the submicroscopic.‏

We have gone from a century of envisioning space travel to sending our senses into space on machines.‏

In order to have more room for our bodies, we were going to have huge space colonies.

We now have the Matrix concept, putting our senses into a world without our bodies.‏

This is why our present search for extraterrestrials so unsuccessful: They are very unlikely to be here in any “ship.”‏

And there is the fact that the SST was abandoned. Civilian air travel speed has not gone up for half a century.‏

This all comes together in my mind.


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The X-Files

When I was in DC I was abducted by a UFO.

But they kicked me off when they found that I belonged to “One of the non-green races.”

There were nine seasons of the X-Files, and I have them all on DVD.

Fox Mulder is a working stiff who is trying to hit at the truth despite all the powers that be.

One basic truth about power is that no one above colonel ever comes up with anything. photo yesmin3.png

They’re not SUPPOSED to. The job of anyone above colonel (GS-15) is to ADMINSTER. His job is to filter the ideas of those below him in rank and of hired experts.

The top of government service is occupied by generals and their civilian equivalent, the Senior Executive Service.

But the big bucks are made by people who are neither military brass nor SES. If you need somebody who has to be paid big time, they are “on contract.” Salary and expenses wise, the sky is the limit on contract.

But Mulder is just a career Special Agent.

You have heard others who have “been there and done that” pointing and giggling at actors who are supposed to be doing what they did.

Not me. I sink down in my chair and my stomach tightens when the boss asks Mulder why the HELL he bought two tickets for him and Scully to Nebraska when he was supposed to be analyzing cow urine in South Dakota.

I had to put in by far my most important stuff as one-minute speeches or at the corners of my official work. I put “anti-white” into one speech for Ashbrook and the whole staff blew their stacks but John used it anyway.

Oddly enough, the wildly fictional X-Files is in some ways uniquely realistic to the very, very few people who have ever gone in for real power.


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