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The Powers That Be

‘Taint Natural

Anybody using today’s political logic in 1868 would have concluded that Reconstruction in the South was permanent. Absolutely every kind of arithmetic and political logic said so.

A major portion of the Southern white male population was dead. All its natural leadership, consisting of men who had held the rank of Colonel or above in the Confederate Army, was disfranchised. In the Deep South, blacks were a majority before the decimation of the white males in the War. In other Southern states the mountain vote was Republican.

And as today a huge segment of the white population was anti-white.

Now let us add the “practical” considerations. Federal occupation secured the entire Southern vote for the Republicans who ruled in Washington.

What in the HELL could change all that?

Logically, nothing could.

The Soviet Empire simply could not just vanish. Nothing was less likely in 1981.

What happened to the USSR was simply that it existed on force. What happened to Reconstruction was that it existed on force.

The Soviet Empire was a constant effort. Reconstruction was a constant effort. Our rule in Iraq is a constant effort. Robert Ardrey pointed out in the 1970s that, for some reason, occupations do not last.

Most people are deeply impressed by the all-out effort, the vast dedication, and the forces that are dedicated to multiracialism.

To me that sheer effort is the sure sign that it is doomed.

We have been this way before.

Many times.



No News, No Jews, Just Stay in Formation and Load, Aim, Fire

Dave says in his latest comment, “Don’t you see that that is what Bob Whitaker is trying to say?”

After what seems like a million years in this game what I say is very profound precisely because it is, IN RETROSPECT, so obvious. Let’s take hammering the Mantra in as an example.

The Mantra strategy goes right back to the oldest rule discovered and used by Western military strategists. Giant Eastern armies used hordes of soldiers whipped into frenzy to frighten their enemies into panic. From the Greek Hoplites to the Romans, Westerners developed an anti-terror approach.

In other words, facing terror tactics from the East, they developed a discipline to counter it. The Hoplites were a disciplined group standing sh9uld to shoulder against the screaming masses of Eastern forces.

Roman soldiers developed this further. In direct contrast to the screaming hordes of their enemies they learned to ignore the shrieks of their enemies and to stand shoulder-to-should in a line that did not pay any attention to the emotion and sheer number of the forces against them. They dealt directly with only one thing: the part of the enemy forces that was actually coming up against them.

The numbers of emotion of the forces that were COMING at them was ignored. They stood shoulder to shoulder and killed the disorganized, emotionally charge forces that actually REACHED them.

When you do that, the overwhelming masses and screams that were such a part of war in the East became irrelevant. No matter how they yell, the only ones who matter are the ones who actually reach your lines. And the ones who actually reach your lines from the screaming masses are disorganized pushovers.

Flash forward to the famous British Thin Red Line. If they had thought about what those Zulus would DO to them if they lost they WOULD have lost. But their whole approach was to ignore that and:

“Stay in Formation! Load! Aim! FIRE!”

I am not impressed that non-whites can get a hundred thousand demonstrators at with a snap of their fingers. It is the same old equation whites have always faced. Non-whites were always infinitely more impressive. And they always lost.

There is an old adage of Western military strategy: “One native can beat one civilized – white – soldier.” “In a battle between ten savages and ten white soldiers, the outcome is a tossup.”

“But when there are a hundred disciplined white soldiers, the savages, a thousand or a million, are doomed.”

The reason for this is old and obvious. There may a million of them, but only a limited number can reach your front line. If you stand and blast THOSE out of existence, the next wave is climbing over bodes, and it is even more vulnerable.

Stand shoulder to shoulder, and fire at the ones in front of you.

Thousands of times, from the Hoplites to the Thin Red Line, through millennia, soldiers felt suffocated by this conformity: “Our enemies are using variation and psychological warfare. Shouldn’t we be flexible and adopt some of that?”

The answer was, “Why? Do you see any sign that their crap is WORKING?”

Hit them with the Mantra. No matter what their numbers at their rallies, hit the ones who you actually reach with the Mantra.

As the thousands smashed against the Roman line or the Thin Red Line, anyone looking at the battlefield would have seen only the thousands coming on. But in the end the thousands were slaughtered.

Don’t tell me about News and Jews.

Stay in formation.

Load. Aim. Fire.



Grieving, Defeatism, Meerkats and Survival

I spend a good deal of my time being furious and grief-stricken over the death of everything I was ever loyal to. Don’t let my “poise” fool you. I suffer from this all the time.

This is part of war. You see people you are close to die. You face humiliation and the enemy tries his best to make you feel hopeless. Whether it is in combat or in the bloodier battle of drug recovery, you have to watch while people you are close to die or are crippled for life. You get no respite. In fact the moment when someone gets hit is the moment when you can least afford to give yourself up to grief.

In one incident someone said to me, “He’s DEAD!”

I could see that.

The guy kept saying “He’s DEAD.” as if he thought I didn’t CARE. I was busy trying to keep me and HIM from being dead.

About the fifth time he said “He’s DEAD!” I replied, “So what am ***I*** supposed to DO about it?”

Which is the point.

You can’t do anything about the dead. This is the simplest point in war. It is also the HARDEST point about war one has to learn to face. Almost every critical lesson in life and especially war consist of points that are simple but cruelly HARD on a normal human being.

And not just human beings.

One of the most heart-rending parts of Meerkat Manor was when the group poor doomed Mozart belonged to was down to two members. Mozart was still looking for danger, but the other meerkat was doing nothing but cuddling up to Mozart. It died that night.

I identified more with those two meerkats than I can with human beings who have never been betrayed.

Mozart had been kicked out of her troop a couple of times, so she had experience of being alone, a situation which normally kills meerkats. She tried again and almost made it back.

Mozart certainly took every chance to cuddle with her dwindling fellows in the shrinking tribe. Almost all meerkats begin in a big group and then either never have offspring or start their own. Almost any large meerkat group has been at what we would call Valley Forge more than once. PLEASE don’t obsess on the historical example I give.

Stick with my POINT.

All meerkats cuddle. As the group gets smaller, they do so more desperately.

By the same token, all humans grieve. Humans need to grieve But when a meerkat does nothing BUT cuddle, he is lost.

All of us humans need to VENT. We need to see our anger and loss and express it to each other. But when all we do is talk about how bad things are, we are lost.

We can all see this. This is appoint which is simple but not EASY. In meerkat, there is a very fine line between doing the cuddling that is necessary for survival and giving up the ghost. All meerkat tribes go through this stage repeatedly.

Those who can deal with unbearable losses and go on survive. Those who fall short on that thin line between grieving and giving up the ghost die.

When we deal with the phenomenon of defeatism, there is no easy away to state it. Nothing is harder than rational grieving. But that line is the one that determines survival in ALL social animals.



BUGS, Congratulate Yourself!

Lead SF banner on Stormfront Radio:

Genocide Of White People Video by David Duke

This is a major win for the Mantra.

I have seen these major wins for each of my separate pieces of lone strategy through the years, but I had no one to explain it to. It would a gratuitous insult to David Duke, who has spent his left out there fighting for our racial survival, to say I taught him about white genocide. I didn’t.

In the same way it would be a hideous insult to Confederate leaders to say that General Lee taught them to fight the Yankees. Lee would be the first to say that his soldiers and his fellow leaders came equipped with their loyalty and courage and their knowing who was right and their willingness to die for it.

So what was LEE’S special contribution? He was one of the great military STRATEGISTS in history.

The people who hired me in politics were already IN office. I didn’t put them in office. They hired me and put me at THEIR level. They said I was a special strategist and put their money behind that judgment.

If you understand why I had to put the above four paragraphs in, it is easy to see why I cannot explain to people when I see a MONUMENTAL step forward. You and I have devoted enormous effort to putting the Mantra to center stage, and it is a reason for celebration. But the moment we try to explain what we did, the attacks will begin.

We will be told we are taking credit for David Duke’s being interested in the disappearance of his race. I get tired just thinking about it.

I did not make John Ashbrook an anti-Communist. I did not make Bill Rusher a leader in the battle to unite the Wallace vote — now the Reagan Democrats – with the regular conservative vote.

What I got paid for is an aspect of politics totally unknown to people in general. In the 1980 presidential campaign, Reagan made a crucial campaign change specifically because of my recommendation through Rusher. I did not make Ronald Reagan what he was, but I was CRUCIAL.

I did not invent the Hubble Telescope. But it would not be up there without me.

Because I had a STRATEGY.

You are now going with me through ONE of my strategic moves. It took YEARS to get SF to START talking about white genocide EFFECTIVELY instead of Zionist interests.

But that is the LAST thing anybody wants to hear about. They want to know what the Great Conspiracy had to do with the main headlines. They want to know how I am INSULTING leaders by presuming to advise them.

People want to know how often I SAW Ronald Reagan not how I was instrumental in the strategy that elected him. They want to see me in Crisis Mode in the Oval Room rather than typing out Memos at two in the morning in my apartment to people who would influence Reagan by a few words.

It took a thousand repetition of the Mantra on our start to get those two words, “White Genocide.” On the SF banner, the way it is on ours.

And I guarantee you, if you try to show how important it is, the discussion will immediately go to what the NEXT SF banner will say.

How often did I SEE Ronald Reagan? As little as I possibly could. To me, the general attitude toward power and strategy is like a person thinking that power is represented by an Eagle Scout getting his hundredth merit badge from the President Himself.

It was major step forward for me when I saw Pain and Simmons having a MUTUAL, INDEPENDENT discussion of their JOINT action in the field. To me it was a major step forward when the words “White Genocide” hit the banner of SF.

I am not insulting David Duke. I am not claiming we are the first people to ever MENTION genocide against our race.

It is ONE MORE evidence of our STRATEGIC breakthrough.

But we cannot explain it to others as long as they do not bother to understand the specific nature of STRATEGY.

But if everybody DID understand it, I would not be comfortably retired now.



Basso Profundo

An unknown voice speaking as Peter delivers the following comment:

“It would be more to the point to suggest that you were ATTEMPTING to deprogram a cult.”

This was in response to Simmons’s comment that we are deprogramming a cult when we deal with Political Correctness. Now whoever said this would have said the same thing if neither Simmons nor I had never been born. There is always somebody who wants to sound profound by saying, “Ah, but the forces against us are POWERFUL!”

This is supposed to be the profound and MASCULINE voice in our conversation, “Boy, what you don’t realize is that it’s a hard, hard world out there.” It is the surrender motto perfected by the Masturbation Generation. Their sergeant taught them you can’t fight City Hall. So a real, tough experienced man shows his manhood by giving up.

Oddly enough, I have some nodding acquaintance with the world outside this room. I will even go so far as to suggest that everyone in this blog is aware that the forces against us are pretty substantial, though this ten millionth reminder of it cannot be anything but impressive.

I am deeply impressed. I am so deeply impressed I think I’ll go puke before I finish this piece.

Not denying the enormity of Wisdom behind all the thousands of Basso Profundos I’ve heard, I might suggest that it comes at a cost to the heroic masculine experience and wisdom soaked being who utters it. That cost is that he hasn’t listened to anything anybody outside PC has said since 1945.

If Mister Masculine Experience had read this blog, he would have seen example after example after example of the steady deprogramming going on. He may even have heard that it took decades for this deprogramming at the top to filer down. The lag time in this day of the internet is down considerably, but Basso Profundo is not aware there IS a lag time, so this is a note to others.

All of the icons of my youth are falling at the top levels. Equal innate racial IQ was at the top of the list as unquestionable. It’s gone now. Ex Oriente Lux, the absolute basis of History 101 in my youth, is gone now. The Holocaust is more and more seen as questionable history with teeth. The idea that the program of “anti-racism” is simply anti-white genocide sells like hotcakes because it’s true. It always was, but it seemed too far-fetched in the segregation days.

I just did a piece on whites’ right to discriminate. In my youth, this could not be sold. But by opening up reparations at their peak of power, minorities have opened up the question of who is owed what, which is one they would not DARE have discussed in my youth, even with Ex Oriente Lux in power, which gave all the white man’s credit to the Middle East. But TODAY the logic of reparations takes us back to logic, that a white skin is a far more just ticket to privilege than the name Kennedy or Rockefeller.

But Basso Profundo noted none of this. Basso Profundo was one of those waiting to say what he would have said had I never been born.