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    Sys Op

    This Topic is only for Questions and Solutions and General Information concerning technical issues or improvements to the bbPress BUGS SWARM forum setup or login/posting issues. Help:
    SysOp at whitakeronline dot org [copy this somewhere – primary]
    BlogTech at whitakeronline dot org [copy this somewhere – primary]
    Webmaster at bugsswarm dot org [copy this for when the site & its emails are down.]

    Search boxes at BOTTOM of every page. As you start to scroll, use Ctrl End keys together to jump you to the bottom of page.

    We are complying with direction from the security company that we ask all commenters and posters to NEVER use the exact same Public Display Name as your Username. It also helps us flag for spammers, who get paid to dump into as many forums as possible. They are human, so get past our non-human filters.

    CAPTCHA: It’s always the same phrase and IS case sensitive so one can use login/password software. Hover over the box, the word phrase will appear, type it into the box, then check-box below to Remember Me, if you have that capability (should) and you’re good to go. I’ve tested in all my browsers and it works great and will save a lot of cpu bot crap processing and speed up the blog. We get 100s a day.

    LET ME KNOW here if it’s not working for your browser (from another browser, obviously) … ?
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    1. Please be sure that questions and replies are specific and detailed enough to be understood by all.

    2. Everyone here is quite talented and creative. Therefore, in this topic NO jokes, humor, sarcasm, back-handed remarks, extraneous verbosity, ad nauseum, is allowed. [smilies excepted and accepted]

    3. and its subdomains are currently being hosted with a company that does not allow more than 200 emails per hour to be sent. Only the blog and forum email notification systems are sending email besides Administrators who have WOL emails. We get regular bounce notices that emails notifying people of comments and replies are over the limit and will be attempted in line the next hour.

    4. Currently you should use SysOp at whitakeronline dot org for issues that cannot go here or to report true rule violations.

    5. All Keymasters and Moderators are now notified to delete/hold replies that are deemed highly inappropriate. This is a PUBLIC FORUM. That has generally not been needed. Technically, do not assume that has happened to you if you don’t see your comments/replies right away. The spam and filter setups catch odd posts. DO NOT keep hitting send or multiple replies as they stack up and are VERY time-consuming to moderate.

    6. FOR NEW MEMBERS: The software has a quirk statement that sits below the Reply To: box “Comments are closed.” The software people will fix this sometime, but for now – it’s meaningless and not worth the searching time to us. Your reply will go through if you’re logged in and not being moderated.

    The Best Password Managers,2817,2407168,00.asp

    You may also consider storing sensitive information on something like this, instead of your computer.
    Apricorn Aegis Secure Key

    Sys Op

    • This topic was modified 5 years ago by Sys Op.
    • This topic was modified 5 years ago by Sys Op.
    Sys Op

    I appreciate that H.D.

    We’re working on an Instructional piece to help everyone on the site. Bad guys already know about these things, but most people don’t.

    All people on this blog need to stop using Internet Explorer unless you have an extremely GREAT browser Security Software on your personal machines running an immediate block/notification for sites/software that asks to modify absolutely ANY part of your browser setup. I have repaired breaches on no less than 5 PCs in the last few months.

    Let us know if anyone is experiencing problems. People have used garbage emails to register, so we are not able to notify some users here that we are making security changes. Also, they will NOT be able to request a password. Admins will not change those account emails.

    If you have questions, email one of the addresses up in the sticky.

    Sys Op

    Thanks, Jason.

    @H.D. “Still no edit function for me”

    Be sure you’ve updated your browser.
    If you’re using Chrome, try FireFox and most likely that will solve it.
    Restart your computer – or do a dead cold boot (no electricity into the system whatsoever for at least one minute). But I believe it is only a browser issue.
    The following is all opinion, all of us have one, but it won’t be news to most.

    Google Chrome is notorious for not being able to handle forms – and they use it more to monitor EVERY move on the net. But it’s fast. It has flash and ajax issues.
    FireFox and I.E. and Opera do a great job with forms, but I.E. is still recovering from its devolution via Win 8. I.E. and is the top target and easiest to plant browser hijacks, trojans, etc.
    FireFox uses text files for passwords and are EASY to steal for common hackers who build websites to exploit it.


    Opera I use for certain purposes and have found it very good, but still had issues navigating newer coding.

    If it “just started” – nothing’s been done with WP functions and no more have reported the problem.
    Email me.

    Sys Op

    @ H.A. Did you follow the instructions for changing your Display Name I sent – enter <---- on the right sidebar upper end where your UserName is in blue? Click Edit on that menu and change it there on that profile menu?

    Sys Op

    @Jason and two others, I tested Firefox for editing just now in last article.

    “Editing comment in Firefox. Comment Loaded Sucessfully. Went OK.” Go here, download the latest version of FF for your computer configuration and reinstall. Mac is having issues too. I had issues in my firefox on one computer so I reinstalled and checked in its Tools >> Addons and extensions to be sure there were no issues with some plugin not loading properly. Down to English (US)

    Have noted this happening when the server is really busy as well. It doesn’t load fast enough before the time-out and just sits. If you get long screen wait times or 500 server errors, it’s connection time / time-out–server busy (or even sometimes your broadband provider) clogged up.


    Sys Op,

    I received a message from somebody on youtube that wants to register an account on here but wherever it is that you have to register isn’t visible anywhere. How do they register?

    Sys Op

    thanks HA, when anything disrupts the site/domain hosting then only the other email address for me will work. Check out the top of this sticky topic for alternate and keep it in your address book as well.
    AnotherOne, emailed you with what I need. Thanks.

    Sys Op

    A comment was left (I answered via email):

    Submitted on 2014/02/14 at 6:43 pm

    Is the “Why Johnny Can’t Think ebook” link legit? I loaned out my hard copy and would like to download this to have around, but wanted to make sure this has nothing to do with the security issue.

    No one has access to all of WOL but me alone. Only 5 people now have editor capabilities, which does not let them change the framework/files of the site.

    That link is the publisher’s copy/final file and no one has creds after 11 years to be able to remove the password. That’s fine, no one can change the file unless they are illegal hackers and actually know how to disable that feature in Adobe Acrobat. Even if I did know how, I wouldn’t do it. It’s illegal.

    Thanks, S.

    Sys Op


    Twice now I’ve heard an add for Walmart when coming to this site. Odd.

    Sys Op

    Hmmm I experienced that way back in the fall a couple of times, haven’t seen one since, don’t think I did anything.

    All, let me know if you’ve seen an ad?
    Who/what it was for?
    (I could not skip mine)
    What did you do or click and it popped up?
    Did you just log in? Or been here awhile?
    What browser? (I work in four or five when testing and can’t remember if I was logged in or just browsing to test.)

    I believe it’s a plugin generating and it’s obviously taking credit/$ for ads shown.

    Can’t find it as it hasn’t happened in so long for me. I allow popups, so would have seen it unless it’s timed to show it to each new member or login for a few times occasionally.

    If anyone has seen it on other sites and knows what plugin is allowing it, please let me know.
    Thanks Jason.


    I’m in Firefox … I didn’t see anything, I just heard it. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Lasted about 10 seconds.


    Heard ad again for Cadillac … only went about 7 seconds and quit. I was not logged in.

    Sys Op

    Thanks Jason. I have heard them as well this week, no visuals this time (saw 4 before) for various things. Most plugins have updated, so I’m trying to design a test. But no one else has reported, I believe I know some it is not. But if they are allowing that now in updates, it may not be the same ads.

    If anyone is hearing these on any other site(s) besides WOL, let me know. We have really normal stuff here.

    Mark WN

    Just started posting.

    Noticed after about 15 posts (spaced out to allow time in between) that my posts no longer appear unless logged in under that particular id.

    Are they being spammed?

    Or does the new YT delete comments once the number exceeds a certain limit within a given time frame?

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.

    Sys Op

    I had trouble posting YouTube comments starting several days ago.

    What I’ve found out about this problem is:
    (Youtube no longer supports Safari 5.1.10 and OS X 10.6.8.)

    You can still view YouTube videos but
    1) thumbnails don’t show all/any pictures;
    2) drop-down menus don’t work; and
    3) can’t load or post comments.
    Solution for old Mac users at present is to use FOXFIRE browser or display ‘all_comments’ on YouTube and post comments there.


    Another work-around for the Mac, YouTube problem:

    Youtube/google have altered the page code, and it no longer works properly with Safari 5.1.10.

    A work-round is to enable Safari’s develop menu from Safari – Preferences – Advanced… & then use Safari – Develop menu – User Agent & choose Internet Explorer 9. This needs doing for each tab or window that you open, so is far from ideal.


    I got a message a few weeks ago that YouTube would no longer support Safari pretty soon.

    Sys Op

    My error.
    If he needs those changed, I need the copy.

    Thanks, Jason.

    And as far as my system is concerned, I am no longer receiving notification emails about forum topics I have checked off.

    When WordPress changes every week, it happens. Will follow up. It’s not working via the new setup either w/same plugins.


    Gar5 – Shoot me the email regarding the new account.

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