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Fight White Genocide Podcast #15 – An Interview with Georgia Peach

In this podcast the FWG crew are joined by a very special guest, Georgia Peach, a former AM radio show host at KSCO in Santa Cruz, California. She is the first to take the message of White Genocide to the AM radio waves in Southern California and was deplatformed because of it.

Podcast #15 – An Interview with Georgia Peach – MP3 Download


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Fight White Genocide Podcast #9 – House Judiciary Committee Anti-White Inquistion Part 1


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Fight White Genocide Podcast #5: Ken Calls In To Sirius Radio



StormFront Radio January 31st with Jeff and Laura

Hey Guys,

Jeff and I joined Father Francis aka Frank from TN on StormFront radio on Wednesday morning.

We had a great chat. It was good practice for Jeff and I. We spoke about the current Proposition Nation and call for “unity”. How there can be no free speech with such a proposition and any decent will be silenced/censored. We spoke about activism, pointing out the contradictions and how a consistent message works!

Let us know your feedback. We look forward to getting our message out there on SF Radio as often as we can.




FWG Podcast #4 – Assimilation, Unity and the Proposition Nation

Podcast #4 from! Featuring Laura, Jeff, Ken & featuring Lord Nelson!  A nation based upon a proposition cannot allow free speech.  The end result of the push towards “assimilation” & “unity” is still White genocide.  We hope you enjoy the podcast & we look forward to bringing you more podcasts & media.

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